Otome Game Review: Brothers Conflict Passion Pink (Pt.2)


At long last, Yusuke, Futo and Hikaru’s routes.

I meant to finish writing this 10 months ago, I really did. I’ve just been putting off writing my notes into a post. OTL …At least I did better with this than my first Arcana Famiglia game post, which I’ve been writing on and off for about 2 years now. Well, enjoy. Maybe by now you’ve all forgotten how terrible the anime was and you can now enjoy this version better.

Plot Summary

This summary is basically copy/pasted from the part 1 review of this game. (Masaomi, Kaname, Tsubaki and Subaru’s routes).

Ema’s mother died shortly after giving birth to her and so she’s lived alone with her father, Rintarou, for all of her life. Rintarou’s occupation is an adventurer. …Lord knows what that entails, but apparently he’s famous for it. However, one day he gets together with a woman named Asahina Miwa and being a considerate daughter, she goes to live with Miwa’s 11 (though there are actually 13 altogether) sons/Ema’s soon to be step brothers in some high class apartment complex to give Miwa and her father some alone time. Romance ensues. Ema also has a… random talking pet squirrel (though only she can hear it talk) named Juli that gives her advice. However, this squirrel is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, thus making him amazing.

As for Ema herself, she’s… kind of your average heroine I guess. Ema is kind, caring, and pretty mature (though she has her moments). Oh, she’s definitely naive and she gets carried away with excitement sometimes. She also places a huge importance on family (which is just as well since that’s totally the theme of this game) and she absolutely loves cooking and cleaning. I guess what kind of sets her apart is the fact that she’s a gamer and she watches anime.

…So I had a hell of a time trying to memorize which brother was which when the game first started throwing names around, so here’s a list with ages. Since the games takes place over the period of a year, the ages reflect how old the characters are at the beginning of the game.

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Other characters include Mahoko, Ema’s awesome wingman best friend, and Sasakura, a guy from their class/ yet another guy who’s in love with Ema.

WARNING: Massive text walls ahead.



Yusuke and Ema are intially classmates and the first thing he tells her when they find out they’re going to be related is to not call him by his first name at school (so no one finds out that they’re step-siblings). It sounds kind of harsh, but Yusuke is actually a tsundere who seems like a delinquent. He gets embarrassed SUPER easily and all of his siblings like teasing him because of this (and they also all like calling him an idiot, since he kind of is one). I kind of feel bad going after routes other than his, I mean the guy has been after Ema since forever ago. On his birthday if Ema gives him a present, he goes “…Is this a dream?!” Ahahaha …ha …ha. Poor guy. I really liked Yusuke’s route, though I think it kind of… derailed a bit at the end. It had two of my least favourite cliches in there and the last one felt like a cheap way to get Ema and Yusuke into a relationship. Oh well. The rest of it was adorable.

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Before I say anything, it’s probably best that you think anime Futo =/= game Futo. He’s still an idol with an attitude problem and there’s still some of the sexual harassment (but mostly, attitude). However, his relationship with Ema is way less forced in pretty much every sense of the word. Basically, Futo will say something to make Ema misunderstand and then laugh at her as she gets flustered (and then Ema will get mad, but then forgive him). …Maybe that’s not the greatest summary ever, but where you’d want to hit Futo in real life for being an obnoxious brat, his relationship with Ema in the game is actually pretty adorable. Anyways, he’s the second youngest and is at the age where he thinks that the rest of his brothers are a pain. …Or maybe not, but he doesn’t really interact with them a lot due to him being constantly busy with work or tired. Though where he doesn’t like hanging out with his family, he doesn’t mind Ema~. He arrives later in the game and Ema finds him sleeping on a couch in the living area.

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After Ema’s existential crisis is around the time that the final brother, Hikaru shows up. Ema meets Kaname talking to a beautiful woman coming home one day and since Kaname is being really familiar with the woman, Ema assume that it’s Kaname’s real girlfriend. They all go to the apartment complex together and Ema is surprised with how familiar Hikaru is acting with everyone. ‘She’ accuses Tsubaki of still having a sister complex and Kaname says that he has one too. …To which, Ema tells Kaname that he shouldn’t say things like that in front of his girlfriend. However, Kaname tells her not to say scary things like that since Hikaru is part of the family. xD  …Which Ema didn’t catch on to despite the fact that Tsubaki called him ‘Hika-nii’ like, twice before. …And then it takes Rui walking in and calling him “Hikaru-nii-san” for Ema to catch on that he’s male.

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There were a few other scenarios with the brothers who’s routes weren’t featured in the game. I only did 3 and they weren’t exactly romance scenes (because they want you to buy Brilliant Blue for that, obviously), but since I bothered with them, I figured I should write something. Though apparently my note taking skills here decreased drastically (seriously, what the hell does “Wataru, Masaomi, hand, Iori” even mean, past self?) for this, so the only one that’s actually written in half detail is Wataru’s event. I’m so sorry. OTL

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Well, my feeling of “so moe I almost died” still applies to this other half of Passion Pink. The character interactions in this game are just so good and the family based scenes in this are just too adorable. Maybe Yusuke’s route could have ended better, but perhaps the clumsiness of his character worked with the clumsiness of the ending. Yeah, I don’t know. I can’t really complain about Futo or Hikaru either. Like I said above, Futo’s constant teasing worked well with Ema’s character. As for Hikaru, his route was surprisingly エロい towards the end. I totally wouldn’t have expected that from the crossdresser route (Futo on the other hand…) . Ema was a pretty good heroine. She had a lot of “perfect waifu” qualities, but she still felt like her own character as opposed to being a self-insert heroine. I mean, she had her own worries and faults. That counts for something. Probably.

I still didn’t experience most of the programming issues that I’ve heard that other people have had. I also had a WAAAAAY easier time playing through this once after I learned to read the guides carefully in the first couple of routes, so these three were pretty stress-free as far as gameplay went.

So I’ll be playing through Brilliant Blue sometime in the future (I mean, I bought it almost a year ago, it would be a waste of space if I didn’t). I’m really excited for Azusa’s route and if they turned Masaomi’s route into something adorable, maybe Wataru’s route can turn me into a shotacon be just as good. Actually, I think a lot of my preferred characters are in that game. Though I kind of want to finish the first DiaLovers, Kin’iro no Corda 3 and the eroge I’m currently playing first before I even touch Brilliant Blue. PRIORITIES.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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16 Responses to “Otome Game Review: Brothers Conflict Passion Pink (Pt.2)”

  1. Namika says:

    I am so jealous. But SOMEDAY! I shall play this too.

    Fuuto seems so adorable! <3 Not the arrogant twat he was in the show.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yes! Good luck! 90% of the reason I even bothered to learn the language was to play these. xD

      His route is pretty cute. I don’t know what was wrong with him in the anime.

  2. d-LaN says:

    Dem pointy/large noses. It really stands out lol.

    Ah, BroCon. Another anime where I swear I will see through it to the end but ended up shelving it to back log due to laziness. Maybe I will find the motivation to finish it someday.

    So………….. can we expect a DiaLovers post? 🙂

    • Karakuri says:

      …Yeah, it’s not my favourite art style, but it does work with the game.

      Ahahaha I wouldn’t suggest finishing it. It’s pretty bad. Unless of course, you feel like watching a bad anime, then BroCon is perfect.

      Of course! I’ve always been planning to write a post for it. Then I can listen to everyone whine about the series again. Good times.

      • Namika says:

        And I would be the only one to admit that it’s actually my guilty pleasure xD It’s really bad, but quite watchable. excluding the last episode, which was exceptionally terrible.

  3. Highway says:

    I should actually spend some time playing a VN (I’ve been working (not really) on Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi). I get too picky about trying to translate every single thing, but it’s been 6-8 months since I really gave it a try, and I know my Japanese is a lot better now than then (it’s fun telling google that your preferred language is Japanese…). I’ve actually been reading a couple untranslated manga and that’s going better (do NOT ask which ones).

    Sounds like the game is better than the anime was, especially with regards to Futo. Yusuke seems to be a bit less interesting, maybe cause he’s such a big doof. It also seems like the whole setup gets a bit better when you get away from Azusa and Tsubaki (I have been realizing how much I dislike those two in particular).

    • Karakuri says:

      Man, Highway. As soon as you say “don’t ask”, I immediately assume H doujins or something. xD But yeah, VNs are fun. This is what I do instead of writing my episodics on time, anyways. Maybe you can join anaaga and I for writing posts!

      Yes. Holy crap I can not express how much better this was from the anime in every single way. Tch, say what you want about Tsubaki, but (I assume) Azusa isn’t as bad as he was in the anime. xD

      • Highway says:

        Watching KamiAso makes me realize how awful and creepy the “I really love you, you need to be my girlfriend” stuff in Brothers Conflict (the anime) was. That’s my big problem with Azusa and Tsubaki.

        And it doesn’t have to be doujins…

  4. Kyokai says:

    Good job on completing this, Kara! <3 I'm pretty sure it was a looong process to play all arcs but at least you had fun. Some of the stories are quite mushy! xD

    This reminded me that my favourite VN FSN is still at the beginning of Heaven's Feel route (3rd and last), and damn I wish I had more time but aaagh someday! ><

    • Karakuri says:

      It was shorter than you’d think (minus me not paying attention to guides and replaying routes over and over again), but my text wall doesn’t really express that. Yes~ this was definitely on the “cute” side of the otoge spectrum.

      Did Mahou Tsukai ever get that translation? Then you’ll have even more to do. xD

      • d-LaN says:

        Last I recall, MahoYo english patch got stuck on a limbo while F/HA is actually starting to get near completion.

        Meanwhile, still no one wants to translate Fire Girls ;A;

        • Kyokai says:

          @ Kara, Mahoyo is still WIP with commie. Aaaaaghhhhh!

          @ d-LaN, being a Type-Moon fan is suffering. Where is the next volume of DDD? Ugh, maybe the reason I just don’t want to touch it even if it looks and sounds very intriguing.

  5. zztop says:

    Nice post!

    Do you plan on doing a post on the Kamiaso game,btw?

    • Karakuri says:

      Eventually, I plan on a KamiAso post! …Though like I said above, I have a million other things I want to finish first. OTL

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