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illya 3 exaspsertion

If we have to get used to this face, Ilya had better do same

Welcome back to Fate Kaleid LOLiserviceUnlimited LOLiservice Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma ✫Illya. Well, we might not be closer to understanding Kuro’s true nature, but we know what she wants.


…and the safeword is…

illya 3 pain

Kuro has no rights to an attorney, to remain silent, or to a safe word (….and it would never be Shirou!)

….and about the only think Kuro wants is to become the Never Duplicate, Replicated, nor Sublimated Number One Supreme Kiss-Demon. Seriously, at this point, it is secondary to killing Ilya; with good reason, one of the things they hint at after Mimi’s on-screen stolen kiss. She might need these kisses. But despite that she still wants them. Speaking of hints, they do rather drop one nearer to the beginning of the episode, with Ruby surmising that Kuro is much more direct with how she feels about Shirou. And it that a reflection or is that a reflection? Step up thine game, Vanilla Ilya, Choco Ilya is a step or two ahead.  Add another mirror, only steal it from the fun house, and we get a bit of Miyu have a sense of familiarity with the boy. Manga fans, keep it down, yo? Suffice it to say, they dropped a huge hint for 3rei, one that pays off into the largest of stories the manga tells.

Kill and Replace

illya 3 realization

Ilya: Ruby, what’s she doing now?! Ruby: Oh, she’s helping your onii-chan…shell beans

…and how direct Kuro is, does indeed drive most of the episode. It is very telling of Rin to suspect that the dark skinned girl’s (oh, you have an interest in skin?) motives are so obvious. Being a cast off from the Mage’s association, privy to the larger schemes of the Fate universe, Rin acknowledges the cliched kill, replace, live out a happy life vendetta/plan. But only as what happens during tea between picking up the tea cup and taking the first sip. Which is the sort of world where she probably gets the guts to enact dark magic to keep Ilya’s skin (again with the skin?!) safe in the form of a cursed pain and death recursive thingy. Some think that all the kissing creeps them out. That was the creepy bit. At this point, I think the story may be getting a bit on the slow side. Next episode previews that rather basic of meet the new girl for reals this time character development points. Now, I’ll slow down and say it is good stuff, but I hope they chew through it in shorter order to get to the better stuff. Combat animation, not just the LOLiservice and funny friendships, is the hallmark of the show.

Past and Future

illya 3 revelation

Miyu has a backstory?!

But as many things go, this is going to be par for the course sooner rather than later. I still don’t know how many episodes Silver Link will produce for 2wei. They got away with 10 last time, and that makes me think they will try it again. I think they have enough room to work up to at least chapter 17 of the manga. This will leave the beach episode, likely, as an OVA which is kinda where it belongs. This is still a great chunk of story to work with here, as we get a good deal of who/what Kuro/Chloe is, and how that plays out in the larger story. Miyu, too! And we also get the beginnings of Shirou’s unwanted harem, as he now has, no less than five girls hankering for his beans attention. Now, just bloody well give me Kuro kicking some ass and Bazett doing more of the same! They do it in the OP!

Carnival .giftasm

Show ▼

At the end of it, I kinda felt like this has been the weakest episode of the three in terms of actually moving the plot along and in terms of animation quality. Some of the models looked flatter than usual (stop it!), and we end this episode much like last episode; who is this girl? I like stretching the mystery out, but when they have a preview up for Kuro’s happy school life coming next time, I think a bit of contraction is in order to get the plot moving and the characters keeping up with it. That’s what made the show fun last time around, and I think they will get to that in short order. Until then, I guess it’s obscured backgrounds, hidden ulterior motives, and a ridiculous amount of LOLiservice. What did you folks think?

illya 3-6 chloeillya

See you next week for more sibling rivalry


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16 Responses to “Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma✫Illya 2wei! – 3rei”

  1. Wanderer says:

    Manga fans, keep it down, yo?

    *covers mouth* Mff mff mff mff mffff mmmff mfff hmph mff umf mf MFF!

    and we end this episode much like last episode; who is this girl?

    Mfa. Mf uf. Uf fumffafd.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    I blame the Tokyo healthy viewing/reading ordinance for the lack of quality Kuro Ass here.

    Mmm… Delicious (non)Incest… because non-blood related siblings are perfectly legal! “Onii-chan~~ I want to have your babies~~” Cue dolphin/dragon/whatever allegory scene.

    Actually, if any of you picked up last episode: Miyu is a Cancer. Illya’s birthday was last Sunday, the 20th. Miyu is a Cancer too…

    An Miyu is really…

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      and I kanenot speel korekly.

      In any of the different universes, Shiro is still a chick magnet. Even underaged, prepubescent LOLis want to have his babies.

      Aside, I was thinking about Rin’s ideal family: Husband Archer and daughter Kuro. The perfect family. 😛

      • skylion says:

        I know just enough about F/SN to agree with that last statement…

        • BlackBriar says:

          I trust that knowledge will be sealed until next season. Spoilers of any kind are unbearable.

        • Di Gi Kazune says:

          Oh my Holy Grail…

          News from today shows that Rin’s marriage to Archer and Chloe as their daughter is a possibility.

          *Unlimited Blade Works*

  3. fragb85 says:

    At this point, Kuro has now kissed every girl Illya knows in school save for Illya herself. *COUGH* *COUGH*

    In all seriousness I like how Silver Link replicated the comedic faces of Illya, it holds a new dimension of funny when animated and voiced.

    Next week looks like it will be the EPIC DODGEBALL episode. Also, I agree that 2wei will stop right before the beach chapter, since that chapter serves as fanservice, comedy and setup for, in my opinion, the best arc in the entire Prisma Illya series (so far anyway).

  4. BlackBriar says:

    This was full of laughs from all over the place. At this rate, all the stress Illya’s going through as Kuroe uproots her normal life will cause her hair to fall out. Rin put a misplaced concern of mine to rest. After placing that seal, for some reason, I thought the pain split would be a two way circuit. As if Illya hadn’t suffered enough, right? But luckily she was crafty enough to set a special condition. Too bad Illya had to purposely hurt herself to keep her other self in line. Suffering still persisted.

    So much yuri smooching and I couldn’t see it! My goggles were ready! What a rip off! That’s quite a kinky way to restore mana and conveniently, all of Kuroe’s targets thus far are female.

  5. thorgriim says:

    Oh my that kiss.. I think thats what everyone will say about this episode.. tisk… Chloe.. stop haha, But that look on Illya’s face was priceless there too, almost the same face I had at this scene.

    Other then that I like Chloe she’s just doing what she wants and it cute in a way to see her start messing up Illya’s life.. Poor girl. Shirou couldn’t tell the Illya’s apart eh.. i guess that’s just how plot works. Though I still enjoyed this episode.

    Drawing idea! male Archer with Chloe archer! now for a awesome pose… my one weakness!

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