Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – 03

Mashiro equipped Jam, +9001% moe.

Knowing Hakuya’s insistence on keeping the past a secret, I was surprised that it would come out so easily and so quickly. I would have thought he’d have asked Benio and whoever else who knew to keep quiet as well.


The Past

What happens in the mountains stays in the mountains.

So now the cat is out of the bag. What happened was Kobeni visited Hakuya’s place in the mountains in the past, and the two fell off a cliff when they were playing. Hakuya mustered all the strength he could to make it back home despite his injuries, and Kobeni was rescued thanks to his efforts. What strikes me as odd though, is how much sway this past event seems to have. Benio reveals that she would have been opposed to “giving away” her beloved imouto to a guy. But because Hakuya is said imouto’s life’s savior, she can’t do anything about it. Does owing your life to someone entitle them to claim it? That sounds pretty ludicrous to me. Next we are reminded yet again of the tremendous power the Yonomori grandfather has over the family. I know it’s been said several times now that his word is final in their family, thus all the more reason that Kobeni’s engagement cannot be overturned. But then the show gives us something apparently contradictory when Hakuya himself says that Kobeni has the power to chose to go through with it or not. So in the end, who really has the final say?

Warming Up

Soon to be a blushing bride.

The way I see it, the most likely answer is that the choice really is up to Kobeni. And I say this because I am confident Hakuya is being sincere and will respect her wishes. So no matter how hard the Yonomori grandfather may try to push their engagement, he cannot force it to happen if the other party chooses to listen to Kobeni instead of him. Though none of that may matter anyway since Kobeni is clearly warming up to Hakuya. And by a lot, even though most of the things he’s said and done to make her haato go doki doki have been pretty troparific. It’s like listening to a guy use the corniest pick-up lines, and we expect him to fail miserably. Except they work somehow. But I guess as long as Kobeni herself finds something attractive about his warm albeit cheesy lines, then so be it. Admittedly Hakuya’s actions are a much more legitimate measure of his genuine care for her, so it’s not like Kobeni is falling for him for no good reason.

Extra Lolis

Show ▼

There’s also a bunch of Mashiro-ness in this episode of Mikakunin. But it’s the same old same old. I do appreciate the greater inclusion of the other student council members though. Nadeshiko is great for acting as a counter against Benio. I feel sorry that she has to deal with Benio reporting all her fantasy dreams about her imoutos over the phone, but that probably just drives Nadeshiko to keep a tighter leash on the imouto-loli obssessed student council president.

Nadeshiko is having none of this nonsense.


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9 Responses to “Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – 03”

  1. skylion says:

    The Japanese have a concept of giri, indebtedness, that is playing quite heavy into this show. Given that Hakuya’s family is told to be an older, much more tradition bound family is very telling. And I think the show is a conversation about those concepts of older traditions vs. more modern ones.

    What would be interesting would be to reveal that Hakuya does have genuine feelings for Kobeni, but being the type, he cannot quite express it. Good thing he has someone there to express everything for him. Well, Mashiro is something of a double edged weapon.

    I love it how that Mashiro bit became viral within a day!

  2. Highway says:

    Given that Kobeni’s grandfather has passed away, his influence is waning. And neither of her parents seem particularly interested in forcing her to uphold the family’s honor by marrying Hakuya against her will. On top of that, Hakuya himself does not want Kobeni forced to marry him, so I’m sure if she didn’t want to, he’d release her from the ‘paper’ obligation. Even Mashiro understands that Hakuya can’t just sit back and expect Kobeni to marry him.

    This was definitely a better amount of Mashiro, although I’m not sure if more Benio is a great tradeoff. I’d really like to see more of Hakuya and Kobeni, actually, and have Hakuya learn to be more demonstrative.

    I do wonder what he’s doing building those buildings. Is that some sort of traditional thing where if it’s finished it won’t fall down? Or is it just that you’re supposed to treat them more carefully so they don’t collapse?

  3. HannoX says:

    I agree with Highway that this show needs to focus more on Hakuya and Kobeni and develop their relationship. After all, their engagement is supposed to be the focus of the show. Or is it just the McGuffin? At any rate they should ease off on the antics of Mashiro and Benio and turn their attention to the relationship between Hakuya and Kobeni as that has the potential to be interesting and give us a good story, not just a series of antics.

  4. AllenAndArth says:

    i liked this episode more, they managed to balance things out…there was a great improvement on Hakuya and Kobeni’s side, not to mention that Kobeni finally remembered what happened.
    Hakuya does like Kobeni i can see it, even if he isn’t good… he does small things and Kobeni’s starting to pick up on them…
    Mashiro-jam combo is mortal *0*
    GO HAKUYA you can make your castle, you almost got it on this episode, don’t give up, YES YOU CAN o/

  5. Foshizzel says:

    A great episode this week and finally the truth is revealed about the past. Also the whole owing someone that saved their life is one of the oldest things in anime! I always see it in like Shounen where one character saves another and they keep a mental note that one day they will return the favor? Yeah that can’t really be applied to this series, but I get the feeling that it is up to Kobeni if she wants to marry Hakuya in the end or I hope so LOL

    Besides that it was great to see Kobeni as the somewhat main focus even though Mashiro was sharing the spotlight again, but at least she wasn’t as crazy as she was in episode two.


  6. BlackBriar says:

    Talk about brainwashing. Benio has everyone so out of their rational mind that they’re unable to notice her lolicon/stalker tendencies towards Mashiro.

    Anyway, things are still heavily one sided. Kobeni and Hakuya need to get more screen time since the story is supposed to revolve around them.

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