MetaVerse Episode 46: Mid-Summer Knights


We’re talking Summer ’14 and much more on this ep of the ‘Verse 

We’re to that point where it’s still too soon to be hyping up Fate/Stay Night UBW and all that Fall stuff yet, but we’re crossing the halfway point with Summer, so the group talks about how Sword Art Online II is going, just how bad Blade Dance and Momo Kyun Sword are, and a brief view at some of the longer running shows like HxH, One Piece and more.

Jrow note – This was recorded before the announcement of Hunter x Hunter ending, so we didn’t know at the time.


OP: “Skyreach” by Amamiya Sora from Akame ga Kill!

ED: “Koi wa Milk Tea!” by petit milady from Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!

Recommended reading: Survival Game Club! Anime vs. Manga by sdshamsel

Sabagebu Fan Art

Mission Complete! Thanks for listening. (via Pixiv)


The team behind Metanorn's Podcast, MetaVerse. Our aniblogging experience gives us the expertise to dish out detailed opinions on which series to watch and ones to drop. And remember, we take fangirling seriously!
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12 Responses to “MetaVerse Episode 46: Mid-Summer Knights”

  1. JapanInspired says:

    Hey Guys, it was so fun listening to your podcast.
    It’s amazing how detailed you described my thoughts on SAO. Which is indeed a show, that if you want to watch, you just have to not take it serious, otherwise it looks ridiculous.

    Also, I’m glad I hearded one of you watching Haikyuu, if I’m not mistakened, it was Jrow, forgive me if I’m wrong(first time listening to your podcast, so I sometimes got confused with who’s talking). I personally, love this anime so far, one of my season favorites for sure.

    Oh, and also wondering. I didn’t get the name of the anime, that you were talking about. The one where the main character is called Momoko. After hearing from you guys, how hilarious it is, really got me curious. So if you could answer me with the title, I would be very grateful.

    And thanks again for this podcast. I had a really fun time listening to your thoughts on different shows this season.

    • JapanInspired says:

      Oh, nevermind. Found it! Sabagebu.

      • Highway says:

        Yeah, Sabagebu is hilarious, and I find it a lot more funny than I usually find shows with characters like that. It just pulls it off very well.

        Thanks for listening.

    • Jrow says:

      Thanks for listening!

      Haikyuu! is almost ending, and as much as I’m loving the anime, I might have to get to reading the manga soon. Kuroko’s Basketball has gotten 2 seasons and a 3rd on the way, so perhaps Production I.G. will do the same for Haikyuu!

      • JapanInspired says:

        Oh, read the manga for sure! I’ve started reading it from the beginning, dont want to spoil the anime for myself. It’s really fun to read.

        I would love a 2nd season of Haikyuu. Already feel sad thinking about how it’s going to end soon.
        It’s kind of sad, though, that I keep hearing that Haikyuu is not as popular as other sports anime, like Kuroko no Basket (which I also like a lot), but still, I hope that wont stop Production I.G. from considering a 2nd season.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Good to hear Karakuri joining in. Quite a while since she’s been on a podcast.

    Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get into Glasslip. Despite P.A Works trademark animation, nothing about the series story wise clicked for me. I very soon found myself uninterested so it easily fell out of my rotation for the season. I was pretty severe this season, avoiding/dropping anything that’s heavily romance based, slice of life or overly cute. It’s why I never bothered with shows like Ao Haru Ride, Barakamon, Hanayamata and Jinsei.

    Rokujouma no Shinryakusha is on hiatus until all episodes are available. I’m busy with other shows and that is one of the lesser series on my list. Momo Kyun Sword is my guilty pleasure though it’s hardly worth talking about. My hook is the rivalry between Momoko and Onihime (my preferred character) and the antics that ensue. They’d do better as friends than enemies. The beach episode in episode 4 if memory serves proves that.

    News on the Naruto Shippuden series: Episode 373. Sasuke joins the battlefield against Madara, Obito and the Ten-Tails after speaking with the first four Hokages.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Meet one of the exception on that statement on Re:_Hamatora and there’s quite a handful of fans. Check out the comments on Crunchyroll. As one who’s seen the first season. Now that there’s another studio helming and from what I’ve seen, the second season is superior. Better animation, OP (simply addictive and surprisingly better than the OP for last season) and it’s more ambitious creating a story. And I like that there’s a sense of urgency because while the gang is dealing with a friend-turned enemy (Hiroshi Kamiya’s character) who’s become the main antagonist and kicking their asses left and right, staying one step ahead of them, they’re suffering backlashes for using their abilities to stay in the game. The downside? A lot of transitions between scenes. I’m sweet on the avid burger eater Hajime.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Tokyo Ghoul is actually one of my top four favorites for Summer. Reasons for that are that I’m a huge fan of dark supernatural stories, a sucker, really. Especially with beings that are more than human and there’s the intriguing world building revolving around the Ghoul society along with the difference of views between them and the humans they are obligated to prey on to survive which brings a morally gray area. Neither side is completely wrong or right so it’s left up to the viewer to decide who they ultimately want to side with. Shiki did the same and to this day, it still has impact.

    Kaneki is an acceptable lead for me personally. Yeah, surely a number of people are put off by his lamenting but it never rubbed me the wrong way and you have look at things from his point of view since he is, in fact, an emotional wreck. That led to leniency being warranted. He was a normal kid keeping to himself who lost his humanity, an irreplaceable trait and it’s a struggle coping with the fact you’re not what you once were and don’t want to give into it. A life changing aspect like that is sure to linger in the mind. Had anyone else been in his shoes, I’m sure they’d be singing the same tune. It’s bothersome these days that “character development” basically means a character has to suddenly and inexplicably become a badass. Such things take time and in my opinion, Kaneki is doing just fine.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Aldnoah.Zero is another favorite. Always count on Urobuchi to make a grand scale conflict. No matter how you slice it, the war is humans against humans. Just that some immigrated to another planet and got a hold of advanced technology. So you gotta ask, is there a difference? Still baffling that Inaho manages to stay calm, cool and collected in the face of everything he’s faced. The kid’s cold as ice. That’s got to be a whiplash for seiyuu Natsuki Hanae playing lead characters on different extremes. The stoic Inaho and the emotional Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. Fun fact: female seiyuu Sora Amamiya is also alongside Hanae as Aldnoah.Zero’s Princess Asseylum and Tokyo Ghoul’s Touka Kirishima.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Can someone help me out? Spammy caught my first comment before the three above.

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