Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha – 04

Inari Konkon - 04

Fushimi mom sure is small. Actually, Touka is just huge.

This week’s Inari Konkon: cuteness overload. This is one of those feel-good episodes that just puts you that peaceful, happy mood.


Date at the Shrine


For such a great episode, there’s not too much to talk about. Which is the beauty of it. Inari and her friends visit the shrine. She spends some quality alone time with Kouji. And that’s it. Of course, I’m over-simplifying things and not mentioning the parts with plot. But the main gist of the episode is as such. All the main characters are having a good time, and we’re happy for them. That said, Inari and Kouji do deserve some special attention. Mainly, I’m starting to really think that Kouji might have feelings for Inari as well. Sure, he could just have a nice guy personality, but I believe his treatment of Inari goes beyond that of simple good will. Twice now he’s offerred to carry Inari without hesitation when she’s in trouble. Even for friends or acquaintances, that seems a bit too intimate. Plus, it’s hard to tell precisely due to the red lights of the shrine that Inari points out, but I’m pretty sure he was also blushing when he had her on his back. I suppose that could simply be due to the objective fact that he’s got a cute girl grabbing on to him from behind, but this combined with his looking out for Inari makes me suspicious. In fact, all things considered, the two were pretty much on a date at the shrine.

Divine Troubles

Uka-sama tells a lie.

Now that we’ve covered the cute bits, let’s move on to the plot. Mainly, we see that Inari and Uka-sama have some sort of emotional link (or perhaps it’s only one way from the former to the latter). This, I think, will be a very good thing for Uka-sama. As someone who’s shut her heart off from others thanks to a clingy siscon brother, the emotions of joy and love that she receives from Inari during her “date” with Kouji are surely a much needed experience for the goddess. I for one welcome it if it’s going to increase the chances of her getting together with Touka. At the moment she merely considers him a close friend, but that might be easily changed with a few pushes in the right direction. Touka aside, Uka-sama also has her friendship with Inari going on. The two have a very intimate relationship, and I don’t think even Toshi-sama invoking the well-used trope of the differing life-spans of humans and supernatural beings will be able to separate them. I should add that all this is getting awfully similar to Natsume’s Book of Friends, which is another great show I wholeheartedly recommend.


Show ▼

With what we see this episode, one has to think it’s only a matter of time before Inari is busted by Touka. I don’t think he’ll react too adversely though. His main thing is being protective of his little sister, so I don’t see how her having a little bit of transforming ability will be a cause for concern. Most likely it’ll only appeal to his chuunibyou tendancies. But then again, the way the show focused on Uka-sama lying to Touka and then regretting it makes me a bit worried that he might actually get more upset about it all than I would think. Anyway, that just about wraps things up aside from Akemi and Keiko. The episode presents the potential beginnings of them as a thing, but for now there’s not much to back it up so whether this unexpected pairing goes anywhere remains to be seen.

Out of the blue.


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5 Responses to “Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha – 04”

  1. skylion says:

    Oh,yes. He was blushing. And Chika is getting all sorts of jealous.

  2. berrish17 says:

    gah!this was such a cute episode <3 everyone
    Kouji's usual kindness,but yes!he might have feelings for Inari XD Hope so!
    Seriously,Touka makes me laugh!!And I just found out that his seiyu is Konishi-san!!!WTH!!!!From "Sekai-ichi hatsukoi"…..Takano-san!!!Now I love Touka even more.hahahahaha

  3. BlackBriar says:

    An alright episode this week. Inari was cute in that yukata.

  4. Highway says:

    Tanbabashi definitely noticed Inari, and was happy to hear that she’s noticed him. I think the show did a really good job getting Sumizome out of the way of those two a couple episodes ago, and even turning her into a cheerleader for Inari. And then Tanbabashi kaa-san set the two of them up for a date. It’s nice to have a show where everyone’s so pro-main characters. And even Kouji is good to Inari, spending time with just her. So many other shows would have had him hang out with his friends and ignore her.

    I hope the show doesn’t do anything too terrible with Inari’s Divine Power, because she’s a nice character to root for.

    And Kouji was definitely blushing. That wasn’t ‘oh man, her boobs are pressing into me’, that was “She’s so cute, does she really like me?”

  5. anaaga says:

    I really really like the pace of the development between Tanbabashi and Inari. Not too rushed and silly (though it looks cliche at the beginning), giving time for the audience to savor the slow-but-sure development between the two.

    I’m curious about the relationship between Touka and Uka-sama though. I wonder how it’s going to develop? Though I have this feeling from the start that Touka doesn’t really hate Uka-sama. He’s just being tsun about liking her. His eyes have been following her since forever.

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