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Literally animeception

After two weeks of living without anime, I finally got to catch up with some animu between my assignments, club works, assignments, club works, and Mandarin lessons. Only caught up with Kuroko though, but I’m trying my best to catch up with Magi here *sob*

Seirin continues to advance after they won against Touou. It’s not without after-effect, of course. It seems that Seirin members got caught off-guard from their victory… Or that’s how it seemed to be, anyway. From what I saw, it seems that the members did not forget about their dream to be the number 1 in Japan. They bodies were adjusting to play tirelessly again after such harsh game against Touou that took all their energy away. Their bodies became stiff, I guess? Thankfully, Seirin got better in the later half of the game. Some of the benched members (such as Mitobe) got to play too, so it’s nice seeing all of them still stay in shape despite of the harsh games and being benched. Go go Seirin!


Suddenly Murasakibara

Then all the optimism went away during the game against Yosen. Seriously, Murasakibara is just so huge he literally reminds me of a titan. A basketball titan? Hmmm. Anyway, he’s the type of player others would envy since his figure is perfect for a basketball player. He has long arms and legs, and that is perfected with his sharp reflex. His perfect figure literally covers every corner that can be used to shoot, including the three-point area. Murasakibara is not the only titan too, since the monkey captain and the Chinese (his name is Liu?) dudes are almost as tall as Murasakibara. Logically speaking, there is no way Seirin could break through Yosen’s monstrous defense. No wonder they’re specialized in defense.

But it’s all good, since Seirin did practice to get hidden jutsu they can pull when they’re in trouble. The most basic one is Kagami’s defense against monkey captain’s monstrous energy, and this is all thanks to the practice given by Riko’s father! The one that is also simple but plays a big role is Teppei’s Vice Claw. Seriously, the things Riko’s father taught are so simple not many off us would think of doing such things. And they work!


The best jutsu, however, has to be Kuroko’s vanishing shoot (I don’t know its official name). It was just whoaaaaaa the ball literally disappeared and went into the ring! It’s pretty creative of Aomine to apply the theory of Vanishing Drive into the shooting theory. This made me wonder whether the Vanishing Drive can be applying to anything in basketball. Holy crap, I just realized that Kuroko’s vanishing jutsu really has a lot of potential in it. Heck, it is something that should be developed, just like what Aomine said. And yet… Why didn’t Akashi developed it? He was Kuroko’s mentor. So… Why? Is it jealousy or something else? I’m actually pretty curious about what Akashi is thinking now about Kuroko’s vanishing jutsu, but I guess that will have to wait since everybody’s focusing on the game against Yosen now. Seirin is slowly catching up, but yup, Yosen still have some tricks they haven’t revealed yet *shaking in excitement*

Extra Yosen:

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The game against Yosen wasn’t as exciting as the game against Touou, but that’s probably because of the dose of awesomeness Touou gave me. Episode 45 was pretty depressing too, since Murasakibara was overwhelming. Not that Aomine is not as overwhelming as Murasakibara, but Aomine’s physique is something that Seirin can handle. But a glance at Murasakibara will discourage anybody right away because he’s just soooo HUGE. Seirin might have its comeback thanks to Kuroko’s Vanishing Shoot and Teppei’s Vice Claw, but I’m not so sure whether Seirin’s mental can keep up with what’s going to happen next.



Murasakibara is not amused


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