Barakamon – 05

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Pretty typical after beach stuff. Even the butt pillow…

Welcome back to Barakamon. Hast thou been thusly healed? I got a bit hog wild with gifs and things after the spoiler cut, but there is just to much to share and talk about.



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…and the rest will follow… 

Seriously, if you’ve never tied konomon, you have no idea at all about it’s addicting power. The only thing I can, personally, equate it to is caramel corn; which I eat until way after I get sick, and then eat more. I used to get mini-barrels of it for Christmas, and was always of the mind that it was never going to eat itself. But if anything made a great lead for this show, it has to be konomon. Never knew you wanted it, and when it’s gone, you feel a twitch, and then a spasm for the lack thereof.  

Sensei has spent such a short time on the island, and it just as Hoshi points out near the end of the episode, the outsider in now an insider. For certain, he’s a bit rough around the edges, but he found a place he enjoys to create his art in. And even the life he is starting to lead, intrusions and all are becoming more and more a part of his world. He may be focused on “Mu”, but he’s also focused on konomon now. You would be too..

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File Under: Dept. of Not What it Appears to Be. Beware of Leopard

 Well, for the contractually obligated beach episode….Kidding. What I love about this is how unconventional it was from the get go. No swimsuits, no sandy beach. Just the rough and ready approach to how these islanders do this very conventional activity. Seeing the rocky shore, the choice the girls make to swim in the standard P.E. uniforms makes every bit of sense. As does the rough and ready approach to the sea-life that they share the shoreline with…not even going to talk about the sea cucumber….. This is a community that isn’t at odds with itself, no matter how much an “outsider” sees in it. They can and will take the risks they do.

barakamon 5-3

Kids…don’t try this at home…

But, of course, the heart of the story this time is the relationship between Naru and Sensei. Now, you know, he probably would have reacted much the same had he seen any of the other kids try to pull the same stunt as Naru. But given that Naru “robbed” him in a previous scene, and he more than puts up with her antics, it’s not at all untoward to call this a special, if not reserved, friendship. And let’s face it, for storytelling, it has incredible value. Yes, it can be thought of in an unsavory manner, and yeah, many will. But let’s put the brakes on before we head down that path. Even Miwa’s suggestion is that Naru mature. It’s still far-fetched. But we aren’t in Usagi Drop manga ending territory here.  The value is that friendship is where you find it, and how much value each has in it. For my money, Naru and Handa are gold.


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Alright, I’m in broken record jag right here, but this show just continues to warm the heart and give you a great bit of fun to relax with. The best thing to take away for this particular episode is how invested Sensei has become in this community. He’s drawn strength, conviction, and a goodly amount of courage just by being himself, and letting those around him do the same. Naru continues to be Naru, and we love the show for that. What did you folks think?

barakamon 5-5

Oh, next week! Kaji Yuki alert. Goodness he’s cute…


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12 Responses to “Barakamon – 05”

  1. thorgriim says:

    Haha, what a fun episode this was, although it also felt kinda lacking in some places, regardless I still enjoyed it. The beach part was the best though, Sadly Sensei didn’t really do much but sleep on the rocks. Hura and Hina where cute as ever in their playful way, Hina even had an actually line in this episode too! for some reason i had already figured they would be throwing in a sea cucumber, And i am forever scarred thanks to this Ichicban Ushiro No Daimaou – Sea Cucumber Clip. thankfully this didn’t get too far out of hand.

    Like you said Miwa and Tamako choice in swim wear fit pretty nicely, and something you’d totally expect, same for Hina and Naru. Though I really enjoy watching Miwa and Tamako act around Haru or even Sensei, they totally make the episode worth wild. Tamako will never understand Sensei, and he will never understand what she’s trying to ask or how she thinks about them both, Poor guy.. now he even looks more suspicious, haha.

    Now we get to see more character from the city see this little island and all it’s glory hehe, Im almost jealous, I want to go to this island! I wounder if Kaji Yuki also a calligrapher? that would give him a ‘right hand’ reason?

    The first part of the episode was fun too, the Konomon would be something I’d totally wanna try once, maybe i’ll make some.. someday hehe. And already pairing Sensei with Naru haha, But I took it as more of a friendship then anything else, which is what I rather see. I also enjoyed the bit with him teaching them Calligrapher, it actually seems like something I’d like to try. So all in all, this was a fairly entertaining relaxing episode, I just had a feeling it was lacking somewhere.. but maybe that’s me and I was expecting more? haha

    • skylion says:

      Kyosuke, Yuki’s character, is the calligrapher that won the last competition that Handa was involved in.

  2. Overcooled says:

    I love Barakamon’s island swing to everything. That was such a non-typical beach episode since it was hardly a “beach.” The islanders are so hardcore, casually walking on slippery rocks, diving from huge heights and poking even the most…odd-looking…aquatic life. I would probably fall on my butt too u_u

    I think this is one of the few shows where a Yuki Kaji character will actually have his arms safely attached to his body at all times. =w=

  3. Irenesharda says:

    Another great episode, and one I can kind of relate to, considering as the oldest of my siblings and cousins, I’m usually the one to look after them in these kinds of outings and boy do their antics tend to worry you. However, I’m glad that they did acknowledge his worry at the end and apologize in a pretty heart warming scene.

    I would love to go to a beach like that that has that much sea life, it looks fun. Though I can understand Sensei’s troubles. I can’t stand the stony rock beaches, and I have to completely separate the clothes I swim in, from the ones I where everyday (it’s really a personal tick of mine), so only swimsuits for me. However, it was nice change of the usual beach episode.

    I would like to try konomon! I’ve never heard about or seen it before this, but I would love to try it. Maybe I can find some somewhere…

    And lastly, we have a surprise visit from Sensei’s city friend and a new visitor. Kyosuke seems interesting, what type of Yuki Kaji character will this be? (I’m guessing the non-arm losing kind? 😛

    • skylion says:

      About that choice of swimwear. It ties very much into the show. This was about the opposite of typical beach episode as one can get. But they all had fun. Well, except Sensei. He gets a foot upside the face as a reward.

  4. JPNIgor says:

    Own, stop it Naru. You ain’t at the age to claim no one. Or even get jealous at sensei. Still that was so cute.

  5. anaaga says:

    I just found out that Naru is a girl. And I did that butt pillow on my mom years ago. She farted on my face/head.

    If only.. IF ONLY village life is this interesting, I would stay in my village longer. But then again, there might some hidden gems in my village that I fail to notice

    • skylion says:

      Welcome to your new discovery! And I’m sorry about farting thing. We all do it…

      Seek and ye shall find…

  6. jimbobi says:

    Despite the sea cucumber being a bit too suggestive it was a beach episode with a difference (second only to the one in One Week Friends). Sensei is part of the island family now and is getting pretty protective over them too. Good vibrations abound when there’s konomon to be found!

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