Strike the Blood – 16


The world’s most dangerous criminals look an awful lot like hastily designed background characters.

But then again, who doesn’t on this show. Admittedly, Aya’s kimono look is nice (as is Yuuma’s current outfit). …This is what happens when I spend my time looking through fashion magazines before blogging. (Also, for anyone who cares, Noragami should be on its way soonish. I just got my huge group assignment of the term out of the way, so sorry for the delays.)


I thought that the girl in the cat costume was Yukina for a minute (this is like, 16 episodes after people pointed this out, but they seriously do have the same face; Nagisa should be forbidden from taking her hair down). In any case, it seems important that Nagisa can control Kojou/Avrora’s familiars, considering that she’s not a vampire, and Kojou can’t even seem to control them himself without help. Oh, and whatever’s inside her seems important too. I spoilt myself on this a couple weeks ago, so I don’t even want to pretend to speculate further than this. As for Vatler, he really needs to calm down. Though perhaps this is the best indication we have that whatever he learned about Kojou’s past is pretty damn big. After all, this is the least composed we’ve ever seen his character.


Aya is running free now, which probably isn’t a good thing. She looks pretty young for someone with a teenage “daughter”, but apparently the only people allowed to look old on this show are men she’s a witch, so there’s probably some anti-age magic or something. If they can teleport and screw around with dimensions, wrinkles are probably not a huge issue. Yuuma definitely resembles Aya appearance-wise, but it seems that Aya is way more ruthless, since she has no problems with stealing Yuuma’s guardian. Of course, not straight out killing Yuuma is probably going to be what screws her over (well that, and a punch from Kojou) since they put so much effort into making a point that Yuuma and Aya are basically the same person. Or maybe Strike the Blood will become less predictable and come up with some other ending. In any case, maybe Aya was correct in not trying to kill Yuuma, since it would be a lost cause. Yuuma is not allowed to die, since she’s in the harem.


The “she doesn’t look like me or Kojou” logic would be more believable if everyone didn’t look so similar.

Just look at Natsuki. She looked like she was fatally stabbed, and now she’s perfectly fine, save some memory loss. Who knows how she survived, how she got so far away from the prison or why she has the mentality of a child right now, but I guess the big thing is that she’s now being targeted by several dangerous people. She’s also attached herself onto Asagi, which is kind of funny, but at the same time, there’s no explanation as to why she chose Asagi or why she thinks that Asagi is her mother. …And then there’s also the fact that she’s acting like this and she’s 26 years old, which makes this whole thing kind of painful. Well, at least Asagi is still relevant this way. Now let’s watch her fumble around with Natsuki and dangerous criminals while she somehow still manages to remain clueless that her crush is a vampire.


Perhaps this explains Nagisa’s reaction to La Folia a couple episodes back.

Well, Kojou’s mother is interesting. Mimori knew right away that Yuuma was a witch, and she seems to have a good idea about what’s wrong with Nagisa. Sure Kojou says that his mother doesn’t seem to have an idea about him being a vampire, but since when does Kojou have a good sense of knowing what people think about him? She knew that he was injured just by looking at him. Chances are that she probably knows. Parents can be pretty observant, and Momori definitely seems like the observant type. That aside, Momori also has some interesting tendencies when it comes to younger girls, it seems. At the very least, it doesn’t seem like she’d be entirely imposed to having multiple daughters-in-law if Kojou decides to stick to the harem route until the end.

Kojou’s childhood friend’s mother is going to kill off Natsuki? Screw that, it’s time for the arc’s fanservice. …Or actually, the circumstances this episode were reasonable, so the break at Mimori’s place is less ridiculous than it first seemed. Overall, this was a pretty solid start to the new arc. There’s already lots of drama going on, and the plot revealed itself pretty early (or more like, the last arc actually mattered for something other than to add to Kojou’s harem/familiar count). Kojou’s dying moment of the arc seems to have hit early too, so maybe that’s a sign of excitement to come. …Or maybe it’s a sign that this anime is just never going to let go of its cliche’s completely. Not that that’s totally a bad thing.


Sayaka earned some points, trying to compensate for the last arc. Now to see why Yukina is in a nurse’s outfit.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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44 Responses to “Strike the Blood – 16”

  1. sadakups says:

    Oh Sayaka. This is why you’re top of my list.

    • BlackBriar says:

      It can’t be easy making decisions with that list since all the girls here are top quality in their own way.

    • Karakuri says:

      She’s growing on me too, I guess. La Folia has too kind of, and she hasn’t really done anything (anime-wise at least, who knows about the novels).

      • BlackBriar says:

        To think most people were bashing Sayaka at the beginning to suddenly start fawning over her now. Humans really are creatures of contradictions.

        • Karakuri says:

          It’s the tsun, I think. Now there’s dere to balance it out that’s not so cliche that it hurts. (Kind of.)

  2. zztop says:

    And thus loli Natsuki was further lolified to become a true loli…(・◇・)

  3. zztop says:

    The world’s most dangerous criminals look an awful lot like hastily designed background characters.

    The worst one is that Final Fantasy cosplayer. Oversized swords are SO 1990s.(;¬д¬)

    Oh, and whatever’s inside Nagisa seems important too.

    My source tells me the situation of Nagisa’s possession is rather complicated, but this is elaborated upon in the backstory arc in LN volumes 7-8.

    As for Vatler, he really needs to calm down.
    In the LN, half of Vatler’s body was blown off after confronting the mermaid Familiar. The anime toned it down a bit to meet TV censorship standards.

    • d-LaN says:
      Maybe they should move on to this type of “sword” 😛

      In fact, there a lot of time where the gore scenes are either toned down or being removed. (I guess Kanon cannibalism is an exception)

    • Karakuri says:

      AHAHAHA “Final Fantasy Cosplayer”
      It’s so true, it hurts.

      My source (wikipedia) said about the same thing.

      Oh. Wish they had kept that in. It sounds more interesting. TV censorship standards can be a pain, I guess.

  4. belatkuro says:

    I find it funny that Asagi thought that loli(er) Natsuki is hers and Kojou’s kid as if it’s the obvious and only conclusion when a lost kid calls her Mama. Goes to show that she really wants the D or the F. Or both.

    And I’m fine with Vatler being that crazy coz he’s just so amusing to watch. He’s also a big M apparently as he enjoyed that attack from that familiar.

    And while Sayaka earned some major points in that stunt, I would have liked it if she kept the stockings on. My preference, don’t judge me!
    The antics here may be cliched and stupid but they’re still enjoyable for me.
    So far so good. Probably because it’s a different format from the 4-episode arcs we’ve had before that it’s much better now. Looking forward to Yukina in a nurse outfit.

    Full version of the OP is out now. I still hate the male backup singer of Altima.

    • Highway says:

      I was amazed at the single of Burst the Gravity, because it was so cheesy and atrocious with that guy’s awful “rapping”. Did they do the same thing here: cut out all of that guy’s lines in the song for the anime version?

    • BlackBriar says:

      Since the last arc finished with 3 episodes, I’m guessing there’ll be one with at least 5 to even things out since we’re used to getting 4 episode arcs at a time.

      And while Sayaka earned some major points in that stunt, I would have liked it if she kept the stockings on. My preference, don’t judge me!

      No judgments. You’re not alone and personally, it’s fine with me whether she has stockings on or not. Either one is kinky as it is. A genuine win/win situation.

    • Karakuri says:

      …To be honest, I used to ship Yaze and Asagi together at the beginning of the anime. However, I’ve long since accepted that the laws of The Harem would never allow that and it was a hopeless dream. Asagi would probably want the F if she wasn’t so clueless about them, so I think we can safely say the D for now. xD

      It’s funny because I had Vatler pegged as a seme. Some people are surprising, I guess. Or is being a do-M seme a thing? I don’t read enough yaoi for this.

      I’ve rather enjoyed the last two arcs of StB, despite the cliche-ness. Or at least more than the first and second arcs. This one should be good too.

  5. Highway says:

    Why is this considered a new arc? Just because it’s got a new name? Seems like the exact same arc to me: Yuuma’s mom.

    • BlackBriar says:

      This time it’s her and a bunch of vengeful inmates and she isn’t going to be the main focus.

    • Karakuri says:

      The last arc was more about dealing with Yuuma and her ANGST, this one is about her mother. Though in the end, does it really matter that much?

  6. zztop says:

    Asagi:Is [little Natsuki] my own child, sent back here from the future by some time travel phenomenon?

    The LN author has written an STB short story featuring time-travel and Yukina’s future offspring, although Asagi’s offspring is mentioned too.
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Vol 10 of STB comes out this March.

    • d-LaN says:

      Well, I’m glad some1 made a better summary than the one I did. Some1 should really translate that SS for the viewing pleasure of english audience.

      Ah, so Yukina & Asagi Jr are called Reina and Moegi.

    • Karakuri says:

      So that wasn’t fan fiction? Wow, go Kojou. I wonder what Yukina and Asagi think of the situation.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    The arcs have been getting better and the general feel is more and more grim. I wasn’t fooled by appearance. It was easy to figure out the one standing in front of Vatler would be Nagisa because Yukina is always around Kojou. Yukina turning out to be an expert on World War 2 vehicles was baffling. As for Vatler, it’s rather amusing watching him sink further into insanity and that blood mist seething from him was eerie. He must really be bored if taking a full on attack from a familiar would have acting like that.

    As expected, Aya saw Yuuma as nothing more than a means to an end. Obviously when someone says a person was created for a particular reason, you know there are hardly going to be missed when their role is done and it pissed me off when she said Yuuma was simply a doll to her. That bitch has to go down hard.

    Natsuki may look cute with her memories gone but she’s in a far worse fix than you think. Based on what Aya explained with the curse she placed after the double stab, not only is her amnesia getting worse but she is being robbed of the very time she’s experienced, meaning she’s also regressing in age. In my opinion, it could mean completely fading out of existence at some point.

    Mimori sure is something. I can see why Kojou hardly talks about her. The woman is beyond eccentric and I don’t polygamy is going to be a problem with her. Plus since she’s a doctor working on Itogami Island, she’s probably tended to countless supernatural beings so instantly pegging Yuuma as a witch at first glance shouldn’t be that impressive and she knew Yuuma as a child. However, she knows more than she’s leading on because if the fact Nagisa is harboring Avrora’s 12th familiar doesn’t surprise her then she must already know Kojou is the Fourth Progenitor. The question is: What is she planning?

    Sayaka wins points for her bold display. I’m torn between whether it would be better if she did her foreplay with or without her stockings. It’s too erotic!! Decisions, decisions. Not to mention she’s taken tsundere to a new level using Yukina as a front for her excuses. “If your wound doesn’t heal, Yukina will feel bad too”. Pfft. Please, just say you want to be bitten because you enjoyed it last time.

    PS: The second OP [Fight 4 Real] is out. Here’s the torrent link for anyone who wants to download it.

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh, I guess she is normally around Kojou (or happens upon him at school when important things are happening). Nagisa was actually has a life. …Have I ever suggested that Vatler take up knitting? Because it’s been on my mind to say something like that every time his character shows up.

      Aya’s such a stereotypical villain in her treatment of Yuuma. I don’t even have much to say about her. Hell, I’m not even angry since I couldn’t care less about Yuuma or Aya.

      Mimori, on the other hand, seems awesome so far. It seems more like she’s not planning so much as watching. Surely she knows about at least some of the other things that have been going on in the series.

      I can’t say that I had the same reasons for enjoying the Sayaka scene, but I like her character more now for some comic relief. Actually, that part with La Folia in the last arc did a lot towards this too.

  8. Bonk says:

    >>The world’s most dangerous criminals look an awful lot like hastily designed background characters.

    Or: Right Now Some Cosplayers Have No Shame(c)

    • zztop says:

      Considering what some real-life cosplayers choose to wear, they really don’t have any shame.

  9. zztop says:

    Strike the Blood’s BD Vol 1’s been selling pretty well.

    Think there’ll be a Season 2?

    • d-LaN says:

      Well, it definitely possible for a 12+ episode season for S2.

      • BlackBriar says:

        After hearing how big the StB world is from those who’ve read the LN, I’m really not sure a one cour for the second season is going to cut it. The first season is covering six volumes and there’s a 10th on the way. That compact size won’t be enough if they’re already shaving off material from a series that’s already intended for 24 episodes.

        • d-LaN says:

          Simple, give more episodes for a volume. Which is why I am excited at DAL II since it seems to only cover LN5-7 compare to S1 covering 4 volumes.

    • d-LaN says:

      Well, it definitely possible for one-cour season for StB S2.

      • d-LaN says:

        Oops, sorry for the accident double post. Plz delete the one on top.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Wow, it’s doing a lot better than I thought being part of the top 10 which is making me grin from ear to ear though I didn’t expect Strike the Blood to give Tokyo Ravens and Log Horizon such a whipping. Even Monogatari Series: Second Season is getting beaten in the Blu-Ray/DVD categories. Cliché or not, StB is an entertaining show wanting more is obvious. If things keep going like this and the later volumes being released, a second season will be in the works eventually. Maybe sooner than we think.

      High School DxD has pretty much gotten another season in the bag with its consistent, positive sales. All there is to do is wait for the inevitable announcement.

      • belatkuro says:

        14. *3,137 36,100 Monogatari Series: Second Season Kabukimonogatari Vol.2 Mayoi Jiangshi Part 2

        18. *,687 *,**4,602 Monogatari Series: Second Season Kabukimonogatari Vol.2 Mayoi Jiangshi Part 2

        You should look at the second number as that’s more important.
        Don’t look at the first number if you’re going to compare the sales of two shows.

        And Log Horizon is still missing data from the BDs but it’s sure that it sold less than 3k. Assuming it’s just 2.8k roughly, that’s still 3.5k total which isn’t really a total whipping. Plus LH airs on NHK which doesn’t care for the sales.

      • Highway says:

        You’re reading that chart wrong, at least with regard to Monogatari. Monogatari Volume 2 has been out for 2 weeks, and has sold a total over 36k BD and almost 5k DVD. Its first week was 32k BD and 4k DVD, far and away better than anything last week or this week.

        • Highway says:

          And for comparison: First week for Shingeki no Kyojin vol 7 from 2 weeks ago was 22,648 BDs. It’s really been the only thing coming close to Monogatari lately.

  10. d-LaN says:

    The world’s most dangerous criminals look an awful lot like hastily designed background characters.

    Fun fact: The criminals don’t even get a design in the LN. Oh well not every artist is as talented as Haimura Kiyotaka I guess.

    Anyway, the LN art is actually decent (Nowhere near Haimura level though) after I spend my time reading the LN and it definitely differentiate Nagisa and Yukona hair color better.

    Anyway, I do not have the means to watch anime this past few days so the elaboration post will have to wait. But I will try my best to address the question that has been asked.

    >Abt Aya, it is mentioned that high tier witches get immortality.

    >I dunno did the anime mention it, but Aya used her Grimoire place a curse on Natsuki that will steal away her time which in essence making her losing her MP and memory. But she managed to escaped be4 the full effect takes place.

    • Karakuri says:

      I kind of feel sorry for them now. It’s obvious that nobody really cared about them. Not even the author. xD

      >Abt Aya, it is mentioned that high tier witches get immortality.

      Ah, mystery solved.

      And no, the anime made no mention of the curse. Natsuki just showed up acting like a loli with no explanation whatsoever.

  11. AllenAndArth says:

    And so we understand Kojou and Nagisa…
    +1 EP(ero points) for you Sayaka
    Yukina looks nice in the nurse cosplay
    Natsuki-chan \*0*/
    +3EP point because she’s too cute

    • BlackBriar says:

      I’d agree with you completely there on everything but Yukina deserves some more points for being a closet World War II vehicle expert. Seriously, there was some Girls und Panzer vibes as she described in excruciating detail the tank Sayaka commandeered.

  12. AllenAndArth says:

    Fine, i’ll give her +2 Brownie Points for knowing that… She’s still not getting EP…maybe +1 for the outfit… but, she’ll have to work harder to earn more EP…
    For the worst criminals they sure look like generic bad guys…

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