Majimoji Rurumo – 04

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Captain Shibaki! Guardian of Ero-treasure!

 So which is worse? Your student disciplinary council president burning your ero-treasure, or you mom doing it? Or is that six of one, half dozen the other?


In which there is just a little witch…

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Shame it’s just promotional art 

Well, to get it out of the way early, this episode spent very little time with it’s titular character, Rurumo. She’s a quiet, odd little person, and when a quiet, odd person does quiet, odd things; such as reading medical texts and giving no reason why…that has to mean something right? Of course we get the Misfortune Glasses causing frogs for her, but that was all just ecchi set up. Shame about those glasses, as they were nothing but fortune for Shibaki. He needed that this episode.

Moral Panic Schmanic?

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Da Bruiser, Da Boss, Da Brain

This is a story about light pornography. No, really it is. Inoue-san in on a rampage, as the school’s disciplinary council president, to rid the school of all immoral influences. The top of her list is the Shibaki Ero Library. A collection that he has curated since his elementary school days (damn son…and damn again…can’t these guys go digital?).  And no wonder, as they seem pretty bad at even low level school infractions; holding hands, flirting, dating, no one is paying them mind. So they might as well get in the big lake and take out the big fist.

Actually, she is darn cute if you ask me…

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But the real meat of this story come with Inoue’s character. So this is the real story. I was totally fibbing before. Her past is littered with incidents of boys flipping girl’s skirts. But not hers. Now, as depicted, she comes off as rather plain as both a child and as a teen, but I think this is the test. It’s all a matter of perception really. Beauty is how you define it, and how you choose to find it. It’s a tough question,  but then the answer isn’t cut and dry. Shibaki see’s her as a girl when no other male ever did. But then, Shibaki is an equal opportunity pervert. Is the the best port in a storm? Is equality a matter of everyone being objectified by everyone at all times? That isn’t rhetorical…

Are you a cat person?

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Anyone that can say they don’t like cats is an idiot…

But the real story is about the magic. I know I’m just a fibber…again. In the end, magic solves little of Shibaki’s problems. Yeah, this is like the first time he’s really used magic for his own benefit. Those other times, he came out bumpy, but not losing. Here, he lost the Ero-Library. Truthfully I think he outsmarted himself on all quarters. You know what they say… Blood enough for brain or junk, not enough for both. But I think the real magic came from Shibaki himself. I mean, why would anyone ever take seriously, even for a moment, his “..a girl’s panties are gentler than a blue sky”. But he pulled it off.

Ero Card Catalog

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So yeah, we had a bunch of different ideas bubbling in the pot this episode. And I feel they are some important things to ponder. The nature of beauty, and the absence of it; and how we see both of those things. Also, how important is pornography to a society? It is actually useful, does it serve a need, or is it a moral panic worthy foe? These are not, again, rhetorical questions. There is a comment section below…

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Next Week: I visit a local coffee shop for an extra extra (lot’s of extra) grande green tea. 


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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Please do not tell me that is Chiro….


  2. Highway says:

    Inoue makes the show for me. Rurumo really doesn’t do anything for me, and her cipher routine has just gone on too long for my tastes. But I really loved Inoue’s character this episode, showing the soft center of a hardened authority figure.

    • skylion says:

      She might climb out of the cipher routine by next episode, or at least climb away.

      Inoue is best.

  3. skylion says:

    For any and all interested. I will be breaking off from weekly episodic coverage for this show. Come back for the series review in a couple of months.

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