Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – 05

InoBat 05-lead

Just another battle in Andou’s everyday life

Welcome back, Battlers! I’ve taken over the show as of last episode.  Our resident Mad Scientist has a great many adventures to embark upon, so I’m happy to fill in. Now, seat yourself comfortably, and fly the friendly skylion…


Schrödinger’s Chuunibyou

InoBat 05-01

Well, he collapsed that waveform…

You know it’s not just a thought exercise in quantum theory. You can ask yourself all day long, oh where oh where is that pesky sub-atomic particle, and when does it get here? I think this episode did very well on how we have to really observe people, and take a great deal into account before we can fit them into a little box. I love how it it set up some surprises, and looked like our players were setting some things up for themselves. I wonder if Tomoyo is manipulative as I’ll make her out to be?

Inobat 05-02

Being chuuni is suffering…

I can’t really give Andou credit for his constant chuuni antics, at least not the way he presents them so up and front. It’s just not making the same waves it used to, as even Hatoko has gotten used to him. Which might be a thing in and of itself as far as what looks like an unrequited relationship between them.  But Tomoyo has his number as the whole Schrödinger’s thing is such a great topic for the creatively delusional. What got me the most is how Chifuyu just shuts him down completely. He overplayed that hand when the pot was already cashed in; what with Root Origin on the table already.

You go, chuuni

InoBat 05-03

Excuse me while I Word you into oblivion!

I’m going to begin with a bit of a question here. Is it really that looked down upon to be even a casual manga or LN reader in Japan? If not, then surely Tomoyo’s sensitivity to it is in her own mind, being embarrassed bout her chuunibyou past and all. I dug up a figure that has LN sales at about a 1/4 of their total paperback publishing. I am going to assume this counts manga volumes in the paperback category. So that’s a lot of people.  Not all of them are buying and reading on the sly. But then, this show could be over-emphasizing this sensitivity in general. Regardless this feeling doesn’t stop her from trying her hand at some writing. If her monologue is correct, then she might even be writing what she knows, or starting from that point. Go chuuni, indeed! I wonder if that might cause some trouble of interesting in future episodes?

InoBat 05-04

Did Dark and Dark come with eidetic memory as a secondary power?

I love the way they framed the shot in one of the scenes. Tomoyo’s laptop was not facing her at all when Andou came in. It was facing in just the right way for him to notice when he would reach down for his bag. Did she set this up, taking the chance as it came along? Was she looking for this connection? She got more than she bargained for, as Andou did surprise her by being both serious about the subject of her writing, and even being the best kind of supportive in the process. Last episode she dug for a compliment while she wore the Bikini Armor, something that Hatoko didn’t fail to notice. So, is she trying to be more proactive on a potential relationship? Or is she using him to gain some confidence, with Andou being most like her and more likely to understand?

Love, Chuunibyou, and other Observations

InoBat 05-05


I do wonder if Andou’s honest approach worked on Tomoyo? Was it what she was looking for, or what she needed to hear? I felt she was going to balk, and not take the chance of striking out the third time (yeah, I mixed the simile…). I love that frantic happiness she felt upon receiving the news. So of course, she finds herself in a situation with her biggest supporter. So it’s time to celebrate! Cakes! Special cakes! Just the two of them! It’s not a date, she just doesn’t want anyone else to know about her writing LNs. No, she isn’t playing both the LN writing secret and her time with Andou the same way. She really isn’t! I mean, why else would she wear the exact same collar and nearly the same bow she had on when dressed in the Bikini Armor? Fake date? Wanting to go out next week with him to buy a new book? Oh, she is crushing! And did anyone find it a bit odd in how Andou told Tomoyo that he and Hatoko do shop that book store with each other, but they have to leave when Hatoko finds it uninteresting?

InoBat 05-blush

Couple Cake Duo!

…and then there is Hatoko…

InoBat 05-look

Thoughtful exchange

InoBat 05-06

Is she falling behind?

That was a great opening scene. It underscored exactly what the show is about, everyday relations of this group, and even gave us a few clues as for what is to come. Seeing, observing, acting, making a choice. You don’t know what will happen unless you do. Because the cat is neither alive nor dead. That’s something most people can’t get their heads around. Either alive or dead? They don’t want to take a chance, and dread either outcome. I found it funny in that peculiar way that Andou had to make a choice between the real Maria and the “fake” one, and how the idea of genuineness shot straight to Tomoyo by the end of the episode. Did they have a fake date, and is she wanting to set up a real one for the future?  Well, at least that is my geeky take on the whole shebang. Didn’t even need a radioactive isotope and a cat….

InoBat 05-07

Next Week! Come feel the pain!


Edit: Because Sumairii just can’t quit the show…



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    Do not strangle your onii-chan… Instead, raep him and have his child and make him support you. 😀

  2. JPNIgor says:

    skylion… aren’t you overthinking a little? I mean, it would be cool if all that was true, but I think it’s so unlikely…

  3. HannoX says:

    And with the choice of the two guitars before him once more Andou’s chuuni nature gets him to overthink things and get in a fix one of the girls has to bail him out of. But I suspect he knew the latter would happen so he felt free to give free rein to his chuuni.

  4. skylion says:

    Post Edit! I’ve added a special pic made by our Resident Mad Scientist to the post!

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