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Drammatical Murder - 0500032

How the guys look like when they listen to yaoi drama CD

 4 episodes of DMMD, which means a month without DMMD in Metanorn. Did you guys miss it? Cuz I didn’t, considering how crappy the anime is. If there is a reason for me to wait until episode 5 is because I want to see something actually happening. Didn’t expect it to take 5 episodes to have something exciting, though.


New Gay Guy // More like guys since three guys were introduced nonstop throughout episode 2 to 5. Talk about squishing characters!

DMMD_anime_02-00026Drammatical Murder - 0300003Drammatical Murder - 0500001Drammatical Murder - 0500015

The gay knights have gathered! Now who will take Aoba’s virginity? (read: none)

First, there is the mysterious Clear with his gas mask. He’s definitely the joke of the gay group since he’s the one who does the most silliest things, such as bringing jellyfish doll everywhere to using a clear umbrella in a sunny day. Despite of his silliness, it seems that he is the wisest of all thanks to his philosophical questions. Or is he actually the angsty teenager who is trying to find the good in this world instead of Noiz? Right, Noiz is the third guy and the one who happened to attack Aoba during Rhyme. He’s a cool badass who has a freaking rabbit as an Allmate and that rabbit looks so badass with him thanks to his cool face. It seems that he’s so impressed with Aoba’s skill that he literally recruits Aoba while kissing him. Not that I mind though, MORE HOME is always good. And it’s Hino Satoshi, so kyun! Anyway, the last (… Or it is? *hint*) guy is some ex-criminal named Mink. Nothing is much known about him except that he looks like Lil Wayne and has this angsty past where a bunch of people were burned and killed?

Whatever man, what matters is that Aoba’s sluts knights have gathered, and they are here to aid Aoba!… But it kind of matters, since obviously all these homos (including Koujaku and an extra dude) have some deep back-story that needs to be thoroughly explained. Now how in the world is NAZ going to do that? As if they haven’t ruined the story already.

A Broken Friendship & Unknown Enemy // So obviously the climax of the first part is Mizuki’s conversion from Dry Juice to Morphine. Seems like he’s so desperate that he ended up joining Morphine voluntarily at first. Not that I can blame the guy. His “family members” are disappearing one by one, and the guy he seriously wants to recruit aka. our main character always brush off his invitation as if it’s a joke or something. Who wouldn’t be hurt if he’s being treated like that? Well, not many people will get mad. I wouldn’t. But I guess Mizuki’s in his sensitive period because his friends are leaving him. Somehow this reminds me of a kid who just fought with his friend and is sulking because of it.

Drammatical Murder - 0500024Drammatical Murder - 0500039

Seems like Mizuki is still not over the lack of his own route

Back to conspiracy theories. It’s pretty obvious that Morphine is the twins thanks to the early hints, but under whose order? And how in the world di Mizuki get possessed like that? I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of hypnosis or something like that. And I have a strange feeling that this is somehow connected to the megane dude Tae talked to. And since the megane bishie is Toue’s underling, does that mean that Toue is involved also? Mysteries seem to be staking up, and there’s no end to this mystery. But since the story is finally going somewhere, it seems that some mysteries will be explained. Thank goodness.

Summary of Episode 2-5 in 5 screenshots:

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So I did actually catch up with DMMD with the exception of episode 2 since I was busy in that week. I was about to blog it the next week, but then I didn’t know what to blog about since episode 2 is all about nothing. Just about gay angst teenager who barged into someone’s house. Then I figured, “Oh, I’ll just blog this when there’s some kind of action again! People are going to be bored with me writing about gay stuff!” Then I waited. And waited. And waited. And here I am, blogging about DMMD in episode 5. Episode 5, people. It took them 5 damn episodes to get to the climax of the Common Route. Like, jeebus, so damn long. A part of me is angry for them for taking so much of their time to get to the climax because really, that’s the part where things actually get interesting. Besides, there are so many things the anime needs to cover. There are 4 homo boys that need to be tamed, plus one that is not revealed yet. And we got, like, only 7 more episodes to go, so how is NAZ going to cover everything without screwing it up? So yeah, not really amused with the pace right now.

But at the same time I like how NAZ takes things slowly here. NAZ’s pace, though slow, allows the audience to see more interaction between Mizuki, Aoba, and Koujaku. The interaction between Mizuki and Aoba definitely helped at emphasizing the importance of their friendship in the plot. Thanks to the interactions, the audience can understand why Mizuki is so hung up on Aoba rejecting his Ribs offer. Another thing I like is how NAZ actually takes their time at introducing the homo knights. They make sure that each guy is properly introduced, showing all sides of the guys that weren’t even shown in the game. So thanks to the slow pace, the audience gets a chance to be emotionally invested at the characters because the characters are exposed as much as possible in these 5 episodes. So I’m glad that NAZ has a slow pace despite of the doom the pace might give to the overall story.  There are also little details that weren’t there in the visual novel, such as all that nasty things coming out of Aoba’s ears and Mink’s remark on Noiz when he found out that Noiz is an informant broker. So overall, NAZ is actually doing a good job, with the exception of the animation.

However, let’s not forget that NAZ only has 7 more episodes to wrap things up, and I doubt they can do that with the pacing. But maybe NAZ has some hidden tricks that can save the story? I mean, they managed to tackle half of Clear’s story in less than half an hour, so maybe they already know what they’re doing with the story… I hope.

Preview: Gee I wonder what the next episode is about

Drammatical Murder - 0500040


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4 Responses to “DRAMAtical Murder 02 – 05”

  1. zztop says:

    Dramatical’s anime staff have apologised for the poor animation quality of ep 3, and have promised to improve its quality for their streaming online version.

    Also, a ‘what-if’ themed OVA will come with Dramatical’s full boxed set this December.

    • anaaga says:

      Some of the screenshots of this post are from the re-air of episode 3. And yep! The OVA will be a bad end though

  2. d-LaN says:

    How the guys look like when they listen to yaoi drama CD

    Well thank god my morbid curiosity hasn’t taken me there yet.

    ………..I honestly thought Aoba was being raped in the beginning of EP5 what with all the moaning and suggestive lines. Or did he really get raped in the game? Because I took a peek at Mink route summary and…… yeah.

    I honestly have no idea what going on with the plot atm even with some spoiler knowledge X_X But it has Clear who is the most entertaining character so I will keep watching it. But still its good to know that some aspects of the anime improves on the VN.

    • anaaga says:

      Nope, he didn’t get raped lol. But one of Mink’s underlings is supposed to attempt one on him, and Mink raped Aoba for certain reasons related to Aoba’s other personality.

      Well, the one thing I like is how the mysteries are building up and makes the audience curious in some way.. I think. At least, that’s what it’s doing to me, and I hope you too heh.

      So far I think the anime did a decent job at squishing all the routes into one, and more Mizuki screen time yay (he doesn’t have that much screen time in the game). But I wonder if NAZ can squish everything by the end of episode 12/13?

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