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<insert obvious pop culture reference here>

 Naru certainly spends a great deal of time looking up to others. But what is she seeing? Oh, and sorry for the lateness of this post. Awful summer cold had left me with little to any energy.



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We spent some time last week building the character of HanaYamata, and so this week we get to spend some time in HanayamaTa’s. And Tami-oneechan is just a touch more complex. She boils right down to the classic overachiever. She has the admiration of her kouhai; with both Haru and Hana agreeing she is the perfect example of yamato nedeshiko. As who is to say she isn’t? She does come from a family of wealth and position. Class. Of course those two want her dancing the yosakoi.

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 Little Miss Hamster

But her achievements, outside the fortune of beauty and family, do come at a price. She has to work very hard to reach her goals. I found it very interesting that the first time we get a peek into her thought process this episode, it was a run down of her daily schedule. Student Council meetings, tea ceremony practice, and piano lessons. But we also see conflict as she is mildly jealous of her school mates spending some idle time just doing…you know…stuff. And her achievements seem to be in an internal conflict. Are these things for her, or, does she have as Machi bluntly ask, “fazacon”? Father Complex? Gotta love Machi for being so blunt.

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What is Tami seeing?

But the dance…goes on. Or it would if not for the problems that have been dogging them since nearly the beginning. Second verse, same as the first. So it makes a great deal of sense that once Hana see’s Tama strutting a bit of stuff as a former ballet dancer, she is as direct as only she can be in asking her to join the yosakoi. But it isn’t that simple. Is this something that would make my father proud? Is that her only gateway to happiness? Personally I like Machi’s take on the situation. You’re the only one that can define what makes you happy. It’s a huge bonus to find someone accept that and carry on with you.

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Yeah, I got nothin’ for this caption

hanayamata 4-6 fail

Tama achieves to make her father proud of her. But she does find, with Naru giving her a push, the same push Hana gave her, that she can be proud of herself and happy with herself for her own sense of achievement. I love how the episode ended with her off to inform her dad of how she feels and what choices she is going to make for her future. Quite a good episode, with a big push in character from Machi, whom I’ve wanted to see more development. What did you folks think?



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18 Responses to “Hanayamata – 04”

  1. Highway says:

    I was confused before: I thought that Tami-oneechan was one person, and the girl in the OP in the group (and the fukukaichou) was her little sister, because they seemed to be totally different personalities. So it took a little time for me to realign my expectations for her.

    The Naru-Tami relationship reminded me A LOT of Yumi and Sachiko from Maria-sama ga Miteru. Both have “flaws” (more accurately just weaknesses compared to the other) and both admire the other for their strengths in those areas. And both learn and grow from interacting with the other. Although whereas Maria-sama ga Miteru took about 4 seasons with Yumi and Sachiko as the main characters doing that (well, 3 if you consider season 4 to be more Kanako and Touko and Yumi), we’re getting an episode and a bit with Naru and Tami.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Oh god… now a fox is fine too… x_x

  3. thorgriim says:

    another cute little episode, I just like how these characters don’t instantly join the club, but it does take an episode or two to push for it. I’m very curious How they get Glasses to join the group, i’d guess Tami will be the key in that.

    Learning about Tami-oneechan was interesting, we did know she was a rich girl but now we know she wants to make her father proud of her. What I liked watching about Tami was her struggle to make her father happy and the soft jealousy of her friends, how she looks up to Haru even though it might be the other way hehe.

    Tami Plus one! Haru still holding the lead for cutest girl in this series, and Yes Hana is still the hyper-active as ever.All in all this was a sweet and nice episode, i really enjoyed unwrapping Tami character in this, But I’m am more interested in how Glasses joins the club, she seems like a hard nut to crack, But Do want! what can I say “I love glasses girls!”

    • skylion says:

      And that is a matter of pacing. For me, I would have loved for the show to have been so Yosakoi upfront and then dived back and shown how the nakama got there…

  4. Wanderer says:

    White lace with ribbons! …What are you looking at, Naru? For shame! 😛

  5. jimbobi says:

    Glad you’re feeling better Skylion! I related a lot to this episode not from a personal perspective but from what I’ve observed from living and working in Taiwan. Teenagers here are shunted from class to class and it isn’t like its neighbor Japan with its after school clubs. School finishes at 5p.m. and then it’s off to cram school. No clubs.

    The length of school time aside, extra classes are at parents digression and they put their kids into as many as they can and have high expectations for them in a similar way to Tami’s dad.

    For me, watching her work through those issues with Naru was great and made me hope that kids here can also be as forward with their parents. It’s a two-fold problem – not only do kids need to be more upfront about their wishes but parents also need to loosen up with regards to their expectations. All of which aren’t easy due to tradition, culture and mindsets.

    It’s true that Yosakoi is what we’re waiting for but the processes all its members are going through to get there – like a transformation – is a pleasure to watch.

  6. d-LaN says:

    I don’t get the joke. I only remember that the hammer appears as a joke weapon in Tales series.

    Also I can’t help but notice Tami is the splitting image of Miyuki from Mahouka. Just replace “onii-sama” to “otou-sama”.
    ………….Well crap, Sankarea and Dantalian no Shoka bad memories are coming back! In any case, Hanayamata continues to be a relaxing watch despite the president girl coming off as unnecessarily harsh/bitchy to me. I am also curious in how they manage to get Glasses to join them.

    • Highway says:

      I think they portrayed Tami’s relationship with her father very well, with no sketchiness (unlike Sanka Rea’s father), just a daughter wanting her father to be proud of her, and not realizing where the limit should be.

      I’m guessing that Machi joins the group for something close to the same reason that Yaya is getting captured: her friend Tami is interested and she’s intrigued / worried about her.

      • Overcooled says:

        I was worried the “Father Complex” might get creepy, and I’m so glad it didn’t go that route. It wouldn’t make sense for the tone of the show, but Sankarea has made me overly wary…

        • Highway says:

          There are plenty of shows with a Father Complex, but I wouldn’t say Sankarea is one of them. That was all Rea’s father being a horrible person. Heck, she killed herself to get away from him.

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