Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – 04

Inobat 04-lead

Some guys girls have all the luck….

Greetings Battlers! It’s the skylion. Sumairii, our resident Mad Scientist, is busy bringing our Blast Chamber Pizza Oven out of prototype phase. Bricks and fire are soooo lame. Little did anyone know that when he jokingly called this “skylion’s episode” last week that that is what would actually happen. So sit back, and let’s get comfy.

This is how the Cookie crumbles…

InoBat 4-replace

So cool…

Well we pretty much pick up where we left off last episode. Chifuyu has said she was going to quit elementary school. So it takes some coaxing to get her there. That Andou, both a Chevalier and cheval rolled up in one chuunibyou package. This was a great open that did’t waste any time getting us right into the story, and had a great introduction for our new character, Kuki Madoka. And yes that is a very cool name for a chuuni to hear. It’s also backed up with a sweet performance by Emiri Kato (Bakemonogatari’s Hachikuji Mayoi). So when she finally meets the much talked about Andou of the must talked about Literature Club, I think the jealousy she’s had on slow boil for a bit, has gone on to rolling. She’s a very protective friend, what with all the social grooming, and worrying. And she is suspicious of her friend hanging out with the high schoolers.

This is what Super Powers are for…

Inobat 04-02

“..and this is our Literature Club where they….I don’t know what they really do…”

Yet again! Andou just serves it up, doesn’t he. Nice suggestion box! Now I don’t think it’s quite fair that Hatoko got two choices, but when they are as choice as these, you got to give her credit. Now with that out of the way, anyone wanna raise hands on flagrant misuse of World Create here? I don’t think it is, but I’m open to discussion. Oh, and did you catch that look from Hotako? Right after Tomoyo wants Andou to compliment her? Oh, she has a thing for him? Which has been obvious to us, but it’s now starting to dawn elsewhere. And for the record…that was an awesome cosplay on Tomoyo’s part. Better than the rest.

Inobat 04-03

OMG, I nearly died of cuteness overload

But the real crux of this development is what it does for Chifuyu. No, not that. Shut up. They’ve set up a few moments of fore-shadow that these powers may not just be for hiding, that something will go down. They can only depend on each other, and that will effect the youngest, perhaps most vulnerable, member the hardest. At this point, she’s skipping school by feigning sickness, and finally get’s caught in the act. But at times, I kinda don’t blame her. I would have loved to have shared this sort of secret with the cool high school kids. But, it is about more than just this, as I’ll talk about later.

In which there is much embarrassment

Inobat 04-04

Both of them: “I’ll never be able to marry now!”

It’s a long standing comedy rule…naked people are funny. So does that mean nearly naked people are nearly funny? Regardless, this was a silly, stupid exchange, but it works. With all the art-shifting and exaggeration, they pull off a good bit of funny business here. But they do know when to let it pass and get on to the main plot. Kuki’s jealousy is reaching a somewhat understandable point. If only Chifuyu could tell her why she hangs out with the high school kids. But we all know that has to be a secret. And it’s driving them apart. I give Kuki a bit of credit for holding it together as much as she did. It can be crushing at that age to lose a friend like this.

The LOLicon Knight

Inobat 04-05

Ok, then he does this shit...

You have to leave it too a chuuni to come up with a plan this bold. And this stupid. But it rather is what it is. I don’t condone this sort of attitude, but in anime land they seem to be able to pull it off. I’ll leave it to you to judge further. But mostly, it felt somewhat unnecessary, as Satomi-sensei’s crane game skills, and to specifically mention Hatoko’s sweet advice, was as much part of the solution as this idiot’s bluster. And going back to sensei, she probably caused this problem with Chifuyu being in the Lit Club in the first place. It’s not that she had an easy time of it either. Chifuyu isn’t exactly a handful for a child that age, but she needs a bit more maintenance than most girls in her age group. So, at the end of the day, both friends learn they are better with each other than without, and sometimes that means a secret or two that can’t be shared.

Inobat 04-06

Again! With the hnnnnnnng and the dawwwwwww, it’s adowabuul! I died a bit….

Bonus Cosplay

Show ▼

Well, this was a darn sight better than the Meh from last episode. Even though some of the outrageous comedy got a bit much, I felt they worked it in with some really well done writing and solid pacing. It felt really natural, and they just let the characters tell the story by being themselves. It’s Everyday Life, with or without the powers. So, the real reason Chifuyu is skipping class? Goodness, she wants to skip grades and have a legitimate reason to be at the high school. I guess things like this work in anime land. But the real clincher? She can’t wait to be an Eight Grader, and be just like Andou. Awwwwwwww. Good ending to a good show. I hope you enjoyed this one. Tell me what you think, kay?


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14 Responses to “Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – 04”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Mmmm… delicious meido…

    • skylion says:

      One down….four to go…

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        Ah… did not read:

        Continuing on:
        I think I should have worn a sports bra… It’s jiggling uncontrollably.
        I like being naked under the Sun.
        *mmff mfff mfff mff~!*
        Less armour means more protection!

  2. Highway says:

    I really think Tomoyo is growing on me. She has the right attitude, just the right amount of playfulness, and that she’s the one who put Bikini Armor in the box was funny, especially since she wanted to get it.

    The whole cosplay part was really good, best part of the episode. Jurai admitting he was a lolicon? Facepalm-y. That was terrible, just made me embarrassed for him. That’s how to get arrested.

    • skylion says:

      Yes, Tomoyo is a fun character to watch. A female version of Yuuta, only much more fun. She’s herself.

      ::rounds and rounds of facepalm::

  3. belatkuro says:

    Why was Tomoyo the only one without underwear when their costumes disappeared?

    Caption Contest:
    >Moe moe kyun!
    >All that health
    >Hugs for everyone
    >*muffled screams*
    >Dat belly button

    • skylion says:

      Why? Didn’t they mention her using Clock for some reason? I didn’t quite get what they meant even watching it three or four times.

      • belatkuro says:

        What I meant was that Sayumi and Hatoko still had underwear after Chifuyu dispelled her power so why was Tomoyo the only one without a bra and covering up herself.
        And after Tomoyo punched Andou, she used her power to dress up quickly, hence their comment on the Closed Clock.

        • Wanderer says:

          Tomoyo lacked underwear because bra and panties would have had visible straps outside of the armor, and that would have completely ruined the effect.

    • Highway says:

      Cause you know there’s no place for underwear under Bikini Armor. Come on, get with the program! 😉

  4. Wanderer says:

    caption contest:

    “Laundry day at the Literature Club.”

  5. thorgriim says:

    Again! With the hnnnnnnng and the dawwwwwww, it’s adowabuul! I died a bit….

    My very thought of the episode as well.. I had alot more to say, but i forgot what I intended to say.

    I really like this episode a lot, both adorable,cute and dat friendship! good job trigger! Andou trying to be series one moment and comes out with “I’m a Lolicon” was great haha. Chifuyu was cute all around, her lines, her reasons, too innocent! Just how a little kid would probably act.. either way I love Chifuyu even more!

    LATE! ugh! soo much to do so little time.. lol

    • skylion says:

      With my quote there, I was trying for a Jerry Lewis by Jon Stewart thing.

      This did bury the HNNNNNNG needle deep into the red.

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