Aldnoah.Zero – 05

Aldnoah05 - Not a Kiss

Not a kiss… but still hot

Jrow & Fosh take this recording to talk about how Slaine is potentially causing inner turmoil amongst the knights, what exactly went on with Rayregalia’s appearances, and why Inaho is humanity’s only hope as more worthless Earthlings are powerless against the Martian Knights.



Extra Commendations

Aldnoah Zero 05 - Slaine

Looks like something from Cosmos

Aldnoah05 - Dual Beam Sabers

Well damn, he’s using 2 beam sabers now. How do we stop him?

Aldoah05 - Nao vs Vlad

They better start giving Inaho all the medals, seriously…

Aldnoah05 - Rayregalia

Seems like the real version of Rayregalia just kinda lays around


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16 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    I hope they rather change up Inahoe sooner than later. His Big Damn Hero moments are cool and all, but he can’t save the day every single time.

    Yes, Slaine is the better character in terms of what he has to work with and against. And my goodness, his good intentions just started the war up again…such as the curb stomping this war is.

    Now for the not kiss. I think he might have been breathing a oxygen rich liquid.. If it was cyrosleep, than that stuff was his sick…which makes the scene…yeah.

    • JPNIgor says:

      Yep, he’s gotta suffer a defeat and let his character grow. But damn, he’s cool.

      That was really sad. Well, they do say that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. That’s what they meant. So, we probably have the head of the conspiration against princess, and unfortunately, she’s right in the territory that count is planning to take for himself. She’s pretty much f*cked.

    • Joojoobees says:

      I’m on the fence about the “Big Damn Hero moments”. As you suggest, the show plays a bit lopsided at the moment, but I have to say, Inaho’s victories make a lot of sense; he always has a reasonable-sounding explanation for how he is able to win against the superior foe, which makes for an interesting episode.

    • Highway says:

      Maybe it’s from watching The Abyss a few times (cool movie, but loooooong), but I thought it was definite that Slaine was using liquid breathing. He was surrounded in it, that’s why it poured out of the capsule when it opened.

      Far more “WTF?” was “why was the princess there where he crashed?”

    • Namika says:

      It’s kinda WTF. How could she suck the liquid like that -_- Is that even physically possible? Mechs and aliens are fine for the sake of fiction, but this is just stupid O_O

      • skylion says:

        How? Very carefully…

      • Highway says:

        It’s a lot more realistic than mechs or aliens…

      • JPNIgor says:

        A/Z is a fiction work, no matter how much you want to see it realistically. And this isn’t the first time people breath liquid stuff in anime. Remember Evangelion? Yeah.

      • Jrow says:

        I think it’s a little silly to be pulling out the “suspension of disbelief” card on that small of a part while mecha and aliens/alien technology is acceptable.

  2. Sumairii says:

    I feel like you guys might have been reading a bit too much into things with Rayregalia, though admittedly I tend to make crazy speculations myself.

    My take on the situation is that the room Slain snuck into is something along the lines of the Star Trek holodeck, so Slain was never physically on Mars. And as for the emperor himself, most likely he is just old, bedridden, and prone to suggestion by close associates. The younger appearance of Rayregalia that makes public addresses is likely just a hologram that he uses to perpetuate some sort of sense of authority. Seeing the emperor look old and decrepit might lesson people’s respect for him and give them “funny” ideas. Case in point, I suspect Saazbaum and his co-conspirators, who would be aware of the emperor’s true condition, are plotting to seize power for themselves.

    From all this, we can see that holography is highly pervasive in Martian technology (Asseylum’s disguise is yet another example).

    • Irenesharda says:

      Yeah, I’m almost sure that that room is more like hologram comunication chamber. It transports the sort of “astral projection” of people to Mars to talk with others there. It’s not a real transporter room since if so, they could have just transported the princess to Earth, however, they said in the first episode it takes them 3 months to physically travel from Mars to Earth on the landing castle ships.

      As for the Emperor, he’s 70 I believe, according to his bio, and he’s the one who started the Empire. Since everyone in Vers seems to revere him, they should know who he is and how old he is. However, I’m guessing when he’s too tired, he uses a holographic projection to make decrees. He doesn’t even seem to be hiding it either since he let’s just anyone seek audience with him in his bedchamber and then just appears on the throne out of thin air when he needs too. I think people know.

    • Foshizzel says:

      For me I think Rayreglia yeah it is possible he is just “around” for the sake of the political side of A.Z instead of playing a huge roll! I fully expect him to end up dying only for Saazbaum to become the new king of mars! Then again I have no idea how they select the next king anyway…it might be some damn Game of Thrones deal with the knights fighting for it ahahahahah

      True I feel that same thing that Slain never really “traveled” to mars via teleporter but rather was projected as a hologram image and I agree about the emperor being easily pushed in any direction by Saazbaum or anyone else.

      YES!! The hologram tech is really powerful in this series and I fully expect that is something the creative team behind A.Z will explore and use a lot.

  3. Irenesharda says:

    This has to be the best episode they’ve done in a long while. We got so much information regarding the Martians and their world, it’s really astounding. Also, we got a bit of the politics as well, and I’m really excited to see more.

    Inaho and crew were pretty cool to see, but thankfully they weren’t at the center of the episode. Again, he uses interesting and new ways to defeat his enemies and a steam explosion was a cool way to end the life of Vlad. Fascinating.

    But let’s get to the really awesome part of this episode. Emperor Rayregalia and his forces. So, it seems that the Emperor wants to find out the truth and destruction and war was not his first option. However, while he’s still a strong leader and not easily lead around as seen by his first audience with Cruhteo, he can still be tricked by a master manipulator such as Saazbaum, who is no fool.
    I was amazed that Saazbaum actually put together the truth around Trillram’s death and then used that information to trap Slaine and to turn things around for his own gain. Vlad and Trillram might have been fools, but there are definitely some knights that are going to be a much bigger problem.

    So officially, the war is on. The Emperor (who I still think looks a whole lot like Slaine, Hmm…) will have the entire planet of Earth burn for the death of one girl. And poor Slaine is in mortal danger, as Saazbaum and thus the entire group that is part of this conspiracy, know that he knows the truth, and know that the Asseylum is alive. Things are looking rather dark indeed.

    It was also nice to see some more Martians get speaking roles, but it also still seems that they all still have this racist attitude towards Terrans. I don’t think much is going to change between Earth and Mars as long as the latter keeps thinking of the former as lower lifeforms.

    As for the very beginning with the”kiss”. Well, it was nice to see Martian architecture? Did they build that? If so, I have to say that for a people that were “struggling” they certainly spent a lot of supplies to have very large grandiose buildings. And if that is leftover from aliens, then again, how could they really be “struggling” when most of their buildings were already made for them?

    But back on point. Umm, I thought she would be giving him water, but was she really trying to suck the water from out of his lungs one bit at a time? Really? There’s only so far I can take that trope before it gets so stupid that it burns a hole in my “suspension of disbelief” flag.

    Anyway, another great episode and I was worried about this episode, but I ended up loving it. However, Slaine is in danger, and while I like his new found courage, he really needs to get out of the wolves’ den. He’s got a giant bullseye painted on his chest now, and he needs to go find the Terrans and the princess.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah? I guess if you are into the political side of A.Z which is something I enjoyed as well! That and the whole mess with Slain attempting to be “sneaky” and failing so hard…

      Inaho always comes up with some crazy ass plan to defeat the enemy! I just hope that it doesn’t always fall on his shoulders to save the day all the time.

      I liked those moments with Emperor Rayregalia! It seems to be something that A.Z is obviously setting up nicely with Slain and Saazbaum “feeding” him information on the princess being alive or dead, but I feel that Saazbaum is only using him to become the new leader of the Mars forces because I don’t think there is a prince to take over the throne if he kicks the bucket and yeah he is no fool when it comes to investigating the truth about Trillram’s death! GOOD JOB Slain for not covering your tracks…

      I didn’t notice that about Emperor Rayregalia and Slain looking alike! Wow that kind of adds a new theory O_o

      I wouldn’t put it past the martians to have found that planet and just moved in claiming it as their own much like their overpowered mecha and also dat “kiss” <3

      Right I think she was sucking the water out of him but even that sounds insane! I don't even know if that is possible...or was it just there to push certain fans to believe there is a "romance" between those two? I certainly hope that is not the case! I don't like forced romance just for the sake of it being in there and from my past experience with romance in any mecha is it ALWAYS ends badly.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Oh man, Slaine. If only you knew how bad the situation has become. I feel for him. It sucks when something out of good intention turns out to be adding gasoline to an already raging wildfire. How high the body count will be is anyone’s guess.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeppppp! Slain is going to be in some serious trouble soon now we should start his death timer to see how long he will last, but I have a feeling out of all the characters in A.Z his plot armor is probably the thickest LOL

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