Y6 Anniversary: Cooking Showcase

Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub!

It’s been a whole two years since our last cooking showcase. This lapse in delicious awesomeness is unacceptable. So, as a followup to our Y6 Anniversary Aniblogging Habitat post, I bring you… That’s right, none other than the Metanorn Y6 Anniversary Cooking Showcase! Sit back, relax, and try not to Jibril too much. =)



Orange: I don’t cook much, but I think you guys will enjoy my addition to the Metanorn menu. Today I present… the humble orange! Directions are pretty simple. Grab your favorite mode of travel. Head to your local grocery store. Buy an orange. Heck, buy a bag of oranges. Go crazy. Go Florida (better than California). Whatever you do, make sure at the end of the day you have a big, juicy orange you can pleasure yourself with. Go home (or wherever you wish to consume the delicious goodness you just purchased). Wash the orange. Eat it. I prefer to cut the orange into six slices with a knife, but preparation can vary depending on your taste. And that’s it. Simple as that. Nothing beats a nice, simple dish, right?

But wait, there’s more! Show ▼


Strawberry-Rose Crêpes: On the other hand, I actually love to cook. You know what I watch on TV when I’m not watching anime? The Food Network. It’s weird because I always thought cooking was too girly, but realizing I could make bacon pies I quickly changed my mind. Not that liking cooking makes me a pro cook. I’m probably just decent overall. But I love to try new things (A+ for effort) so for the showcase I decided to make crêpes from scratch! I melted chocolate in a double boiler for the sauce, whipped some heavy cream with rosewater in my mixer to make rose whipped cream, and made my own crêpe batter from buckwheat flour and almond milk. I don’t know why I even tried to go healthy with the batter when I just smothered it with whipped cream. Anyways, here’s my ode to the delicious crêpes from Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?…or just about any anime with crêpes, I suppose.

Gochiusa crepe 003

As seen in Gochiusa: Show ▼


skylion’s grilled cheese insanity sammich: I’ve been a food service veteran for more than twenty years, and I’ve love cooking. You would think I would be good at it after all this time, but no! I kid, I no longer lose appendages making a salad. There were quit a few items I did consider before settling on this feature. Heh, maybe next time, I’ll do my Red Beans and Rice with Wilted Baby Spinach, as an onigiri, maybe? And I apologize on behalf of my camera, it was behaving badly.

 Hot/sriracha sauce, Texas toast, nutella/hazelnut spread, shredded sharp cheddar and thick cut peppered bacon

Let’s into the kitchen! Band-aids ready? Show ▼


Cream Mushroom Soup: I hate cooking, seriously. This is because I spent 3 years of my high school life working as anything in the mall’s food court, from being a cashier to being an assistant cook. I still remember hot air of the kitchen that is also humid… The amount of spices I had remember… But the worst of all, I had to eat the same thing every day for lunch in those 3 years (weekends are exceptions). This is why I don’t cook. This is why I prefer instant food that only needs to be boiled/fried/heated only or whatever that is. But since I’m in survival mode right now (living alone), I need to get creative with some of the instant ingredients, and thus the cream mushroom soup is born!


I eat this soup every time I’m on diet, which is every day Show ▼


Fluffy Raisin French Toasts: I love cooking when I have time. I come from a very foodie family, where taste matters and we love all of our local and international cuisine. My mother is an excellent cook and I still remember following her around the kitchen and trying to help wherever I could when I was a kid. During university days I rarely had the chance to enter the kitchen; though, I experimented a lot afterwards. I was originally planning on making something traditional like a specialized Creamy Karri or Lamb Korma but I ended up touching upon an anime trope that has survived the test of time. Yes, indeed, I am talking about the Late for School trope. We have seen multiple renditions of it. Hell, I could write an editorial simply on this topic because running to school with a toast hanging from mouth is filled with moe depth. Though, my version of toast is no simple jammed/buttered toast but the fluffy kind with raisins that melt in your mouth.


Saber, just because I couldn’t find Shiki’s trope version >>;

Ingredients & Direction Show ▼


Are you drooling yet with our mouth watering offerings? Hope you enjoyed the slew of special posts on the occasion of our 6th anniversary. With Spring season almost to a close, expect the Summer Preview to be out in a week++. However, while you are at it, let us know if you have any recent kitchen stints to share. They don’t have to be Kitchen Nightmares caliber but we are definitely curious to know how many of our readers/lurkers cook and what are the kind of dishes they can muster up. Comment away.


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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25 Responses to “Y6 Anniversary: Cooking Showcase”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Kurumi would like to *eat* you.

    And so would Jibril.

  2. Overcooled says:

    Thanks for bringing back the deliciousness, Sumairii. Your orange cannot be beat!

    Ahhh using condensed milk for French Toast is such a great idea! I’m stealing that next time, Kyo :3c

    • Kyokai says:

      The creamier that batter the better! 😉 And yeah, send me the recipe for crepe because it looks sooo delishhhh!

  3. Joojoobees says:

    I’m incompetent in the kitchen so I exclusively eat at restaurants, typically a combination of Bagel for breakfast, Burrito for lunch, and some green curry for supper.

    • Kyokai says:

      Keep your hands safe! Btw, what about eggs or simple sandwiches?

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Nice dishes, everyone. Don’t feel disheartened if people suddenly wanted to ransack your kitchens after what they’ve seen. Just because it looks tempting, I’d target OC’s Strawberry-Rose Crêpes.

  5. skylion says:

    BTW I will understand if you don’t like my sriracha/nutella sauce. I you want, I can recommend another option.

  6. Foshizzel says:

    Good food everyone! If we lived in one giant house we definitely won’t have a loss of chefs xD

  7. Kyokai says:

    If we lived around each other, we could have opened up a side-business of a fusion food joint under Metanorn ventures. 😉

  8. Namika says:

    Uuuuu I’m so late for this >_<
    Things look so delicious *~* As always, I'm gonna try out most of your recipes, guys. Besides the crepe, I doubt I'll ever be able to neatly make a crepe. EVER.
    Hmmmm. What I'll offer today is a delicious mushroom soup with glass noodles and soy sauce <3
    SO, what you will need (no exact measurements here, just eyeball and mend it to your own taste)

    – Some mushrooms. Usually I use about half a kilogram.
    – A couple of medium-sized potatoes
    – A carrot
    – Some green onions, some dill(fennel?, also you can add some coriander, if you'd like, but I would advise you to use very little.
    – Your glass noodles
    – Soy sauce

    Aaaaaand I think these are all the ingredients, I hope I didn't forget any.

    ~ So, first of all you will need to boil all your mushrooms and get a nice stock. Just wash and slice them however you want and let them sit on a medium fire. Season them with salt and pepper, of course.
    ~ When the water will start to boil, throw in your sliced potato cubes and carrot discs(how you cut them doesn't matter that much, just do what you want).
    ~ Another method of cooking the potatoes and
    carrots. You will need a frying pan. Put your veggies inside and pour some stock we got from the mushrooms over the veggies, put the lid on and let them sit over a low heat for about 20 minutes. It's depend on how finely you chopped them.
    ~ When the vegetables are ready, finely chop your onions and dill and set them aside for now.
    ~ Take the glass noodles, put them in hot water for 2 minutes, then strain them and put them in our soup.
    ~ Then sprinkle our greens over the top and you're done ^_^

    My advise would be not to let the mushrooms boil throughout the whole process of cooking. That makes the stock simply incredible. Towards the end, check the stock for pepper and salt, since we added them at the beginning there may not be enough, but it's better being not enough rather than too much.
    Pour the soup into a bowl, take your chopsticks and soy sauce and enjoy~! <3
    I'll post a picture later

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh I just noticed your post! Thank you for sharing the recipe, it looks very yummy! :3

      Btw, which type of mushroom did you use?

      • Namika says:

        It’s okay c:

        I don’t know what you call it in english, but ill describe them. they’re just plain white mushrooms, short, thick stem and a rounded top.

        • Kyokai says:

          Oooh, they are button-mushrooms then. We have Oyster mushrooms available here so wanted to know. 😉

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