Sora no Method – 04

sora no method 04-02

Ia Ia Saucer-kun! (Fosh has been busy at the animation studio)

With little background to go on, Sorameso tries to build sympathy the hard way.


A Fragment of Emotions

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sora no method 04-04

                    Same as it ever was…

If there were ever an apt title to an episode….Over the course of the past month, Sora no Method has held the cards close the vest. And, I am becoming a fan of this style. Whereas many shows would be quick to explain why a character has a certain motivation towards a certain agenda, this one isn’t going to play show and tell quite so soon. With that, we are left with characters that need sympathy, and perhaps empathy, with no explanation; and they do need it a great deal. Yuzuki is literally crying for attention, going so far as to trouble an entire city block just to get the attention she needs. The big question is what caused her to bottle up like this. What did the saucer bring to her when it appeared? We are left with a glimpse of an emergency hospital visit, but that just leaves us with more questions.

sora no method 04-01

Visual distortion as symbolism?

…and Noel becomes that much more mysterious. She isn’t playing sides, so much as supporting who needs that support in the given moment. My guess is that if her trade is in granting wishes, then whatever capital has to be built up for it, isn’t there yet. I’ve speculated that in getting a wish, something must be given in return, and if that is true, we’ve yet to see any debit to anyone’s account. But if I were in the wish making business, I would be wanting a reciprocating defensive/offensive cheek. Well, if I were Nonoka. Or does she feel she deserves this treatment? She is rather resigned to it, as if might be something she has been waiting for. What other shoe is left to drop? While waiting for that we are treated to a rather compelling scene between Nonoka and Souta. The takeaway, is that he is leaving soon, or wants to. The fact that Yuzuki found them together, right when she was having the roughest of moments we’ve seen, is just adding to the mix. I’m getting jealousy here. I may be wrong in that regard, but even taking that out of account, it’s making any possible amends with her brother that much more difficult.

sora no method 04-embarrass

This was one of the silliest jokes they played

They left Shione out for most of this episode, mostly to concentrate on how Yuzuki was feeling. Her quest to rid the town of the sauce has some deep roots, seemingly since Nonoka had to leave town with a big old bundle of missing fireworks with her brother mixed in. But she is in the minority, and that is putting pressure on Koharu. It’s obvious Yuzuki’s mission is at odds with her parent’s shop, but she still wants to support her friend. But push finally came to shove. It feels like Yuzuki is starting to lose herself to this, it’s an unhealthy obsession that isn’t putting anything to right. It’s separated her from her twin brother, Souta, is threatening the friendship she shares with Koharu,so much that she breaks from the strain herself and puts a horrible wall in front of Nonoka.

sora no method 04-05

…the town loves it’s abstract art…

In some of my more typical viewing, I would want a bit more up front as far as where the character’s are coming from. But they have written this very well. We are at play in a field of memories that fade with time, so it will take some action to bring them back to the fore. Since all of us remember same events our way, and even recall them to each other in our own manner, this is becoming an abstract work. It’s really making us want to sympathize, but we have to work at it, rather than having it delivered up front.

sora no method 04-eyballing

She is looking deep into your soul!!!!!!!!!!!


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5 Responses to “Sora no Method – 04”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    She is looking deep into your soul, converting all you heathens into LOLicons.

  2. thorgriim says:

    Well, looks like ive been missing out on the fun.. Stupid MMO Games!

    Ya not too bad of an episode though I found it kinda annoying,I mean if these girls are all upset because she left without saying goodbye imma flip some tables! BUT i have to remind myself.. they are young kids and fighting just make them closer or something like that, Still annoying!

    Seeing this episode, I have a vague idea of why Yuzuki is acting like this, but i wanna know like everyone else, dose the saucer have something major to do with the hospital? because if its just because she can’t see fireworks.. imma flip another table.. sorry fosh there may be a few turned over tables soon..

    You make some good points and I agree with Noel not taking sides either, I think she is trying to make Nonoka wish come true, not by granting it like magic but more like helping them become friends again, or something on those lines.

    Also Headphone chick is really mean! tsk! ill flip her tables! Anyways flipping tables aside this series isn’t so bad, I’ve been late soo much stuff to see and wait play out its sooo slow.. but that’s a good thing and some shows this season are annoyingly bugging me! RAWRS! brain no work to explain … but im still watching!

    • skylion says:

      I do wonder if Yuzuki and Shione are working hard in the correlation is causation fallacy. We had a bunch of bad stuff happen when the saucer came…saucer caused all the bad stuff. It’s not hard to believe a child growing into a teenager would think that was….adults do it all the time…

  3. Namaewoinai says:

    “She is looking deep into your soul….”

    uh…well…”Loads a Gun”…JUST TRY IT!!!

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