Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii – 02 – 05


Shotacon has never looked this appealing than now

Hey guys, it’s been a month since I literally blogged something, teheh. A relative of mine is visiting the country since a month ago and she has kept me busy until now (and college). My schedule is not as tight as before though, so I guess I can blog now. Anyway, I finally caught up with Soreseka, and I’d say it was a surprise for me. A pleasant one


Getting Along Really Well Now // I really thought that the anime would focus on the communication issue and the love blooming between the two (not exactly solve the entire thing, but at least they got the basic covered). The impression of the first episode made me expect some kind of slow development like Kimi ni Todoke. But nope, they solved the basics in three episodes, and that was… Rather unexpected, in both a good way and bad way.


I bet their relationship won’t be this cute and appealing in real life

It is good in a way that the anime does not drag things out between the two. Instead of prolonging the relationship problem between the two, the anime decided to swiftly creates a basic mutual understanding between the two, and this mutual understanding grows as the anime progress. It’s like dating someone because of physical attraction only at first, but then the feeling grows as time pass by. This is probably unusual for some, but seeing the characters’ personalities, I think this is the best kind of relationship for the two. They’re not as romantic and complicated as some shoujo characters *coughKiminiiTodokecough* that they need to have the entire series focus on their relationship development only. Besides, their relationship is not their first priority; they have a country to run. So having the characters being themselves doing their best in what they like is actually better than focusing than the romantic aspect that is slowly developing. It feels more natural this way.

Unfortunately, having a fast pace does have its down side. Every time I watch some romantic interaction between the two, I can’t help but think “Isn’t it too soon for them to do such interaction?” or “Why are they so comfortable doing such interaction when they know so little about each other?” This awkward feeling every time they interact with each other is probably my fault though. I’m too used with shoujo that develops their relationship explicitly and slowly that I’m not used to this kind of implicit and shotacon relationship.


Because awesome characters are always from the East

More about the Couple // Other than the implicit relationship between the two, so far the anime cover mostly about Livi’s life and some about the Nike, starting from the tragedy that happened to Livi’s mother to some kind of tradition that has been passed from in the Nike’s family. Although the anime only shows little things here and there about the Nike, it can be seen that her power is a power that comes from the Eastern side of the world (based on her grandmother’s), and from this hint I can only guess that the Rain Kingdom is located somewhere in the East. Typical anime and the awesomeness of the Eastern side of this world.

Despite of the mysterious air the maincharater’s power gives, the depth given in Livi’s character and background is much more enjoyable to me. The depth given to Livi’s background changed the impression from an obnoxious childish king to a lonely child who grows too fast. His character is definitely growing. Finally, the audience sees the hard work of a child who struggled to become the king who conquered the world. But… I wish they stop highlighting Livi’s life already. We’ve seen enough. We need to know more about the Nike’s life. There are hints here and there, but they’re not enough.  Her character definitely needs the same exposure with that of Livi’s.



Only in Anime // Being a fictional work, of course Soreseka will be lacking in some parts here and there.  However, there are many some things that bugged me to the point where I literally asked my friends whether it’s possible or not.  The first one is in episode two when the fire in the room was extinguished through rain. That was really weird, because the room was covered with ceiling, and the rain was not a strong rain. I asked my mother, who was a teacher, whether it was possible or not. She said that’s not possible. So… How? The second one is the punishment given to the white-haired dude from the Ministry of Religion or whatever that is. Nike literally spared the guy because she wanted his consent as Livi’s wife. Seriously? The guy attempted an assassination on you, and you’ll spare him just like that? What baffles me the most is how Livi told the white-haired dude to do whatever he want. What kind of king who leaves an assassination attempt like that?

I know this is a shoujo anime, which means that there will be some cliché and illogical moments. But this is just too much. A fire won’t be out the rain hits the roof of a room. The room is inside. An assassination attempt is not supposed to be left alone like that. Yes, Livi is the highest authority in his kingdom, but he is bound by laws. I’m sure as hell that there is a law concerning attempted murder and related things like that. These little things are the things that should be given more attention. I know shoujo is all about feelings and emotions, but even emotions have their limit.


Thankfully, the delicate manner of Livi’s mixed heritage was handled with perfection. Well, not really perfection, but it was handled with good manner. It becomes one of the major issues that still have not found its way out from the problem, and it seems like the story is not planning to find a solution anytime soon. And it is something that cannot be resolved in three episodes only. Heck, they haven’t found the solution for racism in real life, so there is no way some random shoujo anime can find the solution just like that. Anyway, although the whole point of this issue is mainly to makes the audience feels sympathy for Livi (and admire him for his hard work despite of the racism), it’s good that the studio (and the author) knows the importance of this issue. This should have been applied to the assassination attempt as well (and to some extent, the fire problem). I hope minor details and major problems that need to be solved lawfully (instead with emotion) will be taken care of properly instead of using the cliché solutions to solve the problem. C’mon, Soreseka, you can do better than this.

I don’t have much to say since I have poured everything out already. I really like the slow relationship development between the two (though it’s still weird at the same time) that definitely fits the setting and the story. I wish it could be this way until the end of the series, so that this anime won’t turn into a typical shoujo anime. The supporting characters that have been reappearing are also entertaining. They’re really fun, adding the humor element in this anime (especially the old men. Who would have thought that they would be so scary?). So far everything is enjoyable… Except with the minor details that was bugging me for a long time. But I still think the studio needs to pay more attention on the little details like the ones I mentioned above though. If that is taken care of, I have a feeling this will be one of the shoujo anime I enjoy the most.

Preview: Damn it, just when I said I don’t want any cliché romantic development, third wheel has to butt in.



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18 Responses to “Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii – 02 – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    Shotacon has never looked this appealing than now

    You naughty naughty girl! 😛

    Yeah, this show has enough corn to put the American midwest farming country to shame. But I love it for it. It’s sweet and sappy, but endearing.

    It’s a Tender Rain, after all.

  2. Highway says:

    I really like that I didn’t think ‘shoujo’ with this show until this last episode, when Livius came to save Nike and broke down after they got away from the cave. Really, I just think this story is really great, with some awesome messages, great characters, a lot of fun, and a really pretty voice. I wish Nike had more different songs, cause “eetsa te—ndah rein” isn’t my favorite line in a song (one of my peeves with english in Japanese songs is that the phrasing is frequently bad).

    • anaaga says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who found the Japanese accent to be.. Annoying.

      You really don’t see the shoujo until you see the interaction between Nike and Livius, and they barely flirt with each other. I have a feeling that it’s going to get more shoujo as the anime progresses

  3. zztop says:

    Having a fast pace does have its down side.

    Manga readers say the manga was fast paced too, with creator Shiina Dai breezing through details without much explanations.

    Trivia: The mangaka’s footnotes say she based Nike and her sisters on her own family members, i.e. her mother and sisters.
    Also, I heard Livius’ butler was recycled from one of Dai’s earlier works.

    • zztop says:

      PS. I’m surprised Livius sleeps naked, given how…exposed that makes him to attack from others. (/_ _)/

      • anaaga says:

        That’s the whole point of his sleeping concept. Every time an enemy sneaks into his bed, he will be seduced by the power of shota. Do not underestimate the power of Shotacon. Someone conquered the world with that power

    • anaaga says:

      Ahhh, then it seems that Shiina Dai needs to work better with her pacing. Or maybe she wants to create a revolution in the shoujo world

  4. Highway says:

    Oh, I’ll also say: Couples are ALWAYS better than ‘not yet couples’.

    • anaaga says:

      Definitely. It was painful to see the development of not-yet-couples characters in some anime *coughKimiNiTodokecough*

  5. BlackBriar says:

    For a shoujo series, Soredemo is a pretty good watch and I’m glad I picked it up, even if on a whim. For once there are some lovey-dovey scenes in a show that are palatable. The leads are great, making their mutual understanding more genuine. The road to the understanding is noteworthy as well. Both Nike and Livius sniped at each other back and forth with smart remarks and technicalities to establish dominance with neither side willing to give in. Having them suddenly getting along would’ve been unrealistic and ruined the mood.

    Giving depth to their world by bringing up social status is one the main plot points. Livius may act insufferable but has good reason to do so since he has to put up with a lot. Hearing his troubles out from being orphaned and discriminated against for half his lineage has made him and individual worthy of sympathy.

    • anaaga says:

      This is definitely not the usual kind of shoujo. Love how they’re focusing on the setting of the plot while adding some spice of romance here and there. I think more shoujo should be like this

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