Love Stage!! – 02


So cute, right? By the way, that’s a guy

 I’m not even going to hide my laziness to blog DMMD and my preference of this anime over DMMD. Anyway, moving on to the episode itself.



Ryouma’s expression represents the male audience right now

Blooming Love // … Or Not? Here we see the development of the relationship between Izumi and Ryouma, though they can’t really be called development. It’s more like a regression since Ryouma rejected Izumi right away when Shougo stripped Izumi, revealing Izumi to be a man. I was a little bit disappointed with the revelation scene since it was so hardcore in the manga, Izumi’s dress was literally torn into pieces by Shouho. But oh well, at least we get to see MANLY NIPPLES that we didn’t see in Free! anime!… Actually, now that I look at the image again, Izumi has no nipples. WTF JC STAFF WHY!? Ehm, back to non-nipple topic. Funny how Ryouma makes the rejection since he was the one who confessed, and the revelation seems to be doubled because he ends up showing his true nature as a brat. Though this might seem as if the relationship progress between the two might come to a halt, I actually see this as a good thing since Izumi ends up knowing everything about Ryouma’s personality, from his working to mode to his bratty mode. After all, what is a better way to start a relationship than knowing everything about your prospective partner? So yeah, despite of the horrible outcome, I’d say this is a good start for the relationship between the two.


This commercial is going to be their future

Izumi’s Talent // Though it was only mentioned briefly by Rei and Izumi’s dad, Izumi’s talent became the main reason why his father accepted the offer for the commercial. it seems that Izumi has a great acting talent. It can be seen since the first episode though, when he did the commercial flawlessly even after he peed in his pants. I mean, seriously, that was a quick recovery no normal human can do after such an embarrassing scene. And here is Izumi, acting like a pro despite of what happened. There’s no way Ryouma’s charm can actually work. Logically, the one that did wonders was Izumi himself. However, his psychological state was pushed into a better state after Ryouma’s so-called encouragement, and this brings out Izumi’s natural talent in acting. It’s just that Izumi is no naïve that he doesn’t realize his own talent. But his body knows it, or else there is no way he would pursue such a hopeless career as a mangaka if not for the drawing that could bring out Izumi’s talent (showing expressions through drawing). And the trauma probably triggers him to reject his own talent also. But still, his body knows, and this so-called talent is craving to be released (I just realized how wrong this sounds). Though the commercial ends, I am pretty sure this won’t end Izumi’s acting career.


Definitely homo for each other

Established Couple // I know, I know, it’s not explicitly stated, but there were definitely hints of Rei and Shougo having a relationship. This is a good thing though, right? Since our main gay couple isn’t established yet, we get to squeal over this one! Anyway, the two characters are not fully explored yet, but it is obvious who the seme and who the uke is that they complement each other. Rei is the calm one who is actually clumsy and gets panicked easily. Shougo, despite of his carefree and outgoing attitude, is actually the reliable one.  Their outside behavior is totally different from how they actually are. Despite of that though, it seems that the two get along really well, and Rei has his fingers wrapped around Shougo. For those who wants to know more about this couple, there are novels about them already. And trust me, the novels are definitely those who seek for mature yaoi stories full of passion and smex.

More Homo:

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Not much happened for me since I already read the manga, but I bet that revelation scene SHOCKED many of our male audience. I can imagine their faces changed from joy into pain slowly but quickly as they see their favorite trap turned back into a male, fufufu. Anyway, they added that Lala-Lulu scene at the beginning, and it was probably intentional to make the episode ends with Ryouma showing his true nature. It’s fine though, since it hasn’t strayed from the manga. The episode is just as funny as the manga, and the seiyuu did a great job at voicing the characters. Including DAIGO! He sounds waayy more natural than how he was in the first episode. It seems that he is trying his best at voicing Shougo. I’m sure Shougo will sound perfectly natural soon. Back to the story. The episode ends with a calm tone that, so let’s see how the story builds up for the relationship between Izumi and Ryouma in the third episode next week.

Preview: I can’t *blush*


Seme at the top… Couch… It means one thing!


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10 Responses to “Love Stage!! – 02”

  1. JPNIgor says:

    Brother… Totally.

    So funny XD I’m glad I picked this up, for now. That Ryouma, if he is a guy like that the whole time there’s nothing going for him, right? Izumi, go get that Lala-Lulu.

    But it’s funny though, the main character of a yaoi anime saying that his first kiss should’ve been with a girl. But Izumi doesn’t have any real girls he fawns over so he won’t have that existentialist crisis when Ryouma changes his mind and come back in full yaoi mode.

    • Namika says:

      Yeah, it’s really funny, though there are homophobic yaoi MCs. Like The Tyrant That Fell in love, the MC is a terrible homophobic but he falls in love with his best friend in the end. So it’s not that surprising.

      Ryouma isn’t that bratty all the time. I’d say that he’s not bratty at all, a little emotional, maybe, but definitely not bratty.

      • JPNIgor says:

        Well, I’m not used to yaoi tropes, and I don’t expect to get used to it any time soon. But…

        Show ▼

        • Namika says:

          Then you must be strong enough to withstand anything.

        • anaaga says:

          JESUS CHRIST YOU ARE ONE STRONG MAN *pat shoulder in admiration*

          Once I read a funny official Love Stage x Renai Ideshi XXX douji, and Izumi was all like “I ain’t gona save the future, the only girl for me is Lalalulu!” I’m like xDDDD

          By the way, you should read Renai Ideshi XXX. It’s an amusing yuri that’s actually pretty reflective about the yuri trope

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Izumi is more a girl than a girl! Somehow dakimakura + magical girl makes me think if Fosh has a collection…

    • anaaga says:

      This makes me think whether Fosh has a dakimakura collection or not. I should totally ask him when I char with him later

  3. Namika says:

    Izumi’s dream at the beginning made me panic a little bit at first. Until I realized it was a dream.
    And there was a lot of stuff that wasn’t in the manga, but it turned out alright, since it changed nothing. I expected the gender revelation scene to more hardcore. I can’t really remember Izumi’s dress being torn, but it was far more expressive in the manga. Though Izumi’s EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH??????????????? made me laugh so hard.
    It’s so obvious that Rei and Shougo are a couple. <3 I'd say I love their pairing more than Izumi and Ryouma. I'd say they're one of my all time favorite yaoi pairings. Idk why, but they work so well together <3
    Uuuuuuu, I can't wait to see the next ep! I wonder, how will they deal with the slight smut… And also, what will they do with Rei and Shougo. They probably won't have much time to show their relationship, but I still hope… And how will they end the anime? The manga is still ongoing, so now I'm guessing they will have time to develop the other pair, since the moment of truth for Izumi and Ryouma isn't so far into the manga. UUUUUUUUU~ can’t waaaaaaaaaaait~

    • anaaga says:

      Definitely, the manga version is definitely more expressive than the anime. More hardcore. Yeahh the upper part of the dress was torn. But really, them SFX coming out from the ground, walls, etc, breaking the fourth wall is definitely one of the best SFX I’ve ever seen.
      They won’t show the relationship between Shougo and Rei, just hints of it just like the manga. They have their own novel, and surprisingly, their relationship is more adult-like than Izumi and Ryouma’s. Hint: they had sex first.

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