Strike the Blood – 14


Since Kojou is just a tiiiiiny bit slow on initiative, some of the harem had to resort to this.

I went on the internet to try and find out what the witches’ names were without having to rewatch the episode and accidentally spoiled myself on a ton of key plot points. I now know more about Avrora than I really need to, and still had to rewatch the episode for names. OTL At least I’m still better off than Asagi, who apparently remains clueless until about volume 7. …Yep.


Since Vatler was the only one who knew that Kojou wasn’t himself on sight, does that make him the true waifu?

So much for seeing if anyone recognized him or not, Kojou just went to clear up any misunderstandings on his own. This is was probably a good move on his part, since it made the story progress so much faster, and like always, Yukina is fairly tolerant with whatever trouble Kojou gets himself into. Not a lot really happened with the main characters this episode aside from them running around. Asagi is still kind of relevant in the fact that she did giga backend network… something that helped Kojou and Yukina navigate the city, and Yaze helped too from afar because heaven forbid the series actually explain anything about his character. Who knows why Sayaka and La Folia were included in the episode considering how much they probably cut out of the story already, but I guess implied yuri and naked women are good for sales.


The real progression of the episode came from the motives becoming clear. …Or or at least, more clear. Kind of. The witches are looking for… something (who isn’t in this series?), Yuuma wants to free her mother, and who knows what Natsuki is up to. Yes, it all makes sense now. I suppose that there’s a good reason why the Witch of Notaria was imprisoned, but Yuuma must be pretty desperate if she’s willing to free countless dangerous criminals to get her back. Who knows why the Witches of Ashdown are there or what they’re looking for (maybe it’s another arm), but they became increasingly less important as the episode went on, since Yuuma is the one with the power to unleash whatever on Itogami. It’s surprising that Natsuki wasn’t the one causing the issues this time around, considering that she’s known for that type of magic. She probably still has something to do with this arc, since it’s about witches and they made a big point about how she’s disappeared in the last episode. Actually, thanks to spoilers, I have a vague idea what Natsuki’s role in all of this is, but it should be interesting to see how it fits into the arc.


It’s not like Nagisa could have helped or anything.

The childhood flashback wasn’t exactly a substantial scene, considering that it told us nothing about Yuuma and Kojou’s relationship aside from the fact that Yuuma was kind of a stalker and Nagisa had bad luck with her hat, but I guess it’s better than nothing. At least we know that Yuuma is actually a legitimate childhood friend and not just some supernatural person who inserted fake memories into Kojou and Nagisa’s heads. …Is that even possible? Considering all of the other things in this anime, I imagine that faking memories is possible. Anyways, the point is that the series still hasn’t explained knows why she fell for Kojou. Maybe it was because he was assertive or didn’t mind her following them. To be fair, who knows how anyone fell for Kojou on this show given how fast the girls’ one-sided crushes appear. 

The new OP and ED are here~. …And they’re surprisingly uneventful compared to the previous ones. Now how are we supposed to predict how many more girls are going to join the harem without the OP foreshadowing them? Actually, it’s kind of weird that both the OP and ED focus on Yukina as if she’s the OTP when Kojou has a ridiculous amount of women going on. Er, judging from how she’s on the book covers and how much screentime Yukina gets compared to everyone else, she is obviously the main girl. If Yukina is there though, then what’s the point of the rest of harem? I suppose this is the eternal question of Strike the Blood.

I think I liked the older OP better music-wise, but maybe this new one will grow on me. As for the arc itself, this one has been rather enjoyable. Both Yuuma and the Witches of Ashdown are causing problems, but the fact that they have different goals and (probably) aren’t working together makes things interesting. The body switching had less of Kojou acting like an oblivious idiot than I expected. They had to throw in the bathroom question, since that’s almost a requirement to body swapping events in anime, but Kojou avoided what could have been a long and tedious episode of misunderstandings. The body switching actually had an explanation too other than “lol magic did it”. …It was an overly complicated explanation, but it was an explanation nonetheless. Vatler has finally shown up too after an extended absence, but the anime is making his character pretty typical as far as motives go. I imagine the novels expand his character a bit more with scenes that the anime cut out, though I suppose that applies to all of the characters. The next episode should be interesting, in terms of finding out Yuuma’s motives. Plus Kojou hasn’t had a near-death (but not really) experience this arc yet, so that’s probably coming up too.



University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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32 Responses to “Strike the Blood – 14”

  1. nightblaze17 says:

    Where did you find those spoilers on the key points? I’m dying to know!

    • Karakuri says:

      To be perfectly honest, it’s all on Strike the Blood’s wikipedia page. xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Thanks! Now I know where to avoid spoilers… unless I’m tempted to read the manga. Tsk, I’m contradicting myself. 😛

        • Karakuri says:

          Yeah, I would have avoided them if I had known. They’re pretty important.

          • BlackBriar says:

            Well, the past can’t be changed so the best thing to do is be careful with potential spoiler stuff.

        • d-LaN says:

          Don’t count on the manga to catch up with the anime lol. Frm the looks of it the Index manga is only up to somewhere around Remnant of Tree Diagram arc.

          • belatkuro says:

            Actually the Index raw is at the Daihaseisai now but nonetheless still very far behind.

          • BlackBriar says:

            I know. Right now, the manga is still on chapter 11 on the site I visit and that’s still on “The Right Arm Of The Saint” arc.

      • d-LaN says:

        Never read the chinese wikipedia page of most LN that gets translated into chinese. Ever.

        Or did the english ver suddenly get efficient?

  2. zztop says:

    My usual sources don’t have much to say about this week’s ep, except that they liked the new OP and ED.
    Maybe d-Lan can help on any further LN elaborations. 🙂

  3. zztop says:

    Yaze helped too from afar because heaven forbid the series actually explain anything about his character.

    If you recall the earlier eps Kara, Yaze is Kojou’s true observer for the Lion King. Presumably as an observer he’s not allowed to directly interfere in anything Kojou’s involved himself in. I also remember a spoiler that Yaze’s family is deeply involved in Itogami’s activities, so he’s involved in some way too.

    I went on the internet to try and find out what the witches’ names were…
    One sister was called Octavia, but I never did hear the other sister’s name mentioned. I’m assuming Yuuma and the witches are loosely allied, although I could be wrong on this. Maybe d-Lan can help elaborate.

    Also, who does Tank Driver the AI work for?

    • Karakuri says:

      They were never that specific about his character from what the anime has shown, since the only thing specified was that he knew Paper Noise. So he IS actually part of the Lion King Organization?

      As far as I know, they’re Octavia and “Onee-sama”. xD

      …Hell if I know. Someone else will have to answer who Tank Driver works for. Something to do with Itogami.

    • d-LaN says:

      Tank Driver is an actual hacker. And a [retty efficient one at that since Asagi mantioned the management going all out for this by inviting him/her to come.

  4. zztop says:

    My sources this week didn’t have much to say, except they liked the new OP and ED. I’m surprised you didn’t like them, Kara.

    One hint I did get is that Vatler does play a big part in influencing Kojou to get stronger as a Progenitor. The reason is a big spoiler. :p

    It will be up to d-Lan to elaborate this week, sorry.

    • Karakuri says:

      I don’t mind the new OP, I just liked the first OP better. …I didn’t really have an opinion about the first ED, nor this one. Though the pastel animation is nice, I guess.

      If they never explain whatever the spoiler is in the anime, I’m going to have to remember to ask you what it is. xD

  5. zztop says:

    Official Fight 4 Real music video, shot in Dubai:

    Music video for the new ED, signal, also in Dubai:

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Why is it the episodes of a really enjoyable show always feel so short? It makes waiting for the next one that much more unbearable. The new OP and ED were nice. If anything, it’s foreshadowing that the island is in for further destruction given how all the characters are surrounded by ruins and it reinforces that fact Kojou and Yukina are ultimately going to be together, especially when taking a good look at the visuals for the ED’s last couple of seconds.

    No matter what, Yukina is the true waifu. No tolerance for infidelities, be they intentional or not. She certainly isn’t honest with herself hiding concern for Kojou’s well-being and dismissing it with the usual “observer” card. That line was blurred a long time ago because the real thing wouldn’t have feelings for their target, much less go as far as she has since the start.

    I’m guessing the two other witches are just servants to Yuuma’s mother and probably feel without a purpose with no one to direct them and they do seem to hold Yuuma in high regard as well for her power. There is some depression in Yuuma’s character while pulling her Saki Rukino-esque move and I’m not sure it’s about her mother. She most likely knew she had to manipulate the biggest source of power on the island but is upset it had to be Kojou and is worrying if he’ll forgive her.

    At least I’m still better off than Asagi, who apparently remains clueless until about volume 7. …Yep.

    If that’s the case and my assumptions are right about this, even when the show finishes its run, she still won’t have any clue to Kojou’s true self and the reveal won’t be made until a possible second season comes along. I understand the 24 episodes are covering 6 out of the 9 volumes from the LN so at least three more will have to be made before another season is green-lit. I hoping that happens soon.

    • Karakuri says:

      The new OP was rather bleak, wasn’t it. It was kind of surprising, since nothing has been that dark before in StB. If there’s an arc about Itogami’s destruction in the future, that should be an interesting watch.

      Yukina fell for Kojou pretty hard all the way in the first arc, but at least she’s been tolerant of him instead of the usual tsundere sidekick. Sure, she hits him occasionally, but she doesn’t blow up about every little thing he does.

      …If there are even 3 more volumes to this. There doesn’t seem to be that big on an overarching plot (aside from offside comments about Kojou’s existence causing issues with the world balance). Who knows when this will end.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, the OP was dark and full of angst whereas the first was the opposite with its light and almost optimistic feel. It showed things that may be causes for concern. Like that brief shot of Natsuki sitting like a lifeless doll and Nagisa exhibiting an unnerving smile which reminds me of how she was possessed in the second arc by some unknown spirit.

        As for the music itself, it was sung by ALTIMA who most know them for singing Accel World’s 2nd OP [Burst The Gravity]. [Fight 4 Real] felt like a mixture of Accel World and Railgun. I keep replaying it on youtube and hope it gets released.

        Falling for him is putting it mildly. Yukina really went out of her way for Kojou. Concern for him, keeping certain incidents from her superiors, letting him drink her blood on more than one occasion. Those two were an immediate pair waiting to happen. Her kind of tsundere is one I can tolerate without a problem.

        Yuuma wants her mother out but the one who should be locked away is Vatler and his idle hands. The guy knows something bad is going on but doesn’t care as long as he gets some fun fighting a strong opponent. His type are not to be trusted.

        You got to admit. Though Strike the Blood is nothing groundbreaking, it manages to be very entertaining.

  7. AllenAndArth says:

    i liked the ED and the OP even though the first were better, but, nevermind that…
    thi episode had revelations…and no i’m not talking about Sayaka and La Folia’s quite possible sideline relationship…That, by the way, had no use to anything in the plot…just eye candy for the one watching the episode… this episode we had kojou “switching” his body with Yuuma, who is a criminal and a witch…Yukina sure is tolerant with him, as expertly said by Karakuri and…nothing else useful, oh and there were the App Asagi created and Yaze being…well, himself…a very shady person

    • Karakuri says:

      If you think about it, Sayaka and La Folia probably have the right idea. There can only be one true wife (or at least, one 1st wife in the harem), so they all need to figure out what they’re going to do if Kojou picks someone who isn’t them. xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        I’m calling it how I see it: Yukina is going to be the waifu and the other girls will be Kojou’s mistresses. Simple as that. 😉

        • AllenAndArth says:

          from the looks of it…seems so, though if it were me…i would choose La Folia without doubts o/

          • BlackBriar says:

            My top two favorites are Yukina and La Folia. They’re just nice to watch.

  8. d-LaN says:

    If Yukina is there though, then what’s the point of the rest of harem? I suppose this is the eternal question of Strike the Blood.

    Variety, Kara 😛 Considering Yukina is somewhat the Mikoto of StB in terms of audience reception and La Folia is winning the english audience….

    -The flashback scene in the LN have a bit more detail in it but since they insert the Asagi scene here so I assume it will be brought up again and combined with another flashback. But for those who are interested:
    Show ▼

    -La Folia actually planned something reckless but I think the anime didn’t make it clear. But I think that scene is pretty much for fanservice and lolFolia with some explanation thrown in. (She thinks the love hotel setup are what considered to be hot spring lololol) Also, La Folia gun uses jewel as bullet.

    -It is said that Mogwai have a type of personality that is interested in other ppl troubles due to the purpose of his creation is to handle troublesome things. Even Yaze is cautious around him.

    -The Grimoires in StB are more of less the same thing with the ones in Index. But if the user couldn’t properly control it, the Grimoire will lose control and release its curses/magical energy as disaster along with its destruction. LCO is pretty much an organization of witches and mages that governs the Grimoires. They collect Grimoires and categorize them according to its uses. Only some selected individual are allowed to borrow the Grimoires for their personal use.

    -Remember the protection spell circle that surrounds the Grimoire 539? It was drawn using the Keystone Gate security guards blood and the wounded security guards are left alive as a living batteries to power it.

    -The older Meyer sister is Alma (?) and she likes seeing dying people while Octavia is the type who prefer to kill people.

    -The appearance of Rudolph is due to the “cracked” dimension. It is even able to drag things from another time to the present. And yes, the witches are searching for things hidden on the island.

    -The witches familiar are basically the demons the witches traded their souls with and is said to be able to fight on par with vampire familiars/kenju. But Vatler is just too OP for Witches of Ashdown.

    -In the LN, when Kujou and co tries to leave the cafe they are surrounded by a bunch of corpses in black outfit controlled by a necromancer. But the cheongsam sensei from previous episode return and help them to stall the corpses as she also an Attack Mage. She said that she is being asked by Natsuki to help Himeragi and Kujou during her absence.

    And we are now into the 4th chapter of LN4. Despite the things I listed, I’m pretty OK with this week episode since the amount of altering/cutting drop back to the level of earlier episode. Still a bit bummed the we couldn’t see Cheongsam-sensei kick some *ss though.

    The OP is song and animation is decent…. but I was expecting a more action packed OP. Though it sure sends the “Serious business” message quite clearly and I am reminded of the Academy City Invasion arc of Index. The ED is pretty nice too.

  9. d-LaN says:

    Dammit spammy.

    On an unrelated note, I just read a short story of STB that has Yukina daughter coming frm the future to the past ala Terminator style lololololol. Details in the spoiler:

    Show ▼

    TLDR: Harem route confirmed if the short story is canon.

  10. alphonse says:

    Yep probably a fanfic

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