Aldnoah.Zero – 10

Aldnoah Zero 10 - Sey Speaks

Asseylum has, what I can only assume, is a very important announcement…

This was late because Destiny is happening right now. Anyways, the OST and the endings are out now. Go get ’em cause they’re fun to listen to outside of the anime, and I play “MK Aliez” and “BRE@TH//LESS” on the podcast. Fosh, Sky and I talk about the shower scene and Saazbaum’s reasoning for war among other things.



Extra Towels

Aldnoah Zero 10 - Inaho CPR

You thougt he was on Cloud 9 last week… oh wait, that’s not what’s going on…

Aldnoah Zero 10 - Rayet Grabs Gun

I’d tap that ass too, Rayet… oh wait, that’s not what’s going on…

Aldnoah Zero 10 - Inaho Tablet

<caption what Inaho is doing on his tablet> 


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43 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero – 10”

  1. Highway says:

    *curses Sumairii!!!!*

    They *did* manage to get Inaho in there to give her mouth to mouth. At least Asseyleum didn’t get all blushy about it, tho.

    • skylion says:

      …she was busy with the trying to breathe again and the not getting shot stuff…

    • Irenesharda says:

      I really liked that they were pretty professional about it though. Do you know how rare that is in anime? lol

  2. Wanderer says:

    caption what Inaho is doing on his tablet

    Angry Birds.

  3. HannoX says:

    Caption: “Got to log into iTunes to get U2’s Songs of Innocence.”

  4. belatkuro says:

    Caption: “Let’s check out my stash of naked pics of Yuki-nee again.”

  5. Irenesharda says:

    Another great episode with a lot of background information and character development. However, it seems that humanity is on the brink of extinction and next shall be a great battle.

    Asseylum is revived and I was so glad they were tasteful with the whole mouth-to-mouth resecitaiton by Inaho. With the captain and the maid there, they made it the serious procedure its supposed to be. Also, I really liked the outburst between Rayet and the princess. It was heartfelt but not sappy, you could see the tragedy in it all and we can see that Asseylum has changed.

    Darzana gets a file on Marito from the doctor (in a horrid breach of medical conduct ) and she’s able to see what truly happened to her brother. They restart the ship and get to Novosibirsk, Russia where UFE HQ is. What’s left of humanity has gathered there, but we find that there is not much left. They have more supplies than people. If that one place gets hit then it may spell the end of humanity.

    I cringed every time a character would say “We’re safe right?”, because any good mecha fan knows that that is a death flag just waiting to be triggered. Inaho is still prepped and ready, even while his friends have relaxed.

    We also get a lot of backstory on Vers from Saazbaum who goes into exposition mode to Slaine. We find out that the kataphrackt Deucalion belonged to his betrothed, Viscountess Orlane, who does show up in flashback. We find out about the background of Vers and how they have been having trouble. Water and air, and their limits happen to be their weaknesses. When the aliens made all that tech, Mars was much more Earth-like, however, now it has become as we know it now, and this is not a good place to support a civilization. Emperor Gilzeria tried to help Vers by pushing industrial production, but that still left the poor to suffer. So, the royals began to rule with an iron fist and used Earth as a scapegoat for the peoples troubles, and it worked.

    Orlane and Saazbaum were sent as a recon team to Earth to measure up the UFE’s defenses and found them pathetic as Orlane was of course the one to destroy Marito’s whole squad. When the moon was destroyed, it messed with their kataphrackts and Orlane was unable to get out of the blast radius. Saazbaum will let nothing get in the way of his revenge.

    Slaine can understand the need for change as he listens to Saazbaum, but he is still loyal to the princess and refused to say anything about her. He tries to plead with the Count, but it falls on deaf ears.

    The princess is finally able to make a plea over the communication airways and say that she is alive and well and that Martian forces need to stand down. However, Saazbaum has no intention of doing so. He shows Slaine, Cruhteo’s kataphrackt, Tharsis. He then releases him and tells him that his debt has been payed and that Slaine may either stay with him or leave and go to the Earth, it is up to him. However, he assures that the princess’ message will get nowhere since his people are blocking it. The count then commands that his castle land on the UFE HQ base.

    We get to see a lot of emotion going around as we prep for this final battle before the season finale. Rayet and Asseylum’s exchange was interesting, and we see the turmoil in Slaine as he tries to figure out what to do. I really see no reason for him to fight with Saaz’s forces. He’s not gathering resources to help the people, he is only attacking the princess to get revenge. Revenge for something that wasn’t even her fault. How is any of this going to help the Martian people?

    And is Slaine going to become the pilot of Tharsis? He can’t activate it himself (or at least doesn’t knowingly think he can), so really Tharsis is useless to him. He’ll probably be still using a sky carrier next episode.
    Perhaps, they are suggesting Cruhteo is probably dead, and I’ll go with it for now, though I still won’t be surprised if he shows up. Especially if Asseylum’s near-death pretty much showed the same results. I mean, Asseylum was up and walking around and talking, but the Aldnoah drive was still off in the Deucalion ship. She actually had to get up and turn on the thing physically for it to turn back on. And if a member of the royal bloodline has to do that, a knight must have to too. Also, Cruhteo could have also chosen to keep it off simply for the fact that he doesn’t want Saazbaum to know he’s still alive? So, really, the fact that the Tharsis‘ drive is off means nothing.

    However, with the next big battle being waged in a place the pretty much holds what’s left of Terran humanity, this doesn’t look good for the Earth. Saazbaum’s landing alone, is going to shake things up.

    • Foshizzel says:

      The moral of Rayet v Asseylum = WAR IS HELL and it is an endless cycle of deaths and it repeats over and over because everyone wants revenge against the loss of a loved one.

      I cringed every time a character would say “We’re safe right?

      hahaha yea same! They are never going to be “safe” until the war is over.

      Saazbaum is a very good talker and it seems that Slaine is caught up by him and I have no idea what he will do next! My gut tells me he will stick to Saazbaum for a bit and make his move against him because he knows Saazbaum is a threat against Asseylum.

      Yep I dunno if Slaine has the Aldonoah inside of him or not thanks to his father, but I am going with the idea that he DOES have the power locked inside of him because that would make things quite interesting!

  6. Irenesharda says:

    So, how long has it been since this war began? A few days? Weeks?

    And now that they’ve got everyone to HQ, Yuki comments that they have supplies there for 3 years, so the Earth Forces were expecting this. However she says that the number of refugees coming in is sooo low that if the HQ bunker was ever destroyed and all the people with it, Terrans would go extinct? Do you know how many people would have had to have been killed for humanity’s population to be so low that they are now on the brink of having “extinction” numbers?!

    I think they said that about 50% of the world’s population was destroyed by Heaven’s Fall and it’s associated natural events. The world population is about 7 billion people right now, probably around 6.5 billion in 1999. Half would be around 3.25 billion people left.

    I doubt that number had a net growth that much higher in only 15 years, so, I’ll keep it at 3.25 billion.

    I don’t really know how many people would there have to be remaining to classify humans as “endangered”, but we’re probably talking less than a million people left.

    This means that since this war started, the Martians are directly responsible for killing over 3 billion Terrans. 🙁
    Good job Martians, you are single-handedly responsible for the largest mass genocide in the history of the world.

    I have a huge feeling that we’re going to lose a lot of people in this next battle and that the Terrans are going to lose. Terrans will probably lose the Earth to the Martians.

    • Foshizzel says:

      A few days I think? Course we have no idea cause in Captain Earth apparently it was only a few days of Globe vs The Planetary Gears according to those guys at Salty Dog! So ya passing of time is odd when they never tell us how many days have passed.

      LOL yeah saying they might go extinct is a bit of a stretch and derp martians are human too at least their ancestors were right?

      Saazbaum wants the earth and I don’t think he cares what happens to the humans as long as the food supply survives xD

      • Irenesharda says:

        From what I’ve heard around, that “fifteen (or was it five?) days” line in Captain Earth was actually a mistake in the subs and that what was really was said was “years” not “days”. The event Salty Dog was talking about, was the event that ultimately led to Daichi’s dad’s death.

        I am 100% sure that Captain Earth has been occurring over a period of weeks, if not months. 😛

      • Irenesharda says:

        Oh, and Vers and the Martians have only been on Mars for about 30 years. Their human “ancestors” are them. Almost every Martian knight we’ve met so far had to have been born on Earth. They are all human, they just don’t want to say so, because of their supposed “superiority” to Terrans.

        Martians and Terrans will definitely have to get together to repopulate though, though Vers has a pretty small population itself (1 million), it should be a good start.

    • HannoX says:

      The key to avoiding extinction for humanity isn’t the number left as much as it is population concentration. Let’s really taking the surviving number down. Let’s say only 10,000 survive. Now let’s say they’re closely concentrated in just one area. They’d be very vulnerable to another Martian attack, disease or a failure in their food.

      Now let’s take that same 10,000 but they now divided into 10 groups of 1,000 each distributed throughout the world and each group is further divided into 10 subgroups of 100 each. The subgroups of 100 are somewhat separated, but still close enough to have regular contact with each other and feel part of the larger group of 1000. And the larger groups have occasional and limited contact with each other, but it does happen.

      Now it’ll be much harder for Martians, disease or food failure to wipe out humanity because there are 100 separate subgroups that have to be dealt with. Yet because of the contact between these groups mates can be exchanged to maintain genetic diversity and avoid concentration of adverse genes in a population.

      BTW, a species can fall to very low numbers and still survive if the breaks start coming its way. Due to the extreme lack of variability in cheetah DNA scientists think at one point their numbers may have fallen below 10 or 12 individuals. Humans have a lower reproduction rate than cheetahs, but even an initial group of 100 might be enough to avoid extinction with a few lucky breaks and if the population spreads out as it increases to avoid the inherent risks of putting all their eggs in one basket by living in essentially one place.

      • Irenesharda says:

        But wouldn’t we be still looking at a seriously depleted population though? For humanity to be so low that we now are living in small spread out groups , we would still be talking in the millions or less.

        • HannoX says:

          Of course the population would be seriously depleted! My point is that a species can bounce back from serious depletion. But ideally it wouldn’t be concentrated in a small area any longer than necessary because it would be more vulnerable then. The best scenario for its recovery would be groups of populations that are not too close together, yet close enough for genetic exchange between them to occur.

          So if by the time the war is over the only humans left on Earth are those at HQ and the area around it, that would be a bad situation. Better to have an even lower number that is more spread out in clusters.

  7. Irenesharda says:

    Just an interesting thought in general, but does anyone notice that Gilzeria, Asseylum’s dad, is the only one of the nobles who decided not to go with the archaic form of dress? Instead of a decorative high collar or tails, he dressed in a long trenchcoat with an upturned collar, regular clothes and boots? He looks more like a special forces rebel commander, rather than the leader of a nation with a feudal system that seems to like dressing like it’s the 19th Century. Despite his supposed evilness, I kinda like him. 🙂

    Also, are you telling me that these uniforms are all these nobles wear? They don’t have any normal clothes? And fashion hasn’t changed in the last 15 years? Nobody want to try a different cut of dress? Different colors? 😛

    • Highway says:

      Remember that it’s essentially a feudal state, where the most important thing is the favor of the king / emperor, and propriety tends to be the order of the day.

      • Irenesharda says:

        Well, I mean, considering the time periods they are trying to emulate, I would think the nobles would like to flaunt their wealth and be as fashionable as possible. They would set fashion trends that would change every few months, that sort of thing.

        • HannoX says:

          Not for a militaristic society like them. Military uniforms would be the regular dress of the military-based nobility with medals for their flash. Think Prussia under Fredrick the Great. Even he mostly wore military uniform.

          • Irenesharda says:

            I would think of it that way if the royals set that standard, instead of dressing like they are from 16th century France. Say if they dressed similarly to the Zabis or something. But Gilzeria was the only one of the royal family who dressed even remotely military. Maybe he set the standard?

            • HannoX says:

              Regardless of the situation with the royals, the nobility clearly owe their positions to being the military leaders. So uniforms make sense for them. It helps to remind the commoners of the nobles’ position as leaders of society.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah the martians are all pro military xD

  8. zztop says:

    Aldnoah Season 2 confirmed for Winter 2015.
    The director also promises a cliffhanger for Season 1’s end.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep most fans following A.Z know this was a split core a while ago and it seems like that is going to be a common trend in anime lately! Instead of a full “season” we just get twelve episodes now and twelve episodes later.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I guess it’s an effective way to keep the audience interested and not let them burn out from watching a show’s episode week after week. The upcoming Fate/Stay Night is going to be a split cour as well.

    • BlackBriar says:

      That’s not really a surprise watching the story develop so far. Despite the major events, it never felt like the series was reaching its climax.

  9. BlackBriar says:

    Rayet is so shaken up she basically doesn’t know who to trust. Her family’s gone, she’s betrayed by her kind and she’s with people who should be her enemies. I imagine her confusion is profound and is part of why she chose Asseylum as the object of her anger.

    Mars’ problem is overpopulation like Saazbaum mentioned. Had it not been for that, they’d have a better chance of sustaining life. In a twisted sense, war would definitely take care of a concern like that. You could call it “population control” but they’re bringing that down to Earth.

    Saazbaum is so pulling an Obito Uchiha. The guy loses the love of his life, goes insane and bitter then later causes a war that consumes the world. I admire his sense of fair play allowing Slaine the choice to either join up with him or go down to Earth to reunite with the princess. It’s not often you see villains show that kind of decency. Then again, he might be doing it out of charity because he’s confident after sabotaging Asseylum’s message for a cease fire.

    • Irenesharda says:

      Mars has so little to offer that it’s too small to support even Vers’ relativity small population (background data says that Vers’ population is barely pushing 1 million). It was really a mistake all around to move there. And Martians are just too proud to move back to Earth except through conquest. The royals have basically programmed into Martians heads that Terrans are no higher than dogs, and what superior being would go crawling back and admitting defeat to a dog? Even Rayet’s dad didn’t let her mix with Terrans. It’s just a twisted situation all around.

  10. Irenesharda says:

    Um, this is a little off topic, but since this is a Urobuchi created show, this is the best place I guess. So, I’m thinking about finally checking out Psycho Pass before the new season comes out. So, knowing really nothing about it, should I watch the original series or is the new re-edit just as good? I am short on time since I’m back in school, but if the original is better and is fast-paced I can take a few nights and a Saturday and go through it. So Metanorn, what say you?

    • BlackBriar says:

      I haven’t seen the re-edit but I have the original and word is the re-edit is just two episodes crammed together, making 22 episodes into 11 1-hour long episodes with little added footage. So personally, I don’t see a difference, either way. You’re welcome to choose which ever you prefer. Personally, I’d go with the original because though it has more episodes to tell the story, you can allow yourself more breathing room in between (or you can binge watch).

      Good to know you’re joining the bandwagon. Psycho-Pass is definitely worth your time. If you like scientific and psychological stuff, it’s a good recommendation.

      • Irenesharda says:

        Well, 22 episodes doesn’t seem too bad. My brother just made me watch all 140+ episodes of Hunter X Hunter in a couple of weeks last month. With that, I got through 22 episodes in a night. So, if the episodes are fast-paced, I’ll get there. I’ve heard some really good things about it, but I couldn’t really understand the summary of what it was actually about.

        • BlackBriar says:

          My brother just made me watch all 140+ episodes of Hunter X Hunter in a couple of weeks last month.

          Now that is binge watching. I don’t think I could do that much even if I was watching Naruto Shippuden and I recently got in Fairy Tail.

          Sounds like you’re well prepared. Well, then, see you when Psycho-Pass 2 arrives.

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