Amagi Brilliant Park – 02

Amagi Brilliant Park-The Queen of the Losers

The Queen Will Now Address the Losers

spring14-highwEpisode 2, the one where you find out if the first was a fluke! I don’t think anyone thought that episode 1 of Amagi Brilliant Park was a fluke, tho.


Fun Vampires

Amagi Brilliant Park-It's a good thing he can't read my thoughts after this

This is the last time you will understand what I’m saying

Although like most KyoAni shows, the first episode isn’t really the hook. It’s more where you just confirm that yes, this will be a KyoAni show, and yes, they still have the same kind of look and quality that they’ve always had. Maybe just a little check to make sure they didn’t turn into Hoods Entertainment between seasons (Hoods is my go-to low-end studio, since I think Deen is actually doing fine with most shows). So we had Kanie be given a magical power to hear what people are thinking by the princess / park manager, but as he learns from Isuzu, it can only be used on a person one time (which he learned by using it on Isuzu, who doesn’t want him reading her thoughts at some random time in the future).

Amagi Brilliant Park-Beat Up the Mascot Day Amagi Brilliant Park-They beat themselves up

Macaron and Tiramie get beat up by kids, but they’re plenty used to getting beat up anyway

This episode also sets up the main conflict for the series, as Kanie attends a business meeting with Isuzu with the Amagi Development Group. He has heard from Isuzu that the park is the means by which the residents of Maple Land gather the energy they need to continue existing: the crystalline form of fun that guests have at the park. This makes them seem like some sort of fun vampires, but I don’t know if it’s much different than living off the metallic and paper form of the way guests normally show appreciation at theme parks, i.e. paying money for things. What’s more, other theme parks are the “Argels” for other magical realms. It’s kind of a fun conceit, applying that to our world with theme parks. I also find it interesting in that there are quite a few theme parks in Japan that have shut down over the past 20 years (12, according to Wikipedia), a far higher percentage than in the United States, I think (something like a fifth of them, from a quick count on Wikipedia). I wonder what magical realm (Tr)Action Park would be from?

Hopeless Park

Amagi Brilliant Park-Bad Guys

Meeting the bad guys. Isuzu looks nice in a suit, doesn’t she?

But all that is in trouble from the Development Group, who have a contract that if Amagi Brilliant Park doesn’t attract 500,000 guests for 5 years in a row, it will revert to the town and be shut down. Given that they’re only at 250,000 for this year, with 80-some days until the cutoff date, it’s not looking good (although the summer season is coming, and the math works out to something like 3000 per day, not amazingly much higher than the 2000 per day they’re currently getting). And when Isuzu finally puts the question to Kanie – Will he be the manager and try to save them? – he flatly refuses. But why is he refusing? Because it’s a lost cause? Because he doesn’t care? Maybe even because the lack of effort insulted him last time. Even when she begs, he’s unmoved, and that might bring the first overt emotional display from Isuzu, her desperation to enlist him in their cause.

Amagi Brilliant Park-Isuzu's sadness

Is she giving up?

And it seems like Isuzu is the only one who hasn’t given up. At the cast meeting where Latifa announces the trouble they’re in, a fight breaks out between Sharky and Moffle (who likes to fight with everyone, apparently). But really, didn’t everyone give up years ago? That’s why everything’s in such crappy repair, why the park looks terrible. There are still the signs that they want to try, like the rounded corners on the bench, but is everything else too hard to do? Maybe it’s that defeatist attitude that finally gets the contrarian Kanie to join up with the cause, just so he can kick their butts around a little. They sure don’t like his first move: Shut the park down for a day and make everyone clean their stuff up.

Amagi Brilliant Park-I can't HEAR you

Let me hear the Hulkamania!!!!


A nice followup episode. Has the park hit rock bottom, so that it’s able to start on improving? Or how much pushback will Kanie continue to get from the various cast members. I don’t think Moffle will be easily swayed, even though he’s committed to the park. He sure didn’t like hearing that Kanie had been kissed by Latifa, but Latifa’s a little too young to really understand what he was talking about with Isuzu and Kanie. I wonder if KyoAni will even try to bring any sort of love story out of this setup. Who would Kanie be with? Isuzu? Latifa? Moffle? Who knows.


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8 Responses to “Amagi Brilliant Park – 02”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    The Queen Will Now Address the Losers

    “You Normas shall be sent to Arsenal where Chelski shall kick your butts!”

    Damn… I did it. x_x

    Though I have a free suggestion that might save the park and skylion will like it:

  2. Sumairii says:

    I’m skeptical that KyoAni will try to work some sort of real relationship into Amaburi. Then again, I haven’t read the source material so I don’t know if that stuff is in fact supposed to happen. My gut feeling is that the show will just be about Kanie teaching the Maple Landers to empower themselves again.

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Kayne-sama is still quite the character! I knew he wouldn’t be able to stay away from the park forever <3

  4. skylion says:

    Kyoto Animation presents: Theme Park Nightmares. At this point I’m setting a timer for Kanie to exclaim “LOOK AT IT!” JK!

    This is a neat little set up, as it all is right down to the line. No lee-way at all. That, as you point out, was months and years ago.

    As for romance, Fiddy may drop her guard…

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      Bouncy castle explodes.
      Create the most awesome rollercoaster: 90 degree turns! Everyone will be satisfied by the rollercoaster! Because there is no one left to complain!

      Okay… must keep me away from themepark.

  5. JPNIgor says:

    This is so much darker than what I usually expect from KyoAni… Even their “dark action” show was much more light-hearted than this. It’s not bad though, I like it 8D

    What weirded me out the most was Tiramie talking like a geezer about the booties and tits… Wtf .-.

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