Noragami – 03


Seems legit.

My vague plans to watch a bunch of anime titles weekly this season fell apart pretty quickly due to distractions and a bunch of papers being due in the first month of term for some reason. I guess I’m just meant to marathon. Noragami is pretty easy to keep up with though (…mostly because it’s really good).


Finally, we have the appearance of a god who isn’t Yato, and looking at Tenjin… well, Yato still seems to be at the bottom. It looks like better known gods have multiple shinki and way more money, so maybe Yato’s delusions aren’t as weird as they seem to be. Maybe they could come true if he collected enough money for a shine and such. …Of course, he has to get there first, and there’s always the problem of his personality.

Though once in a while, we’re given reminders that as pathetic as Yato seems at times, he’s still a god. One would think that he would be all over saving people from ayakashi, but this episode, he was rather indifferent. He wasn’t out to help the people trying to commit suicide, but instead blamed the fact that they were weak in the first place as the reason why ayakashi could take over. Hiyori provided a good character foil to this attitude, since she just feels like helping everyone, but this just goes to show that Yato isn’t as human as he seems at times. The sympathy in not wanting anyone to commit suicide in front of shinki reflects this too. It’s kind of understandable why he’d have no sympathy for anyone throwing their lives away, since Yato has to work with shinki all the time and is constantly reminded of their feelings of wanting to be alive. His attitude is still harsh, but his view on life and death is different.


Yukine and Mayu are pretty sympathetic figures. Or I guess all shinki are, since they’re all dead and they obviously wanted to live since none of them committed suicide. …Which raises the question as to where the souls with suicidal thoughts who died in accidents outside of their control sit in this world. Could they be candidates for shinki, or are they still impure? However, that’s not really relevant to the episode. What is relevant is that Yukine has it pretty harsh, since Yato can’t really provide much. Sure, Yato tries to look out for Yukine by taking fish or clothing, but it’s a pretty pitiful situation all the same.

Not only are they dead, but there’s also a ton of things that the shinki are not allowed to do since it effects their god. For example, Yukine having impure thoughts caused Yato physical pain this episode, even if they were minor. It’s no wonder that Yato commented that having a teenager as a shinki would be a hassle. Though this connection between shinki and god also explains why Tomone was allowed to leave Yato so easily. It wasn’t really stated this episode, but the mental health of the shinki can also cause problems for the god. If the shinki is seriously unhappy, that also can cause pain or worse for the god. Yato really had no choice but to let her leave, since making her stay would have caused more harm than good. Oh, the fact that she changed names and is insistent on being called “Mayu” is pretty significant too, though the plot should go into that soon.


I read the manga to Noragami (or at least, up to partway through volume 4, since that’s all that’s been translated) and it’s really good~. The anime has been adding little things into the action scenes and taking things out, but the anime has been a great adaptation so far. Really, the only huge thing that’s missing is that the bullied girl with the pigtails had a longer story to it, but Hiyori wouldn’t have been introduced until episode 2 if they hadn’t cut that, so it’s understandable. Plus while we’re missing information about Yato’s personality that was introduced in that chapter, this episode covered some of it. What wasn’t covered this episode should come up soon. There’s also the fact that Yato has some ability that can cut relationships too (which I’m not even going to attempt to explain, since it’s rather abstract), but I’m sure the anime will go into that when it becomes relevant. Because I read the manga though, I’m now really looking forward to hearing a lot of the seiyuu in their character roles. In particular, I’m looking forward to seeing (hearing?) Sawashiro as Bishamon~. Her voice will be perfect for the role. Though looking at the voice cast in general, the people in charge chose well. (I’m actually really curious as to what kind of voice Kugimiya Rie is going to use for her character.)

Do I even need to comment on Hiyori anymore? She’s just an awesome character, even if she can’t do much. Yato’s image kind of changed a bit this episode, but it’s rounding out his character and as for Yukine… well, you’ll see where his character goes. This anime is still super good all around between the story and production. Looking at the manga, the extra animation they’re adding to the fight scenes is great. I’ve never really paid close attention to the action scenes and compared an anime to the manga before. So I don’t know if adding extra actions is uncommon, or if I just noticed it in Noragami because it’s well done, but I really enjoy it here.


Ono Daisuke and Toyosaki Aki’s characters are up next~


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21 Responses to “Noragami – 03”

  1. zztop says:

    FYI Kara, Tenjin is an actual Shinto deity of learning, the deification of Heian-era scholar-politician Sugawara no Michizane.

    Many Japanese students pray to him for success in their entrance exams, so that makes him better known than Yato in many ways. 🙂

    PS. Yukine sounds like that crazy shorty from Valvrave, the red-haired one who wanted to kill everything. 😀

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      Kaji Yuuki voiced Q-vier in valvare and is also the seiyuu for Yukine. I myself quite enjoy the Noragami Manga and so far the anime has been doing a good job portraying Yato’s personality. Gotta say i adore Hiyori for some reason. As for the pigtail girl whose back story was skipped in ep 1, two Noragami ova’s will be coming soon; the first one in February. Im almost positive one of those Ova’s are going to cover that part of the manga.

      • Japaninspired says:

        I was also wondering why they skipped the chapter with that girl, since it was quite interesting, and shows Yato’s character well.

        And as for Hiyori, isn’t she the best? I mean, as a female character, she’s amazing.

        • sonicsenryaku says:

          I think it has to]o do with the fact that she tries to make things happen rather than just sitting around and has a big heart to back up her actions. She puts herself in the way for others, in the same way she did for Yato in the first ep and that’s what enhances her appeal.

          • Japaninspired says:

            You’ve perfectly described her.
            I love the fact that she went to look for a Shinki for Yato, but had no idea what she’s looking for. She even went to do that!

        • akagami says:

          I’m curious, what chapter is that one? I don’t normally read manga before an anime if both are out/airing since I don’t want to be spoiled, but I’m curious about reading that chapter.

          I can’t remember though, who is this pig-tailed girl you are referring to?

        • akagami says:

          Oh hm, it’s the first chapter. I didn’t get much out of that chapter other than a little more back story on why Tomoki wanted to quit. I agree with Tomoki 100%, in her place I would have bailed (probably sooner). While I understand where he is coming from, to some extent, he’s going about it the wrong way to get his point across. But really, a war god shouldn’t be out doing therapist work… shouldn’t he out there casuing wars and building followers? I mean, a war god doing charity work is clearly suboptimal. Or he could do a class change.

    • BlackBriar says:

      PS. Yukine sounds like that crazy shorty from Valvrave, the red-haired one who wanted to kill everything.

      You are correct because Yukine is voiced by Yuki Kaji who has been spreading all over the place as of late.

      Last year, he played all of these: Magi S1’s Alibaba, Shinsekai Yori’s Satoru Asahina, Zetsuen no Tempest’s Megumu Hanemura, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)’s Eren Jaeger, Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko’s Youto Yokodera, Kakumeiki Valvrave’s Q-vier, Diabolik Lover’s Kanato Sakamaki, High School DxD New’s Issei Hyoudo, Blood Lad’s Knell Hydra, Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta’s Akina Hiizumi.

  2. Japaninspired says:

    Karakuri-san, I’m not sure if it was mentioned before, but did you write that Yato’s “self-advertising” is only seen to people, who have trouble?
    Otherwise it looks like vandalism xDD

  3. skylion says:

    Lots of normal folk have blase to adverse reactions to the suicidal. It’s odd, but it is how we cope. And give than Yato has to deal with the dead, I can understand where he comes from. But we are meant to be more interested in Hiyori’s reaction.

  4. zztop says:

    So gods like Yato are affected by the earthly desires of their Regalia, eh?
    *runs off to make ero-magazine/manga offerings to Yukine*

  5. HannoX says:

    Hiyori is a great character and I love how she takes action and tries to fight the ayakashi. However, I hope she starts being more effective soon. And I think she will be. The fact that she’s between the two worlds has to have more meaning than that her soul can leave her body and she can see denizens of the other world.

  6. Highway says:

    You know, I’m not quite sure what it is, but this show has been making me feel just not that excited about it. Perhaps it just feels like it’s not really getting anywhere, or it’s spending an awful lot of time setting things up without actually doing anything. Maybe some of it is Hiyori’s impatience, while I’m not exactly sure how much time is passing in the show, it feels like she’s just extremely impatient and, because of that, careless with both her body and her soul. And maybe I am put off by the dynamic of Yato always having to come bail her out because she gets into situations she just doesn’t understand, because of her impatience.

    Maybe I want her to trust Yato more, not necessarily to the point where she’s subservient to him, but at least listen to what he says so that she doesn’t get in trouble.

    I dunno, maybe it’s just because this show ends up being late on Sunday. Just for whatever reason, I don’t really look forward to it.

  7. AllenAndArth says:

    i liked Yato’s brief change on personality in the episode, i looked like quite the reminder that, as pathetic as he is, Yato’s still a War God

  8. Tyrion says:

    I disliked chapter 30 of the manga a lot.. made me sad and a bit mad

  9. BlackBriar says:

    So even among deities, there are social statuses. Well, that bites. It makes them look no different and as vain as humans.

    Hiyori continues to be fun to watch and her moral compass isn’t mildly screwed like Yato after that cold remark about people committing suicide. Hopefully, though she isn’t a god, she’ll get her own Regalia. I have a feeling that soon enough, her martial arts won’t be enough.

    I like that Yukine treats Yato like dirt. I rather not have a side character that hopelessly clings to the lead all the time and it serves as a kind of lesson that life is going to kick you when you’re down but you got to get up.

  10. Overcooled says:

    I hope they let Hiyori start and finish her own fight soon. Ever since her first Jungle Savate she’s had to be saved by Yato quite a few times. I know one cut of her tail means she’s done, but ahhh I just wanna see her fight alongside Yato. She’s totally willing to.

    Glad to hear this is a good manga adaptation. I’ve been really enjoying Noragami so far, and hearing that there’s more awesomeness to come is comforting. I’m still on the fence about Yukine but he’s kinda growing on me!

  11. TheVoid says:

    I just want to pet Yato on the head and tell him he’ll get that shrine someday.

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