Selector Spread WIXOSS – 09

wixosss2 (5)

Chiyori sure is super cute!

 Yooooooooo! Welcome back to another thrilling miniTALK thingy for WIXOSS! We are getting closer and closer to the finale episodes and I can’t wait to see what happens next!



wixosss2 (2)

Hitoe has been playing lots of FPS games.

wixosss2 (3)

Is it possible to make out with a card? Find out next week!

wixosss2 (1)

Burn all the things Ruuko~

wixosss2 (4)

Mustache Tama 2 kute 4 you.


wixosss2 (6)

Mayu is pissed! Somebody better hug her next time…


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3 Responses to “Selector Spread WIXOSS – 09”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    I lost track of who is in whose body already. T_T

    Especially after this week’s episode. @[email protected]

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well the main focus is on the real Iona = Ruuko’s card and Ulith who is in Iona’s body those two are really the only ones you have to worry about xD

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Akira is WIXOSS’ poster girl for crazy. Stabs Ulith and now she says she’s battling to save her… The girl is so broken everything that comes out of her mouth seems irrational. No therapist can help this case.

    The way Ulith explained her intentions to Tama. In a way, it would appear like a win/win situation with Tama physically being able to interact with Ruko. The only drawback is if Ulith gets her way, she’s just going to continue screwing with people’s lives.

    Whoa, the contrast of Chiyori before and after is so great I nearly got a whiplash. Before meeting Eldora, she was pretty another Hitoe. So does this mean we may be looking at a future drastic change in Hitoe as well?

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