Punchline – 07

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Yuuta-“I’ll take a sweet potato and EAT IT.”

 Welcome back to another plot filled episode of Punchline! So what will Yuuta do now that he went back in time?! I guess we will find out this week even though I think nobody is watching this series anymore…


Extra Punchline

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Yuuta either loves toy trains or looking under skirts.

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Never trust a winking kitty! 

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Do we really even care about this side plot?

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Robot girls are great <3

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Reminds me of vividred Operation.

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Yuuta is just like every other MC stuck in a harem.


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6 Responses to “Punchline – 07”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    I like the Cat. Go Cat! 😛

    Speaking of cat, I once had to QC a line from Kanon. Someone translated ‘Here neko neko neko’ as ‘Here cat cat cat’…

  2. Highway says:

    I think you misunderstand the ‘last time’ that Chira says. What I took it as is he means it’s the last time for THIS Yuuta. Chira is grooming the now-dispossessed Yuuta to be the next one, if the one we’re following in the show fails. But if the one we’re following in the show fails (hah, that would be an interesting way to end the show), then ‘he’ will be dead. He doesn’t get a do-over. That consciousness is gone. I really don’t think it’s saying “I’m giving up on you after this try.”

    For me, the show’s just getting more and more random and throwing more and more things trying to get something to stick, and nothing is. Right now the wall is just a globby mess of plot points and nothing has any legs to carry the rest of the show. Saving the world from a meteor by making friends is a good enough plot, but what are they really going to do? Why is this even a viable suggestion? Also, it feels too restricted with the “I’m not going to let you change these things, don’t ask why, just because I say so.” That’s on top of what feels like a terrible version of a time-travel ‘go back and save yourself’ thing. It feels like it’s just an excuse to make half a show and tell it twice.

  3. akagami says:

    Hey, I’m one of the minority? that’s enjoying the show! Although I do wonder how the first Yuuta managed to displace his past self. And I want to know what happened to Guriko in Pine’s body. “Where did they go with my body!?!” Cause that’s the first thing I’d want to find out.

    But fail on Chiyoko for failing to recognize her own body. I’d recognize my face anywhere – *jiiiiii at the mirror*

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