Seikoku no Dragonar – 06 [NSFW]

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Eco is having a tough time.

Yay! I have returned to tag with Skylion so I have to say thank you to him for covering the post last time but anyway time for the review.


 Did I say everyone dances to Verionica’s tune? Indeed I did. I fell kinda bad that the tune was a bit off key for the most part.


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Character development for these two?

I have to get this out of the way first! Damn Jessica shows off a lot of skin this week or should we just state the obvious? I think we all know Silvia wins that award after Avdocha cut her clothes off AGAIN! Seriously I can’t tell what series has the most clothing rips Freezing, Queens Blade or Seikoku no Dragonar? Maybe all the girls shop at the same store? Anyway plot reveals this week aside I agree with Skylion that the hostage situation was dumb and where the hell did they get bombs in this fantasy world? Well I guess Veronica’s flying ship isn’t really fantasy looking either, but still those terrorists didn’t even feel that threatening to me! Maybe they were going for not-so-bad-terrorists instead? Whatever the case it was nice to see Silvia finally doing something! I know most will say but she has been doing stuff since the very beginning. For me personally she comes off as slightly annoying because her story has been oh my god my life sucks and yeah I get that is just something to give her motivation to accomplish her true goals by making her go through some sadness; however do I want her to be all smiles all the time? Not really! I mean maybe we can get a little bit of both from her? Anyway I am not trying to bash her as a character because like I said at least she did something this week which impressed her sister to even make a joke? What? Veronica actually laughed? I know right can you believe it? Also Jessica knows Ash’s secret and she will probably turn into a total stalker character! Then again I would not mind being stalked by Hanazawa Kana.

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The true face of our deadly assassin?!

Fosh, is it just me, or did this seem just a big ole bunch of fuss for not much different? I re-read the section of the manga this adapts, and it played off much better. As it is, that’s a shame as Avdocha would have been a great perpetual adversary. But a LOLi ally is fine, too. I found the hostage situation to be a bit on the soft side, as I never felt the people were in any danger. It didn’t help with that oddball bit of Anya service in the middle of it. It always felt like they were gonna save the day, with a great big bunch of style. What I didn’t expect was that was all a set up. That off key tune for everyone to dance to. I mean the danger got Silvia to stand up and shout out her goals with all her heart, something Veronica wanted all this time. Seems like there should have been a less dangerous way to do it. But The First Princess is militarily minded, so I guess that’s what made her play it out like this.

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Best side character!

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Indeed it is!

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The phantom nipples are gone!?

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Moar extra scenes!

End thoughts

Yes we now have LOLi Elfs to join the LOLi Dragon! Maybe those two can get their own anime/manga spinoff? That and I loved listening to Avdocha talk thanks to Yuu Kobayashi for providing the voice! So I guess Veronica and Silvia got some character development since they shared a “moment” at the end of this episode? I am sure some of the readers will hate that a lot because the general view of the older sister is more towards hatred? I don’t really know where I stand on the whole Veronica x Silvia thing, but I have a feeling those two will get close sooner or later.

 I think the one thing I could take away from this, besides an fairly awesome new LOLi, is that Silvia did realize she was being a bit too big for her britches (skirt? garter?…you know what I mean), and that she had to leave the haughy princess routine behind if she was ever going to move and and up. So some character development on her part helps round out the  cast. We are in the halfway mark of most of the scanlated manga, and the next episode should pick up the pace for a showdown. But until then, Elf LOLi!

Oh, I have a present. This is the original way Avdocha looked in manga.

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More LOLi Elfs? Awesome.


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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Yep… Definately skylion’s LOLis. There is no such thing as NSFW. 😛

    Eco is protective of her property.

    Also, the baby shows what oppai are only useful for: feeding babies. DFC! Unless you want to be a preggo.

  2. akagami says:

    Elg LOLI?!? I kind of want to pick this series back up, after having dropped it at 2… hmm hmm. Are episodes 1-2 representative of the following episodes?

    And can someone tell me what those buns are on top of Eco’s head. They just look… weird.

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