Love Live! S2 – 02

Love Live-I think they forgot someone

Hmm, I think they forgot someone

spring14-highwLove Live! isn’t really ever going to be a deep idol show, is it? But if it’s this or Wake Up Girls! weird pseudo-messagey pointlessness, I think I’ll take Love Live!’s silliness. So what did the gang get up to this week?

Training Time

Love Live-Exile

It can be a little… lonely

Since they finally got Honoka to agree to enter µ’s in the Love Live! competition, we now find out about the ridiculous rules they’re going to keep piling on. Last time it was that it would be a huge comptition with multiple rounds and regional winners. This time we find out that they’re going to force everyone to perform an unreleased song. Apparently crafted as a way to keep a glut of fly-by-night school idol ‘groups’ that are just forming to perform dance routines to pop covers, it’s a way to separate the ‘real’ idol groups from the pretenders. So it’s not the worst rule. It would be funny if they kept coming up with stupider and stupider rules tho, like “all members have to wear feathers” or “at least one member has to stay completely still throughout the performance.” Then we could have Kayo-chin say “Taihen! Taihen!” every episode… ok, let’s not do that.

Love Live-Honoka Inspires

Honoka certainly inspires something

Unfortunately the ‘no released songs’ rule means that everything µ’s has done and released as a PV is off limits, so they have to come up with a new performance, and they have less than a month to do it in. Of course, thinking back to season one, isn’t that a ton more time than they had for their first show, and for all the other ones? But it’s putting the pressure on to get it done, and that means it’s time for a retreat. 🙂

Love Live-Getting it done

Eventually things get done

To The Mountains!

Love Live-Slave Driver Umi in her place

Slave Driver Umi is taught a lesson by Nozomi

They imposed on Maki’s beach house last time, so this time it’s Maki’s mountain retreat. I think next time they’ll go to Maki’s ski resort / onsen. But while they all go together as a group, when they get there Maki, Umi, and Kotori are exiled from the rest of the group to work on new content: music, lyrics, and costumes. And they end up going bats from the quiet and solitude, causing the others to realize they need to ‘help’. Although you can imagine how much help the rest of the crew is.

Love Live-It's only 150 degrees, just grab it

Just grab the potato, Maki. It can’t be more than 140 degrees

I did like some of the gags, and the returning stuff like Kotori’s pillow (the same one that she always has, and forgot in Wonderful Rush) and Rin and Nico aware of how stupidly high that hill they were running down was. Also, completely ignoring Nico’s attempts to make everyone sing about her is always the right move. And in the end, Maki, Umi, and Kotori are inspired by the camaraderie of their friends to get a song and costumes done. Surprisingly, Nico is the one who tells Maki that they need to stop thinking “Do it for the 3rd years” because “songs are always for everyone.” I like the sentiment, even if it’s a stretch for Nico to say something like that (it’s more of an Eli or Nozomi-ism in my view).

Bonus Costumes (and Legs!)

Show ▼


A fun time this week, lots of the antics we know and love (“Wait, where’s Honoka?”), but not so much as to get tired of it. On our way, I think they’re going to start the competition next week, since the episode title is the same as the song that Umi wrote, and they showed a lot of A-Rise on the previews. Plus if there’s multiple rounds, we’ll need some time to get through them, because they’ve gotta get to the finals, right? Go-Go Kinda Sports Anime!


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11 Responses to “Love Live! S2 – 02”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Niko x Maki was STRONG in this episode! Seriously, but damn this was a great episode and once again Niko steals the show with her crazy adventure xD

    • Highway says:

      To me, Nico is always a side character, and it’s good when she doesn’t have enough in the show to distract from the rest of it. She and Maki did have some good actual character development here, which was a nice change.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah the shippers are full on Neko x Maki especially the fanart! Out of all the Love Live pairings theirs is the strongest even though it seems that the original creator is all for it xD

  2. skylion says:

    Thanks for pointing out something I forgot; yeah, they wrote all the other songs in ellipses, why so hard now? Cause…antics!

    But yeah, it’s good clean goofy fun. We get more Maki x Nico shipping, and about the best in basic messages in that the songs are for all of them.

    But that shouldn’t stop them from having a Tenshi ni Fureta yo moment by series end….

  3. BlackBriar says:

    When the going gets tough, the tough go camping!! Unexpected episode for a show about idols but it was alright. Apparently Nozomi has experienced every kind of terrain the world has to offer.

    • Highway says:

      You should know to expect the unexpected with this show, because it’s Honoka. I’m surprised they waited at the train station for her to take the bus back, tho. If it had been me, it would have been “Ok, you and you stay here and wait for her, we’re all going ahead.”

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