Nanatsu no Taizai – 04

NANAATSU no Taizai (7)

Diane fits in nicely with the others so far.

 Time for more adventures with Meliodas, Hawk, Elizabeth and Diane! I think this might be the episode that makes people like her a bit more but that could just be more personal preference and voice actor likeability? Either way it should be a fun episode.


Beware of the Weird Fangs

NANAATSU no Taizai (8)

The creepiest chess match…

After that somewhat boring fight between Meliodas and Gilthunder we had Diane basically throw him into a nearby city or farther away? I don’t really know how far she sent him flying, but wow that girl has quite the arm! So what happened after that fight? I guess it left Meliodas mortally wounded and he tried his best to play it off as no big deal it quickly got worse! Thankfully Elizabeth found him afterwards and they found a doctor in a nearby village to help them out, but of course that doctor turned out to be secretly evil or was that doctor possibly being controlled by some outside force? That could be possible because we don’t really know what kind of abilities that the other holy knights aka the weird fangs use besides Friesia who appears to be able to control large swarms of bugs that also spit acid!? That and it helps that her big ass helmet is a giant spider, but her power seems to be great at destroying cities quickly! Before I talk about Diane’s back story I have to mention the newest deadly sin to appear at the end of the episode! Ban who I know very little about besides what we learned this week that he has a power that allows him to regenerate and that his sin is greed, but I do know he is a fan favorite from the manga and the general badass of the group! I mean just look at his hair style and choice in clothing. At least he comes off as a badass to me and I am probably alone in this, but when I first saw that bearded version I swear he looked a lot like Gintoki from Gintama! So yeah I am super excited to see him finally appear; however we will have to wait a bit for him to actually meet the other characters until we learn more about him.

Diane is the best girl

NANAATSU no Taizai (9)

Diane why are you so moe~

Now back to Diane! I have to ask did anyone else laugh when she got attacked by that swarm of bugs that caused her to scream? I thought it was really funny, but I guess that scene just adds some feminine charm to her character or was it added as joke to throw in some random humor? I guess it could be a bit of both and they also revealed how Meliodas came to her side and saved her while treating her like an average girl not some monster which I think we might as well say that chance meeting triggered her doki doki flag and we also learned that her sin is envy which was explored a bit when she told Elizabeth that she wishes she was small just like her so she could get closer to Meliodas and she has some strange power to control the earth? That should come in handy later on. So did those small details warm you up to Diane or did they make your eyes roll? I think most fans out there could have seen those themes come up easily especially when you are dealing with a giant who is in love with a normal human or did it do none of the above? Again it could be the overall design, attitude she gives off or general dislike over voice actor choice that turns you away from Diane as a whole; however I find her to be cute and interesting to watch.


NANAATSU no Taizai (5)


NANAATSU no Taizai (3)

I swear they could be brothers!

NANAATSU no Taizai (1)

Hawk-“Grrrrrrrrr.”            Elizabeth-“I can’t control this wild creature!”

NANAATSU no Taizai (2)

I am sure there are some girls that like Ban.

End Thoughts

That was certainly a story filled episode of Taizai this week and with Ban appearing it is only increasing my hype levels! So what was the best part of this episode for me besides Ban showing up? I loved the parts with Diane and Elizabeth and seeing those creepy weird fang holy knights especially Friesia who was just so strange and I swear she sounded like Hanazawa Kana to me, but it was actually Megumi Han who I know from Happiness Charge Precure as Hime and Gon from Hunter x Hunter and she was five in Zakyou no Terror and we also had Marina Inoue popping up as Jericho which is great because she is another one of my favorite actors! Overall it was a fun episode that gave us a bit of everything to enjoy.


NANAATSU no Taizai (4)

Next week! Diane battles her drug addiction!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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15 Responses to “Nanatsu no Taizai – 04”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Technically chicken ham shouldn’t be even called ham but this week piggy is safe from food jokes as I had my fill of chicken loaf/ham sandwiches.

    It seems that the se7en deadly sins are more like the seven beatitudes…

    • BlackBriar says:

      Being Hawk is suffering. He has to endure all these physical and psychological assaults from the show’s characters and the viewers.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Obviously spammy prefers proper ham…

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Indeed a fun episode. The fight at the start was nothing to talk about. No matter what he tried, Gilthunder was virtually outclassed in all aspects. Diane did give him one hell of a send-off. She didn’t need to do much for me to like her. I’d feel sorry who have to fight her. A powerful giant who easily gets emotional should be a cause for concern. Like I said last episode, her personality turned out to be that of a regular girl so a phobia of bugs isn’t shocking. How she got rid of them was awesome.

    I guess it could be a bit of both and they also revealed how Meliodas came to her side and saved her while treating her like an average girl not some monster

    Those knights barring her way showcased humanity’s biggest and most fatal flaw. As soon as something out of the norm shows, they don’t waste time in antagonizing it. Even if it’s one without ill intent. That part is what riles me up whenever I see it.

    A slew of new characters that take things from fierce to downright bizarre. I’m mainly speaking of the Weird Fangs. They got the “weird” part down pat, one thing that can’t be argued. An aptly named group. Seems the Holy Knights have their normal section and their freak section. To wear such preposterous suits of armor, these people must be deranged.

    Ban’s first appearance and I’m already impressed. Compared to the carefree Meliodas, this guy must have some screws loose if stabbing him against the wall with metal stakes on various parts of his body became a necessary resort. Taking them out as though there was no pain doing so. He also seems to be the hedonistic, sadistic type who likes to take his time. The Fox Sin of Greed, huh. Any chance he’s connected to Greed from FMA: Brotherhood? 😉

    • Foshizzel says:

      Gilthunder got trolled p hard by Meliodas and Diane! They were like oh you did something? Get outta here you noob and tossed him like a rock and yeah Diane has tons of emotion so the holy knights better not piss her off or she will go on a rampage! Not that they care cause they are generally jerks to everyone.

      The Weird Fangs are quite odd indeed and agreed they are probably the holy knights that are hidden away! I wonder if they look freaky under the helmets…

      Yeah I think Ban’s version of Greed is the same as the one from FMA, in fact I think most of them are the same I think Envy wanted to be human or did he want to be accepted by the humans? I forget…

  4. skylion says:

    Weird Fangs…..ROFLMAO!

    …..OMG….Weird Fangs!

    Sorry, lost it there for a bit. But seriously here, what is up with Ban? It’s like he just got back from a day spa or something. That is exactly how he treated the what-would-have-killed-the-rest-of-us torture…

    • Foshizzel says:

      I laughed too I totally forgot about the Weird Fangs! I guess they probably have freakish powers that gave them the nickname? lol

      My experience with the seven deadly sins always brings me back to FMA because they did it first for me, but greed has always been “immortal” since greed from FMA and Nanatsu both have regeneration powers! I guess that comes with being greedy? Wanting to live forever or cursed to live forever?

      As for Ban himself I guess they just had to keep him pinned down? That and from what I can gather he was always able to simply walk out of the prison whenever he wanted, but he just needed a reason and maybe getting wind that the other sins are on the move gave him the motivation to break out? That is how I see it sorta like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

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