Glasslip – 10

Glasslip-Miuna and Sayu

Special crossover appearance by Miuna and Sayu


I don’t know if this episode lived up to expectations or fell a little flat, although it was still really nice to watch.


Touko Troubles

Glasslip-Kind of a copout

I did like Touko’s reaction, thinking she was the wrong person getting confessed to again

First of all: “Booooooo!” I didn’t care at all for Sachi’s “It was a confession to both of you.” But oh well, teenagers (and scriptwriters). That’s probably the first major misstep I think the show has made, even though on reflection it can’t be considered completely out of character. I still think that there’s probably quite a big difference between how Sachi feels about Hiro and how Sachi feels about Touko, but it’s masked in the huge emotional range that the word ‘suki’ encompasses. But it also puts pretty much the end on the hopes I had for more of an emotional tug between Sachi and Kakeru for the end of the show.

Glasslip-Getting some help

Former not-really-enemies are now not-really-friends

Instead, it completely opens the way for Touko and Kakeru. And I think this relationship is really being driven by Kakeru, who is trying to overcome Touko’s natural hesitance to following things through when it comes to him. He’s also trying to find out why he no longer hears any of the fragments, to the point of even asking Sachi if she knows anything about them (because Touko as a source of information is fairly lacking). But for Touko, they’ve already changed as well, so that they don’t happen when she’s looking through the glass beads (although I don’t think she’s made the connection). I liked the opportunity for Touko to talk to Kakeru’s parents, for her to get some more background about why he is the way he is, and why he values her permanence in this place so much.

Glasslip-A nice conversation

I really like Kakeru’s mom as a character in this show

Kakeru’s kiss was, like I said in an earlier post, pretty much like him, strongly taking initiative. But even though Touko was embarrassed about it when telling him that they had kissed in her visions, she wasn’t acting surprised or even upset about him doing it. Maybe she’ll get embarrassed after the fact, but I think it was what she wanted to happen.


She doesn’t look like she’s avoiding it at all

Everyone Else

Glasslip-Her hero

Hina’s Hero

Just a quick wrap up on everyone else, because there are still interesting things going on with the rest of the characters, even though Kakeru and Touko seem to be getting most of the attention (as the main characters, of course they are). I like Yuki’s new perspective on things, and it fits in nicely with Yana’s new self that she’s trying to develop. Yuki definitely seems to be noticing Yana quite a bit more as herself, not just as someone who lives in the same house. And I wonder if they’re going to do more with Hina’s being a fan of Yana. And I hope we get to see who Momo’s boyfriend is, since he’s getting out of the hospital.

Glasslip-Yuki gets cool again

Yukinari’s gotten cool again


Maybe I’m a little less disappointed now than I was when I first watched the episode, but I’m still disappointed. Not that I want conflict, or that we have to have yuri, more that it would have been an interesting attempt by two characters I like. Instead, we got a kiss between Kakeru and Touko, who are definitely on the way to being a couple, and I think that Touko might be a little past the worries that she would have had if they’d tried to get together a couple episodes ago. Of course, Kakeru’s impermanence could become a problem.

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2 Responses to “Glasslip – 10”

  1. skylion says:

    Every week, I feel like linking your posts to some of the “I don’t get it/Nonsense/Stupid” comments I see hither and yon. And then I think, to heck with ’em. This stuff isn’t hard to get at all.

    • Highway says:

      Is there a significant amount of people who say they don’t get it? Or think that it doesn’t make any sense? One the one hand, linking the post might get us more visitors and commentors! And maybe they all wouldn’t just be “no, you’re wrong”. 🙂

      One thing about the show that I think might trip people up is that, for me, the atmospheric parts, the parts where people are walking around doing things, seeing things, being people, are some of the most important character development parts. Even if they’re not “doing anything”, they’re being themselves. They’re doing what they do. They’re changing, becoming themselves. Would Hiro have spent time in his room reading books before reading with Sachi? That’s a tremendously effective way to show us the effect his ‘reading dates’ with Sachi have affected him. The readbacks of Yana’s texts to Yuki where he is instantly connected to Yana when he sees those things (2 white, one black). Touko’s anxiety, remembering Kakeru’s words about taking care of Jonathon. It all contributes to the show, the characters, and rewards the person who watches carefully.

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