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Probably the most suggestive faint I’ve ever seen

It was a miracle to have Friday as holidays, but it was too good to be true. Now every Friday is Play Performance practice day. So much for blogging on Friday *sigh*



After all that Common Route episodes, we finally get the guys’ episodes starting with Koujaku. Since this is a one-episode-per-guy thing, Koujaku’s story is quickened, and NAZ changed the story so that everything could fit in one episode. So of course, as soon as the two enter Platinum Jail, they meet Ryuuho aka Koujaku’s enemy right away. Surprisingly, everything works out perfectly, since the whole route squished into one episode did not look awkward at all. Who’s doing the story for DMMD anime? We need to give him some credit because he has been handling the story perfectly.

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Credit for animating pedo!Koujaku perfectly

Koujaku’s story is the typical childhood-friend-is-a-yakuza-son cliché with a little bit of twist involving… Tattoos. Apparently Ryuuho is researching about tattoo that can live but also consumes the owner’s life, turning the owner into a monster. Basically the tattoo will feed on someone’s negative energy, changing him into a monster. This happened to Koujaku while he was getting his tattoo, and he accidentally slaughtered everybody including his mother. Ehm so Koujaku turned into a monster again, and Aoba saves him with his Scrap power.

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Writer secretly ships Koujaku x Ryuuho

Surprisingly, the one that left a mark in this story is not Koujaku but Ryuuho. He reminds me of the scientist in M3 but less asshole-y. He’s not a villain, he’s just… Someone who is so dedicated to his job that he decided to weird research because of it. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being so absorbed to one’s job, right? As long as he doesn’t hurt anybody of course, and that’s where Ryuuho is making his mistake. The anime also shows Ryuuho’s death in some dark alley where nobody will not find his body until some days later. It somehow fits his character because it’s obvious that he’s still going to disappear from this world even when he survives Koujaku’s attack. Though his character is not delved, somehow I have a feeling that he is that kind of character. He’s very philosophical compared to the main characters, making him one of the most memorable NITRO+Chiral’s villains I’ve ever seen.


Probably the cutest guy in this game and is still the cutest in the anime too. His route is handled the same way as Koujaku’s in the anime, but somehow it also works perfectly. The script writer is able to show the cute relationship between Noiz and Aoba in mere 25 minutes, plus with his past and all that. Not bad, script writer. The downside of the story is that Noiz literally narrating everything that’s supposed to be revealed with other things such as MOAR ANIMATION and MOAR CONVERSATION between Aoba and Noiz which will lead to MOAR ANIMATION, but it seems that 25 minutes is too short for NAZ to do that or the lack of animation budget. But still, it wasn’t that awkward, so the story was pretty good. I’m not sure if I can say the same thing about the animation though, since the animation looks hella fugly. And we were supposed to get child!Noiz, so what the fuck NAZ.

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Lazy animation at its finest

Anyway, Noiz’s story is less complicated that Koujaku’s. It turned out that Noiz can’t feel pain at all since he suffers from CIPA, causing him to be this jerk that injures other people’s kids because he can’t understand the feeling of pain. Basically his parents ditched him, and he grows up as a lonely emo kid who only needs attention. Thankfully, Aoba’s homo!attention when he used his Scrap helped Noiz to recover from some weirdo’s hypnotism and helped him to gain his sense of pain. So… Killing two birds with one stone so yay? To be honest, the only remarkable thing about Noiz’s episode is the cute convo he has with Aoba, which is so NGGHHH so that makes this cliché route excusable.

DRAMAtical Murder - 08_00017DRAMAtical Murder - 08_00058


That and some Toue scenes. It seems that he’s making his move, and his move is to make someone inside Aoba to be awakened? There are some hints of the other Aoba already, and it seems that the other Aoba is bugging Aoba now. How this will play a big role in the story, we’ll have to see it later after the other two boys get their own episode.

Ehhh not much can be said about the two episodes, but I am definitely satisfied with the two episodes. I can see the main point of their routes in those episodes, so I gues NAZ did a good job at the story. My only complaint is, of course as always, the animation. The animation in Koujaku’s episode was decent, but then it went downhill in Noiz’s episode. Like god, the anatomy was so horrible. The heads would be bigger than the bodies, and some animation would miss a frame or two, making it look suupppeeerr awkward. I like this anime, really. So far, the story is still decent. But I can’t stand the animation. The animation is…. Bleh. Thanks to the crappy animation, I want this anime to end as soon as possible.

Preview: Clear’s route? That’s surprising.

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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    … you had to use a cap like that which is asking for it…


    “Fresh cream smoothie straight from the farm”

  2. Kyokai says:

    Still need to watch the Noiz episode. BRB!

  3. d-LaN says:

    Wow, I must be either hella tolerant/didn’t pay too much attention/getting used to the animation because I don’t notice any glaring derp until it was screen-capped by other peeps.

    And well, somehow after Koujaku route is done Noiz beat him. Also thanks for the extra explanation on some things I find confusing. Although I still have no idea what vocaloid dude role in all this.

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