Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [locodol] Yatte Mita – Series Review

locodol-Nagarekawa Girls

The Nagarekawa Girls

spring14-highwI don’t like to give up on writing about a show, but unfortunately mid-season, there just wasn’t much conversation about Futsuu no Joshikousei ga “Locodol” Yatte Mita, so I thought that I’d just hold off for a series review of the show.

Who Are The Locodols?


They’re really just normal girls

As you probably know, Normal High School Girls Try Being “Locodols” is a show that pretty much says what it’s about. But they’re not idols, as is repeated many times throughout the series. They’re local idols, with a much different mission and, to be honest, a much different level of talent. The locodol crew for Nakaregawa City is made up of “Nagarekawa Cheer Squad Captain” Yukari and “General Manager of Nagarekawa’s Advertising Division” Nanako (who may never embrace her malaprop name of “Nanyako”, but it actually works really well for her) (titles completely made up by the girls), and their co-promoters of events Yui and Mirai, who trade off being “Uogokoro-kun”. And even though the pretty and refined Yukari was the first person recruited for the job (recommended by her grandfather, the former mayor), the main character is Nanako, who is roped into the job by her uncle.

locodol-Nanako's Nervousness

No matter how used to performing they get, Nanako still gets nervous and dejected about things

The show has a nice progression from the girls’ start as locodols at the pool reopening through other local events, to supporting Uogokoro-kun at the “Cute and Loose Characters Field Day” competition, to finally competing on their own in the Locodol Festival. It also tracks the progression of Nanako from nervous and inexperienced to seasoned but still prone to nervousness. But one of the most interesting parts of Nanako is even though she’s nervous before they start performing, she always gets herself involved in the performance and shines. Sometimes she might get a little carried away, like when she yanks off Yukari’s skirt in the rain (they were both wearing swimsuits underneath), but she always had that special something when on stage, and it was repeatedly brought up that she was the one your eyes were on, not the more attractive and composed Yukari.

locodol-Yukari teases Nanako

Yukari totally has a crush on Nanako the whole time

The other theme that the show held on to throughout was faithfulness. Some people, being thrust into the spotlight to promote the town might try to make it more about them. But the Nagarekawa Girls never forgot the Nagarekawa in their name, which did elicit a bit of wistful remembrance from the other locodols in the season-ending festival. Making a commitment to the town and always trying to follow through, that’s what became the guiding principle for everyone. Sure, realities intruded like schedules and funding, but that just gave rise to a short bit of self-pity before moving on and doing the best they could.

locodol-They support each other in different ways

They really support each other well

Well-Made Enough

locodol-Local Festivals are important

For them, it’s still mostly about representing Nagarekawa

Technically, the show meets the ‘futsuu’ description as well. The animation by Feel isn’t amazing but it never seems to have errors. And while they did have an idol performance at the end, it was not anything that will stand out in the history of idol performances. It was better than anything in Wake Up Girls!, but I don’t know if that’s saying a lot. They kept the show consistent throughout and in keeping with its message. The music for the show brings up an interesting point: They’re locodols, and they have music appropriate for locodols. Songs like “Oh, Nagarekawa” and “Uogokoro-kun” aren’t terrible songs, but they’re not really ‘good’ either. But they fit in perfectly with the show: earnest, doing your best, and fitting the semi-professional aspect of the characters. Of more note is the OP song, “Mirai Fanfare”, which follows the rule that “Horns make everything better”. Definitely a fun song to listen to. And the final insert song has really grown on me as well, with the same kind of instrumentation, and a very catchy flow.


I know I’ve got the title of “Defender of Mediocre Anime”, but to me this is the kind of show that really contributes to the overall quality of a season. I know that a lot of people dismiss this kind of ‘undercard’ show as inconsequential, but most times, I’d rather watch a show like this than the blockbusters that garner the most attention. Why? Because it has a good message, because it has good characters, and because, more than anything, it’s fun. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t need explosions to keep things interesting, I don’t need betrayal and plot twists to liven things up. Life is interesting, and watching people live their lives is as well. So when I get shows like this, I can’t say that an anime season is ‘bad’, because it’s not. I had fun watching Nanyako and Yukari pour their hearts out to help their community and that’s why I recommend shows like this.


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4 Responses to “Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [locodol] Yatte Mita – Series Review”

  1. HannoX says:

    A nice, relaxing and enjoyable show. I liked how the girls knew they were just local idols and the writers never tried to force them into a contest for groups who might have what it takes to become professional, national idols. There’ve been enough shows like that or ones where the girls have to win a contest to save their school or whatever.

    No, the Nagarekawa Girls and both girls playing Uogokoro-kun were all about performing for the locals, promoting local businesses (Don’t shop the nearby big city! Buy local! was an unstated underlying theme of their promotions.) and trying to raise their hometown’s profile just a little in the hopes of attracting visitors.

    • Highway says:

      It was also nice how Nanako and Yukari were just a little jealous of the Awa Awa Girls, but didn’t let it get to their heads. They never really wanted to be the stars, just to help Nagarekawa. The Awa Awa Girls had a very good attitude about it also, realizing that although they sold out their personal merchandise, the town didn’t really benefit from their popularity. The bit about the other groups being, essentially, under contract to the town was interesting as well, which kind of sets up a bit of conflict of interest wherein the talent agency doesn’t really care if the town’s promotion goes that well.

  2. skylion says:

    I know I’ve got the title of “Defender of Mediocre Anime”


    So…not so much defending mediocrity as championing quality?

    I have to tip my hat. I do love these sorts of shows and hope they never end. We need more Super Sonico and the like, don’t we.

    ..which isn’t to say that Locodol couldn’t be awesome with explosions. That Mirai has some hidden talent…she could ninja someone cold.

    • Highway says:

      Let’s say it’s “Finding the quality in as much as possible”.

      This was very much like Super Sonico in feel, even if it wasn’t in plot or execution. But that fills a niche. It’s not a very big niche, and it’s not going to get huge sales, but it’s going to be a show that the people who watch it enjoy. That’s what I think is the best thing about shows like this.

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