Seikoku no Dragonar – 08 [NSFW]

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Eco angy! Eco smash! RAAWWWRR!!!

I totally agree with you Skylion! I am liking this Lucca and Gawain arc and I hope Ash can use his plot armor to reunite them soon.


We got plots, the uncensored, and the normal kinda. I’m liking this Lucca and Gawain plot as both are some really cool characters.


Time To Train Your Dragon!

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A naked Loli Elf is in your bed when you wake up what do you do!?

Whenever I think of training camp themed episodes in anime my mind instantly jumps to K-On and if you ever saw that series you would know they don’t do a whole lot of training, but instead things turn into fun in the sun with swimsuits;however some of the main characters honestly deserve a break after all the crazy stuff they have dealt with so far and speaking of swimsuits! Who had the best? Jessica, Silvia or Rebecca? I would probably go with Silvia this week or did you like Eco’s one piece swimsuit? Also did anyone else want to see Lucca’s choice in swim gear!? I know I was curious, but I have a feeling that she probably dislikes the sun or was she generally not interested because of the whole Gawain issue? Either way I have to give a thumbs up for the fanservice this week!

Besides all the service this week we finally understand why Gawain is trying to keep Lucca away and at last we also got some interesting reveals about Milgauss who is finally making his move! So what the hell is he anyway? I think he is a dragon who took on a human form just like Eco because of his eyes and what the hell was up with his shadow that he called Julius?? I suppose they are going to say Julius Cesar? Maybe the creators of Seikoku no Dragonar really love Nobunaga the Fool? Anyway after seeing that moment I am really curious to see what happens with his character next time and of course it appears that Angela knew him? I think we will get more of those two together with the magical power of another flash back! So what did you enjoy this time? The plot with Milgauss, the swimsuits or the Gawain and Lucca story progression?

Eco the Builder! Yes She Can! 

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Ash is in danger or is he? Probably not.

I have one heck of a plot issue! (this is from the uncensored broadcast BTW) Why is it completely OK to show off the nipples of the DFC elf, but not the DFC dragon? I mean I know they kinda have to “show” that Eco is different from all the mortals walking around, but don’t the horns justify that plenty. I swear if my demands are not met….Furthermore, why do I live in such a crazy world where I have to ask such questions in the first place

And in other news, it looks like they are one step closer to getting to the big plot of the show, and I thought the Lucca/Gawain subplot was a nice way to approach that. As it turns out, it is mostly Lucca’s inexperience that is causing the trouble, and her incapacity to move on from a mistake that makes it worse. Gawain is more than a Pal, he is in charge of protecting her at all costs, even the cost of his life. That form of mutual respect forms a strong bond between Master and Dragon. This contrasts with Milgauss’ complete lack of respect and desire to tamper in those dark forces.

It was a nice little touch to have Eco give Ash some tough love. She’s finally being a bit more honest (with the anthar!) but all is not so swimming with the plot. It was a big reach to have the by the books training camp, complete with antics, parked right next to the upcoming plot device (a  dragon mausoleum) It’s convenient for the above mentioned draco-necromancer, but that’s some weak execution. Speaking of the necromancer, how about that reveal as to his past? They only mentioned the Prince Julius thing once or twice in past episodes, so I hope people caught on.

Extra Loli Dragons

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Good times at Dragonar Academy.

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Eco is inspecting the flotation devices for the long flight.

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Ok maybe Ash really is in danger today!!

Extra swimsuits

Show ▼

End thoughts

Fk ya! Swimsuits! I was wondering when this series would sneak in a mini beach episode because the wold that these characters live in isn’t really mid evil and it certainly is not a scifi world either so it was kind of fun to see the characters throw on modern looking swimsuits for a much needed break, but again like I said the plot is finally getting interesting now that Milgauss is around DOING something and I can’t wait to see the reveal about what he really is! My money is him being a humanoid dragon like Eco.

There was just a few little things I loved about the show. Eco growing close to both Sylvia and Lancelot (and by growing close I mean groping boobs…Silvia, not Lancelot). Lucca’s sleepy charm isn’t wearing off, especially when, where, and how she chooses to sleep. Ash, you typical lucky and clueless MC, you. The show does a typical job of x-ing all the harem and fantasy tropes, but they do it with their own aplomb the past few episodes. Looking forward to more.


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Lucca makes some new friends…


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12 Responses to “Seikoku no Dragonar – 08 [NSFW]”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    This show is in two minds…. cannot make up between lolicious((tm)Stripey) and boobies.

  2. thorgriim says:

    *table-flips* RAWRS! Elfs in the flesh.. /drool like Sena to Kaboto.

    LOLi elf.. oh my those screen caps.. *nosebleed worthy* I think im overdousing on loliness, first this, and Black bullet’s tina.. damn.. BUT HEY I’m not complaining.. come at me loli’s!

  3. Highway says:

    I figured the plot would go like this, given Lucca’s flashbacks when she would approach Gawain. So it certainly wasn’t very unexpected, and for all that felt a bit rote.

    Noone ever wears swimsuits like Rebecca had. I kind of wish they’d quit using them in anime. A normal swimsuit is fine, we don’t need to have some dumb unrealistic thong thing.

    • skylion says:

      Oh, it was rote. Right down to the basic rote. But I felt it was pulled of with some suspense, drama, comedy and cuteness. A rote, but with their spin.

      yeah, there is nothing appealing like Rebecca’s swimsuit. Silvia’s was fine, but Eco’s classic one piece was cute as all get out.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    With the smokin’ hot body and similar looks, Rebecca is practically the Rias Gremory of the series. And that swimsuit. Somebody play the Thong Song!

    Jessica and her ongoing quest to jump Ash’s bones. You’d think the effort to do that could be focused in other areas of her life as well, right?

    An interesting turn of events. So Silvia’s older brother Julius is still alive but his body is being manipulated by someone else. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Whose sleeping charm works better? Lucca or Black Bullet’s Tina Sprout? Both seem to be professional in their field.

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