Akame ga Kill! – 15

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Night Raid takes a break from assassinations to play Risk.

Oh hey, a swimsuit episode. Though I don’t think most swimsuit episodes have the underlying feeling that someone is inevitably going to die pretty soon, so Akame ga Kill! has that going for it.

Akame ga Kill!00001

Chelsea hasn’t really done a lot other than create drama in Night Raid and joining Tatsumi’s growing list of females interested in him, but this episode, they finally showed how her relic is useful in assassination. Really, looking at, she might lack in physical strength, but Chelsea’s power of disguise is probably more like traditional assassination in a way. It’s subtle and keeps the user anonymous, which in some ways, is more useful than something flashy, like say, Esdeath’s powers. Of course, the downfall to Chelsea’s relic is that it doesn’t really make her stronger. Plus the rest of the relics shown thus far are more flashy, but they all seem to have powers to them that are well suited for assassination. Tatsumi’s invisibility, for example, or the fact that Akame’s blade absolutely kills whoever it cuts. …And mentioning Esdeath again, she’s extremely powerful (and not exactly part of a group of assassins), so it doesn’t matter that her method of killing is hardly subtle.

Akame ga Kill!00006

It’s always a good sign when your religious leader looks more like a villain than the actual evil guy behind him.

Despite not a lot happening action-wise this episode (well, for the first bit at least), it looks like the plot of the anime is moving along. After so many episodes emphasizing that the capital sucks, it looks like people are finally going to rebel and do something about this. Also, they’ve also added in a religious faction for some reason. Hopefully it’s not full of assholes too, but you never know with this anime. Back to the matter at hand though, aiming at the Prime Minister directly seems like a pretty ambitious goal at this point and after the introduction of his son, seems even more ambitious. But Night Raid has to get past the Jaegers first, of course.

Akame ga Kill!00007

Look at all of that subtlety.

The new OP decided to throw all subtlety out the window in terms of showing how Night Raid members seem to have counterparts in the Jaegers. One of the most obvious being Tatsumi and Wave (or even Akame and Kurome), but the paired up everyone else as well. …Well, almost, since I believe that Night Raid has a few more members than the Jaegers does at the moment. The ED did this again kind of with Akame and her sister again. But you could probably take this as a good sign that the Jaegers are so heavily featured now, since that means that they’re likely to stick around for longer and have more development than most of the antagonists this show has. They’re pretty much main characters by now. …Though most people are probably well aware by now of how this anime likes to kill off it’s main characters. Especially since the Jaegers and Night Raid are finally having a showdown and fights on this show always seem to end with someone dying.

Well, I don’t have a lot to say other than what I’ve said already above. I’m pretty fond of the new OP and ED, I guess, and the plot has a pretty clear goal now. …Or maybe “clearer goal”, since Night Raid has always been about eventually assassinating the Prime Minister and making life better for people again. I guess I didn’t really talk about how Kurome is pretty much a whole army by herself, but I’m pretty sure that will be featured heavily in the next episode, so I’ll let Suma talk about that.

Akame ga Kill!00014

Also next episode, Suma gets to deal with this. Have fun!


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7 Responses to “Akame ga Kill! – 15”

  1. AllenAndArth says:

    Chelsea is too cool for Night Raid…

    • BlackBriar says:

      Nah, she’s just right for them. Gotta have a bit of variety.

      • Karakuri says:

        She is a pretty good addition in terms of variety. So far she’s brought in interesting views from her own experiences working in assassination teams.

        • BlackBriar says:

          The variety brings out a difference of opinion which I believe is a good thing.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Lubbock is so jealous he isn’t kidnapped with only a beautiful woman for company.

    This was a fine episode and I can see an all out fight with casualties on both sides coming up. Wave seems to wavering on his convictions towards the empire. Since attempts to make Esdeath change sides fail, maybe Tatsumi’s words can reach Wave.

    • Karakuri says:

      Even better, a sadistic beautiful woman. Truly the greatest combination there is.

      Maybe. It’s nice that Wave isn’t totally blind to the capital’s awfulness. The story might drag a bit if he was like another Seryu in terms of not being able to see when people are secretly awful xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Even better, a sadistic beautiful woman. Truly the greatest combination there is.

        A treat indeed. As long as she doesn’t go overboard with her sadism.

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