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Suddenly Digimon

Don’t even ask me why I’m absent for so many weeks *stare at real life*

While I was, ehm, away, it seems that the story has been progressing smoothly without, surprisingly, any glitch whatsoever (story-wise). So far, the anime has been faithful to the manga adaption until now. Except with some parts about Hakuryuu’s mother, but maybe they’ll reveal it in the next episode. Is the next episode going to follow the manga anyway? Sinbad is supposed to appear soon. I hope he appears because his meeting with Ren will be amusing to watch.

There are so many things happened in the last few episodes, but I’m going to highlight some of them only since I’ve discussed many of the main conflicts in the previous episodes. The anime finally reaches its climax that was shown all the way in episode one, where all the characters with super powers (except Hakuryuu because he’s going through puberty) gather together and defeat that… Nasty-looking black hole that gathered all the black Rukh. Though Mogamett was the one who summoned the Black Djinns, it seems that Al Tharmen takes advantage of it and creates the black hole thingy. Or… Did they plan this all along? Or else, why would they tell Mogamett about the creation of black djinn? Damn Al Tharmen, they’ve been planning some evil works all these years, and the characters unconsciously fall into their pawn.


Dem abs

Oh well, thanks to black hole thingy, the audience and Aladdin were able to catch a glimpse of Ren Kouen’s true nature. He’s definitely… An oddball. At least, compared to the charismatic Sinbad, Ren looks weird. His eyes are lifeless but filled with power. He cares about his nation, but his actions are selfish. But in his selfish actions, many lives are saved.  A weird man that he is. Despite of his quirks, one thing is for sure about this man: he is manipulative. He’s ignorant, but he knows his military tactics well. He’s selfish, but what he does will always benefit his kingdom. It’s like… Everything goes according to what he wants, and it will always be in favor of him and his kingdom. It’s as if fate is always by his side. Maybe that’s the case, since his three Djinns mentioned something about him being the incarnation of a great king. Maybe he’s the reincarnation of King Solomon? Because if he is then damn, Sinbad will be in trouble.


Not even a loli’s tears can change what she had done

Ren isn’t the only one who is an “incarnation” though, since Titus can be considered as one also. Well, he is more like Scheherazade herself since he was made by her cell. Alas, that didn’t stop him from dying because Scheherazade’s original body herself can’t keep up with her own age. That’s what you get for being too old and greedy, Scheherazade. She’s too in love with Rehm to the point where she can’t let her country go, and this result in painful moments for Titus. So selfish of her, and yet so human. I guess this is a reminder for all of us that magi are also human beings. What make them different are their special powers, which unfortunately cost them their normal lives. This made me wonder though about magi. Are they happy with how they are now? Don’t they want a normal life?



Enough about magi because not much is known about them until now, so let’s go back to Titus. His death was certain, but at least he didn’t have to die because of what he lacks. Instead, he sacrificed himself to stop Mogamett from falling into Depravity even further. Now, I know that he still die in the end, but at least he died for trying to protect what he treasures the most. Sad, yes. I literally cried for two episodes straight because of Titus. But if I have to choose his death, I’d rather have him sacrifice himself for what he loves rather than dying because of his body. It’s way more meaningful, and I’m sure Titus likes meaningful death better. What is better than dying for the sake of protecting our loved ones?

I said everything I wanted to say already, so I have nothing to say here. Except wondering whether they will follow the manga or not. Because there are only two episodes left, and Sinbad hasn’t even appeared yet. Seriously, if the studio messes up with the ending, I will be sooo mad because there are so many important things that should not be skipped. I just hope they keep things according to the manga. I just hope that I have the time to blog also next week.


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10 Responses to “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 19 – 23”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Since the war started, Magi has gotten darker than ever before in my opinion.

    The episodes have been good but these last three have been the most exciting. It’s sad to see Titus giving up the remainder of his life but at least it was for something he, himself, chose. Also, kudos to Alibaba achieving his Djinn Equip state. For all his hard training, he’s become badass. The only downside with me is that Morgiana didn’t get a lot of spotlight for most of the show.

    After seeing what Kouen is like, I’m afraid for all the people if he manages to rule everything. Not to mention how insanely overpowered he is. I’ve seen some stating despite how strong Kouen is now, Sinbad is even stronger. I’ve got to see how that’s possible.

    Only two episodes remaining and apparently, there’s still a lot of manga material. If this season ends on a cliffhanger, wouldn’t making another be enough to put the remaining questions to rest?

    • anaaga says:

      It’s too bad that the anime did not cover Alibaba’s development in Rehm because it explains many of Alibaba’s development and the scars he had. My Alibaba had grown up *sob*

      You’ll have to read the manga to see who is stronger. I haven’t seen Sinbad’s story (that prequel thingy), but from what I see, he is better when it comes to strategy and networking. As for Ren… I’m not so sure about his strategy since he made some weird remark in the manga about Hakuryuu’s development. What I know is that he’s definitely involved in Al Tharmen in a way

      That’s what I’m afraid of! I’m hoping it would be 3 episodes because that will give more space for explanation etc. I mean, the anime should not skip the explanation on Hakuryuu’s mother and Sinbad’s appearance. That’s the most pivotal point of this battle

  2. zztop says:

    Magi’s manga creator, Ohtaka Shinobu, stated on her Shogakukan Manga blog that the manga story is currently at its halfway point, and will slowly move to a conclusion.

    However, she also states she WILL be killing off an indeterminate number of characters as the story progresses to the end.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Huh, that’s sounds like a move Gen Urobuchi would take. If that’s the case, I’d rather not know what happens until I see the events myself.

    • anaaga says:

      NUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHYYYYY Damn it, I’m literally attached to all Magi characters so why must she do this???

      On the other hand, it seems that she knows how to end the manga. Thank god for that. More mangaka needs to do this

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:


    I expect they all die except for Aladdin who will create another new world… Just like what Solomon did…

    • anaaga says:

      Really? I actually expect Aladdin to die (at least, at the end of the series) or have him disappear at the end. My instinct tells me so

  4. Krono says:

    Um…Ren’s Djinn said nothing about him being the reincarnation of a great king. They were talking to Aladdin (and hinting that he may be Solomon’s reincarnation) and him having Solomon’s Wisdom helps with that. That is why they all responded to Aladdin’s will.

    • anaaga says:

      That is what I thought too, but then I repeat the episode again to make sure whether they Djinns state Aladdin as a king or not. From what I see, it seems that the djinns talk to Kouen, not Aladdin. I said this because I see how the other djinns call Aladdin as a Magi, not king. It would be odd for certain djinns to call Aladdin a king while the others Magi. There would be inconsistency in the nature of djinns.

      I also take consideration on the nature of djinns themselves. From what I see, they are extremely picky on picking their masters. But when it comes to their masters, they will be loyal till the end. It would be “unfaithful” for Kouen’s djinns to call other person their king instead of Kouen.

      I don’t know about Aladdin being Solomon’s reincarnation because Solomon’s Wisdom itself is given to Aladdin, not attained naturally by him. If I have to guess who Solomon’s incarnation is, it has to be Ugo since he knows literally everything.

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