Aldnoah.Zero – 04

Aldnoah04 - Argyre

Martian BBQ parties are AMAZING but dangerous…

Indeed, Jrow, Fosh & Sumairii talk about Asseylum revealing her true self to Inaho & Rayet, Slaine getting beaten with a stick, and why the Trainer Trio are the Earthling’s seemingly only hope against the Martian Knights.



Extra Yuki Doin’ Work

Aldnoah04 - Yuki Says Go For It

Yuki gives her seal of approval on dating that cute Martian

Aldnoah04 - Yuki Flexes

Yuki wants to punch some Martians now!

Aldnoah04 - Yuki Doin' Work

Yuki’s boobs are going to pop out of that shirt!

Aldnoah04 - Yuki Hits Wrench

“This wrench just won’t budg… alright, we’re good here.”

Aldnoah04 - ED

Note the silhouettes in the new ED (click image for full size)


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4 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero – 04”

  1. Irenesharda says:

    Well, the army is on the move and we’ve met another knight and another kataphrakt. Though I have to say, Vlad is rather boring and Argyre is not at interesting as the Trillram and Nilokeras, but it was nice to see others. And I have to say that

    We find out that Asseylum does indeed suspect that some of the knights may be in on the assassination and this is going to contact her grandfather to stop the war. However, despite knowing of the in-fighting among the knights and that some of them might have committed treason, she still knows that her grandfather will end the war immediately. So I’m guessing the Emperor still has control over his knights despite them staying in the Satellite belt. (Oh, and to answer Sumairii’s question, no, I highly doubt Slaine could get Asseylum to Mars unless they hijacked one of the landing castles. And considering how many people man those things, highly doubt they would be able to. The portal to Mars on the moon was destroyed in the battle of Heaven’s Fall in 1999, that was how the moon got shattered into pieces. So, the Martians actually have to get back and forth using their spacecraft. And even with their advanced tech, it takes 3 months one way, as told to us by Asseylum in the beginning.)

    Inaho is going to keep her secret because he knows that the others might become rowdy if they find out. I don’t think that’s a bad precaution. Earth has been beaten bad, and all the refugees on this ship have lost people and their homes. They may be in shock right now, but eventually, they’re going to want someone to blame. And rightfully so, that blame is going to fall to the Martians and the Vers Empire, and Asseylum being the princess is practically the face of the empire. Any person found out to be Martian is in trouble, but the princess is especially in danger if anyone finds out. And it only takes one person to rile an unhappy crowd into a mob.

    But at least the princess is trying to remain friendly with Terrans. Rayet on the other hand isn’t making any friends anytime soon, and for a girl that was part of the assassination plot that everyone has chosen to blame, she seems to have a bit of chip on her shoulder. She’s not apologetic, but instead blames the Martians (her own people) for the trouble? Okay…

    The fight at the end was okay, but not as good as last week’s. I liked Yuki and Marito working together like Han and Leia, they are kind of cute together. I’m not so sure about Darzana yet, she seems to be a little judgmental of Marito. But I have to go with Marito in that, clearing out is not a sign of cowardice, it shows good judgement.

    For the students we get a couple of new ones, Kisaki and Yutaro, that will probably just be killed later. Interestingly, these kids do treat death a little irreverently, making fun of their friend that just died, even if they do put a serious edge to it. Inaho has an eye for the princess and that looks like it might go somewhere, as he’s beginning to become more impulsive because of her. Calm however is becoming increasingly Martian hating, and I have a feeling that will cause problems at a later date.

    The bombardment happened and it was on that that Slaine blamed Trillram’s death. However, he tries to say that this war isn’t something the Princess would want, but get’s beaten again because of it and finds out Cruhteo wants to take over the Earth like all the others. (If you guys really wanted the Earth so bad, why did you go to Mars? ) Slaine however gathers his courage and asks Cruhteo if he can fight for him, and I think he has a plan in mind.

    As for the Princess, she’s back to her normal self, though she did reveal that her ability to hide herself is from some kind of camouflage technology. She didn’t really do much, but we have learned what she will be doing for the next few episodes. She does mention that there might be a spy among them, but who? Is she simply referring to Rayet, or is there someone else? My eye has been on that doctor for sometime, he’s seemed suspicious since he was first introduced.

    Oh, and we also get a new ED! And it is glorious! 😀

    Anyway, this was a good episode, not much happened, but we do get more character development.

  2. skylion says:

    Yuki gives her seal of approval on dating that cute Martian

    There are three cute Martians. But I’m sure we all have a Favorite Martian.

    There really is no way for Asyellum to play this off other than to realize her people are shitbirds, or at least the ones actively hatin’ on the Earth are. Once she sees that, she gonna go Big Bad Aldnoah on them.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Slaine’s evolving character wise pretty quick. From shooting his superior, to lying about the manner of said superior’s death and using the invasion to fuel his own personal agenda. He and Inaho are the same in some ways yet very different. They have what’s sufficient to create an interesting rivalry.

  4. Namika says:

    I just CAN. NOT. WAIT. To get my hands on the OST album. It sounds quite glorious so far. And the new ending is great, too. Much better than the previous one, at least. Suits the tone of the show quite better. And I’d say that I like the fact that the melody in the ending is used in another track from the OST.
    The plot so far is interesting enough. All in all, I’m loving this show, but not that much. Unfortunately, it kinda slides into mediocrity. For me, at least.

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