Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara 12-13 [END]

Kanajo ga Flag (2)

Dragons are really in this season.

OH MY GOD FLAGS IS FINALLY OVER! FREEDOM!! Err I mean awww man I will miss this! Just kidding I can not lie because damn I am very disappointed with how things turned out and the final episode it did not help clear things up about the freaking Matrix world at all! Anyway maybe ill find something positive to say about these two episodes.


spring14-highwWhat the… I don’t even… buhwuhhuhnuh????



Souta is The One

Kanojo ga Flag-Hi Neo

Neo’s here

Yeah, the Matrix theme that they pulled out of nowhere last week continued through the last two, and although Souta is super powerful in the server area, he eventually starts failing under the continuous onslaught of the Angels. And then when the freakin’ ship appears, again, as the big boss this time, you just throw up your hands because this show will do anything, anything at all. Sense be damned!

Kanojo ga Flag - Too Many Girls

Yes, an army

But at least we learned why there are so many girls: because Souta needs an army. At least that’s the only reason I can come up with. They sure didn’t use them for much good. Yeah, all the girls came and helped out, and Nanami realizes, getting her memories back from Ruri, who is apparently a Planetary Gea-, wait, wrong show. Ruri is actually Nanami… split off in the past, who used Ruri’s artificial body to carry her consciousness, and Nanami is really Souta’s older sister, and he’s a prince, I guess, and I can’t believe this is actually going like this.

Kanojo ga Flag-Yeah, a Boat with wings, a halo, and tentacles

Yes, that’s a ship, with a halo, and wings of light, and tentacles

So Nanami gets everyone to remember Souta, and they all go into the virtual world and save him. Oh wait, they don’t because they show up, beat some mooks, and then get stomped by the flying ship with tentacles. But Souta remembers some morality play from the wreck of the Premium Ambriel incident, and transforms his death flag into the ultimate weapon because everyone kept their promises. And there was Laplace’s Demon, too, although she didn’t act like she knew everything about the universe.

And of course the Angel Boat is defeated, and someone who looks like Nanami (Kagura) was number zero, and then we’re back at the beginning of the series, but it’s not really the same, and Souta saves Akane who kinda remembers him and who knows. I grow fatigued.

Forgettable Anime

Kanajo ga Flag (7)

Souta-“Don’t move Akane I just want to smell your hair.”                Akane-“………”

Damn it really is quite sad to say, but honestly I feel that Kanojo ga Flag will be one of those series that gets easily forgotten because it didn’t really stand out besides making Hanazawa Kana voiced girl that wanted to be a boy! That said I think her role as a similar character in Nanana was way better; however the running joke of Memgeu being called a girl did crack me up every time. My other issue with Kanojo Flag is the fact that series suffers from having too many girls! Yeah I know it is tagged as harem but damn! It was like the entire school was hanging out with the main character and I thought for sure that Nanami and Souta would be the final OTP or was romance even planned to happen in this series? I know they constantly hint at it happening eventually with every girl they introduce and I guess technically if we think about it Akane and Souta would be the only romantic pair because Nanami is just a sister character, but I think things were focused more on making friends with the girls instead of potential love interests.

Kanajo ga Flag (4)

Beware of demonic cruise ships yo!

Besides the lack of a real romantic pairings I just have to ask what the hell was with all that damn Matrix world stuff? Honestly who was the brainchild that though that whole thing up and then they decided to throw in a random cruise ship as the final boss? Wow! Just saying that makes my brain hurt! I almost forgot that Souta and friends went all final fantasy and fought a damn demonic cruise ship! What in the world was the writing team thinking? While we are talking about that I wonder if the whole series was just the Matrix world fighting would Kanojo ga Flag be a better anime? Now that I think about it probably not, but at least we would know what we were getting into instead of watching a harem comedy only to see jump into some fantasy series.

Extra Moe Flags

Show ▼

Overall Series Thoughts

Kanojo ga Flag-We are gathered here today

We are gathered here to bury Souta…

Sometimes you just get too ambitious. You have a nice kinda silly harem show, and it’s got some cute girls and a bit of a different character design where the characters look kinda more cartoonish, but it really doesn’t impact the way they interact with the audience, because I never got the feeling that they weren’t high school characters. And then it adds more and more and more girls (it ended up with 13 of them helping Souta, plus Number Zero, Sakura, and Laplace’s Demon) and you reach some critical mass of “WTF?” and it all just goes to who knows what because you made the story something like the Matrix and made the best girl be his sister and the robot is really the split personality of the sister / best girl tsundere and there’s no saving it.

Kanojo ga Flag-At least SOMEONE got some action

Hey, Nanami got some action at least

So what was real? What wasn’t? Can anyone figure it out? Why would you want to bother? That’s the biggest thought I have with this show. It was pretty cute for a while, and the flag thing was kinda fun, but it got away from that super fast, and had too much Souta angst, and too many girls and WAY too much cheesy story. And they made a kinda big deal about the different characters in the story and the names of the girls, and how they fit into roles, and in the end it made almost no difference because it just meant they all had a special attack that was just “Special Attack” and they only got to use it once anyway.

I honestly think that I’d take the corny cliches of a show like Gokukoku no Brynhildr over the bait and switch and switch and switch and switch that Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara did. The writers of this show apparently never met a story fork they didn’t like, and that ended up making it a big mess. Robots, idols, The Matrix, Secret Societies, unlikely kingdoms, gigantic harem, “Yes or No”, traps, The Secret of the Universe, Ship monsters, what didn’t this show have? And it really could have done with less than half of it. Ultimately just a disappointing show.

For those select few that managed to survive watching the horrible mess of Kanojo ga Flag I will give you a epic high five! You certainly win in my book, but compared to the other failed anime of the season was it the worst one? I would say not really; however we all have our own ideas as to what counts as a failure right? So did I even like this series? Yeah it has a handful of hilarious moments and I loved watching Nanami act all super tsun and Akane was also quite cute especially her outgoing personality which made her my favorite girl from this anime! So what did you like or dislike about Kanojo ga Flag and would you watch another season if it gets made? I will probably stay far away if they managed to produce more episodes unless they do a remake.


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25 Responses to “Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara 12-13 [END]”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    WTF?! Wasn’t this supposed to be a highschool harem show?! When did it get all SAO?! WhenTF did this turn into an RPG?!

    Right now… all I can think of is every variant of WTF (including the HTF one)… You could not have constructed a VN even worse than this. x_x

    *goes to watch NGNL BD*

  2. belatkuro says:

    Bad Spammy.
    He probably likes the show so he ate my comment full of complains lol.

    • Highway says:

      Unfortunately, that got caught in the 1000 spam comments in the last 25 minutes. Sorry, you’ll need to recomplain. 🙁

      For everyone else, until further notice, if you get a comment caught in the spam filter, you might want to make another comment mentioning it right away, so we know what time to look for, and it won’t get deleted without being found.

    • Kyokai says:

      I think you need to post again because I couldn’t find it in spammy’s huge belly.

    • belatkuro says:

      I…don’t have the energy left to complain again about this show. I want to forget about it already. That’s how incomprehensible and disappointing this show is.
      I’ll just let that comment digest in Spammy’s belly.

  3. zztop says:

    LN readers say the anime adapted all 9 volumes.
    They say the final part of the last episode is an anime original conclusion. In the novel, the Sacrament meets Souta after he wakes up and tells him he is now closer to discovering the truth of the world, after leaving the illusory one.
    So the 1st 9 volumes are like Part 1 of the Flag saga.

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      You mean… there’s more to come?!

    • Highway says:

      It felt like they went through 9 volumes to get to the end of this show. They didn’t have time for anything, although I don’t know if more explanation would really have helped. Maybe from the ability to just get used to all this stuff happening, but the developments were so off the wall that I don’t know if they could be anything but ‘WTF’.

    • d-LaN says:

      Wow, just when I thought HnC got the worse end of the stick in the past season….

  4. skylion says:

    I believe in equality, so a LOLi can be evil if that is her wish…

    But I would much rather her wish be that she is part of a better show that this. Wowza!

  5. Wanderer says:

    Personally I thought the show was fairly decent up until the last three episodes. On the other hand I was watching more for the sake of character dynamics (and because I liked Nanami) rather than for the story.

    Even the virtual world stuff could have made sense: I mean, the world is clearly working by rules of drama. He could stop a traffic accident from killing a whole crowd of people by simply telling one man that he wouldn’t get a contract. I could believe that that is not a real world. It just was told to us so abruptly here, and Souta made the transition from being himself to being The One so suddenly… That, I think, was the real problem: everything that happened in the last three episodes happened too suddenly.

    • Foshizzel says:

      The start had me very hooked until the end of the sports festival with all the other world hints! Like the Nanami mask wearing clone who magically pops up? Yeah that was an obvious hint that Souta’s current world was a fake.

      True it does make sense if you think about it hahaha

  6. JPNIgor says:

    what didn’t this show have?

    It didn’t have forks…

    Ok, I will say that I liked this show. It was not great and it became messy, but by the time things started to become really weird (because it was weird from the start) I was already hooked with the jokes and the girls, each having a different manner of speech. And I won’t be complaining about haters, for I know Kanoko ga Flag has a lot of reasons to be badmouthed.

    And ships appearing randomly in the media is trendy. Did you guys see that golf game with a battleship crossing the field on E3? 8D

    • Highway says:

      I liked the show too, and wanted to like it more. I really liked the character designs, after being afraid they’d look too middle school. I really liked Nanami, and Ruri, and Akane. I really liked Megu’s reactions to being ‘mistaken’ as a girl. And if it had stayed with that stuff with, say, 5 girls (Nanami, Akane, Okiku-nee, Ruri, and Megu) it would probably have been fun, if maybe a bit stagnant depending on what they did from there. But just got so far out of hand.

      So, so far.

      • JPNIgor says:

        I have to agree with you. It would be that much enjoyable if they made it a show with the relationship dynamics of the five girls you mentioned and the fact that the MC can see the flags. I guess it would be doable, since you can almost do a flag out of any situation. Something like GJ-bu, but with a scenarios that aren’t limited to the club room.

        • Highway says:

          Yeah, his ability to see flags was entirely abandoned in the plot right about that same time with the Sports Festival, wasn’t it? The only thing done with it after that was with that Super Death Vortex Flag.

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