Space☆Dandy S2 – 07

Space Dandy 703

I suppose it IS rather chilly in outer space…

No one can resist a boy band! Just put a group of hot guys together, throw some juicy gossip to the media, and immediately become a hit! The fact that someone as dumb as Dandy was able to make it to the Budokan stage in outer space with just one song should be an inspiration to all aspiring musicians. Well, if you ignore the way real life works. But don’t sweat the small stuff, baby!

If you’re a fan of Detroit Metal City, you probably liked this week’s episode. DMC makes fun of the secret lives of the members in a heavy metal band who are just regular dudes in real life and don’t believe a single word they’re singing. Despite this, the fans eat it up and they become more and more popular…even though the vocalist becomes more and more obviously at odds with his devilish persona since he just wants to sing cutesy pop songs. The commentary in DMC is very sharp and focused, so Space Dandy’s attempt to jump in on the action is a little weaker by comparison. But for what’s done in the span of just one episode, it’s impressive.

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So stylish

DMC exposes more of the ludicrous behind-the-scenes aspects of heavy metal bands to undermine how much people glamorize it. Once you realize your favourite band probably drops their “hardcore” act the second they walk off the stage, you realize they aren’t quite as untouchable and amazing as they appear while onstage. Seeing the huge gap between what we see onstage and how things really are makes the whole glamorization process seem silly. I believe Space Dandy is targeting the same issue, but using a different tactic. Instead of comparing the glitzy lifestyle to a pallid reality, they show us a band that cares about being famous so much that they actually forget about the whole being a band thing. Which is…uh…pretty integral to the idea of being in a band. Instead of seeing a disparity between the glamorous lifestyle and reality, we see an oversaturation of all the perks of being in a band.

I thought is was pretty clever – and very Dandy-esque – to have the band completely zeroed in on becoming a hit sensation without doing anything. A lot of musicians want to make it big without really doing anything amazing to deserve it. It’s such an attractive lifestyle that it can be blindly chased over and romanticized to the point where you forget you actually have to learn to play instruments or sing to get anything to happen. Of course, Dandy forgets all this and gets swept away with the minor details such as promotional goods and the band name. Not that Johnny is any better. He could practically be an alternate universe version of Dandy!

Space Dandy 702

Another fun part of this episode was seeing someone just as dopey as Dandy interact with him. Usually Dandy gets scolded by everyone for being so darn clueless. This time he has a buddy to join him in his oblivious pursuits. And what a perfect combination that is! We get such a nice mixture of petty catfights and true bonding between them. Plus, Johnny has a secret life that makes things just a little bit more interesting. PLUS, he’s voiced by one of the seiyuu kings (I made up that title just now), Kamiya Hiroshi. He was a perfect fit for this week’s theme.

The whole rock band thing wasn’t as epic as the high school musical parody episode, although I doubt many other things can even come close to that. I think they were aiming more for comedy and providing a social commentary of sorts instead of giving us a concert. But they must have known I’m a sucker for concert scenes so they gave us one anyways! I was worried they would cop out and not give us the full song, but in the end we got a rather nice concert with exposed midriffs, wiggling butts, and a giant robot blowing up. I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds like a pretty cool concert to me. It wasn’t mind-blowing of course, but it certainly was a great way to end the episode after only teasing a few lines of the song up until then.

And next week looks great too. Oh Space Dandy, you charm me more and more every week…

Space Dandy 708

Oh baby…


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8 Responses to “Space☆Dandy S2 – 07”

  1. bobob101 says:

    Did you watch this episode subbed or dubbed? I watched both versions, but I preferred hearing the song in English. I am someone who almost never watches shows dubbed, but I believe the Dandy Dub is better than the Japanese version.

    • Overcooled says:

      I watched it subbed originally. But I just looked up the song and WOW the dubbed version is incredible! I like my Japanese seiyuu so I tend to stick to subs but the Space Dandy dub is definitely one of the best I’ve ever heard.

  2. skylion says:

    At this point it’s physcially impossible to not recongize Kamiyan…which might not be such a good thing?

    I thought this was a decent take on an old formula. But it felt kinda flat at the beginning and at the end. I don’t know why they had to make the character a bored ruler of another empire, it didn’t really add anything, as he could have been this other cool guy bombing around the galaxy.

    • Overcooled says:

      Kamiyan sounds exactly the same in every role he plays…but he’s good at what he does so it’s okay I guess?

      They could have easily replaced [bored ruler of an empire] with anything else, yes. But that’s just what they chose in the end! And it works! It doesn’t add much, but it doesn’t take anything away either.

  3. Kyokai says:

    I’m catching up to this right now and really the ride has been quite interesting. I dropped in because Hiroshi Kamiya was brilliant as Commander-in-chief and of course a huffy rockstar. Seeing both my favourite seiyuu interact and kick each other out of screen was a joy! xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha yeah, Space Dandy always brings on a new excellent seiyuu each week. It’s fun listening to see who it’s going to be. It only takes a few seconds to recognize Kamiyan, really…

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