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All hail science

Only a few days left until new semester starts, so it’s time for me to indulge in animu!


His pose might be Buddha-like, but is he a Buddha at heart?

It was a good thing that I marathoned the last three episodes because those episodes were so damn good. The first thing I noticed in episode 16 is how charming Mogamett is when it comes to public speaking or related things like that. He was able to twist his so-called “ill intentions” into something beautiful and justified, sucking the youngsters who lack experience in their lives (in other words, students!) into his “holy crusade for magicians.” With him displaying the visual of his hardship combined with his charismatic speech, it is no wonder how the other magicians literally worship his existence. After all, he seems like a good leader, right? We all want a leader who knows the suffering of his people! If Obama did the same thing like Mogamett, I’m sure the Republicans would love him too! But thankfully Obama is not like Mogamett, because Mogamett’s discrimination towards the Goi is just sickening. I don’t like animals but not that heartless to kick them, and yet Mogamett kicked the Goi child as if he was an animal. So yeah, he might be cool to the magician, but what about the Goi? Should the magicians turn a blind eye to them just because they’re Goi? But they’re already blinded by Mogamett anyway, so…. *sigh* why must characters be this complicated.


Magical idols go go!

Oh, speaking about complicated, I think Scheherazade can rival Mogamett on it. Until now, we all see her a kind magi who is trying her best for her beloved Rehm. And sure, she is a kind magi. She makes sure that Rehm can advance itself without magic. This way, Rehm can improve itself without having to rely on magic, thus giving them the right to be proud of themselves. Isn’t she such a kind magi?… To Rehm only. In Titus I see the dark part of Scheherazade. She loves Rehm to the point where she’s obsessed with it, even willing to clone herself just for the sake of her missions. Enchanting her flesh for fourteen years just for a clone? That sounds like self-abuse to me, and self-abuse is not cool. But of course she doesn’t see is as self-abuse because it’s all for her beloved Rehm. Heck, she can’t even see Titus’ pain despite of her sharing the same flesh and mind (in a way) because Rehm is her first priority. Being a good magi is good… But I thought magi is supposed to be wise? Can a magi be called wise if she’s ignoring everything else just because of what she cherished the most? Can a magi be called good if she started a war?


Now we know why plastic surgery matters for some

The part I hate the most about Scheherazade though is how ignorant she is of Titus’ feeling. The poor guy was literally wailing because of his inner conflict, and she didn’t see it at all? He sure has it tough. I expected him to be some hidden relative, but he’s actually a clone. And not the cool kind of clone where he can live forever, he has a lifespan of less than a month! And when he finally was able to save his beloved, he’s the one that’s dying. If you have no sympathy for this dude, you’re just plain mean. I guess it makes sense for him to sympathize on Marga. They’re almost the same, except that Marga still can live on. I see him on a whole new light now. My respect to this dude, and I pray that a solution for his lifespan can be found soon. That is, if he’s not dying in this war.


Winter is coming! The war, which is the highlight of this arc, finally started, and Magnostadt isn’t that shy to show off the magicians’ skill on the battlefield. Though Magnostadt is being an ass towards the Goi, it’s a good thing that they’re still willing to protect them on the battlefield. Well, they did promise them protection, so I guess they’re just keeping their promise or else the Goi can sue them based on this breach of contract (though I don’t think the Goi can sue the magicians in Magnostadt). While Magnostadt shows off their magical powers, Rehm shows off what the Goi is capable of… By dumping explosives on the barrier. That might look simple for us now, but it’s actually an accomplishment in those days. It’s still an accomplishment for us now too, actually. I can’t even make a fire from woods. Ehm, but that’s beside the point. Scheherazade’s remark is spot-on. The people from Magnostadt relies themselves on magic so much they can’t even stand on their own feet. Right now, the magicians are still alive. But what would happen if the magicians perished due to some unknown reason? How are the Goi going to survive? And what the hell is the Goi going to do if all the magicians are injured in this war? Magnostadt better have another secret weapon, or else they’ll be screwed for sure.

Extra Rukh:

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Goooddd it’s finally the war arc! I was waiting for this since forever since !$%^&*() it was SO KEWL in the manga! And I cried a lot too. But once again, the animation disappoints me. It’s even worse than the rebellion in Balbadd. Sure, the main focus of the scenes are really highlighted in the episodes, but that doesn’t mean that the background should be ignored. At least show some random soldiers trying to break the barrier or something. Something should be on the background. Don’t leave the background blank. It also pains me when I saw the opening/ending animation. When I unconsciously compared the animation on the war with the animation on the opening/ending… My heart hurts. Ugh.

Well, the good thing is that they decided to go straight for the war right away. There are some things changed here, such as Scheherazade’s position (she was supposed to be on the ship with the others) and Alibaba’s part on Rehm, but I guess this means that nothing from the war will be cut off, right? The same crap on Balbadd won’t happen in this war, right? It’s too bad that they decided to skip Alibaba in Rehm arc, but I’d rather have them skip that than cutting some parts from this war. Did they actually show Alibaba in Rehm before or after the war anyway? Doesn’t matter, as long as they don’t cut off anything from this war or else I’ll go all rage on this anime (no, not really). So far, the war has been decent for me. What about you?

Preview: So no preview because the studio is being mean boo, but Aladdin is ready to kick some magical ass



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6 Responses to “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 16 – 18”

  1. skylion says:

    In Marnott is see a bit of a more diplomatic Magneto; but as the same time, he is considerably darker. No matter how you slice it, the draining of the goi is just despicable, and it will be sooner rather than later that we see Aladdin make a choice to smash it.

    And like most leaders that lead their people to war, I think they should be sent to a locked room and be made to fight it out all personal like armed with bags of manure.

    • anaaga says:

      .. I actually would like to see the magical loli and the granddad fight with manure. And that can show the whole world how immature they are, actually. Having their countries fight with each other just for their own personal ego

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Sorry for the late post. I suddenly found myself with a backlog of this season’s shows.

    A fight was inevitable given that neither side wanted to back down and submit. And what’s more complicated is that sides are neither completely right or wrong with their views so it makes things interesting as to how Aladdin plans to stop this fight without anyone losing ground because co-existence is an unstable, near impossible to achieve.

    I was, however, pissed at Scheherazade for being inconsiderate towards Titus and his wish to live like a real human, especially when he’s in so much despair. She’s acts all high and mighty, undermining what Mogamett does but here she is, ignoring the cries of someone who should be closer to her than anyone. That’s blatant hypocrisy.

    • belatkuro says:

      Not to defend Scheherazade or anything but she probably didn’t expect Titus to gain that kind of free thinking with this mission. Titus was pretty determined and cold when Aladdin first met him, even going so far as to kill him when his mission was being jeopardized in their earlier duel.
      Also, you haven’t seen/heard of Scheherazade’s side yet. She has a lot more in her story than just being a loli Magi voiced by Sakamoto Maaya.

      • anaaga says:

        It’s weird how the other clones didn’t develop as much a Titus does. At least, it seems that there was no problem with her other clones. She should’ve seen it coming though if she sends someone outside Rehm. Give him some warning that he’ll be tempted etc. I mean, my mom warned me of so many things when I started living alone…

    • anaaga says:

      Belatkuro is right, we haven’t seen her side yet. She does has her reason (though I didn’t find it as a good excuse for what she’s doing to Titus), and she did get better later on. At least, what she’s going to do later restored my respect on her

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