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I don’t get how I’m always late for Magi (probably because of the yaoi eroge I’ve been playing for the entire week), but this week’s episode contributes to my laziness to blog it.

Since I read the manga, I knew that this part of Magnostadt was going to be animated sooner or later, and it’s the part that I dislike the most (the reason why I was so reluctant at watching it last week). It was so… Gruesome. When I read it in the manga, I literally wanted to vomit in disgust for what Magnostadt did to the Goi. Then I wanted to burn all the Goi alive for what they did to the magicians. It was just… Horrible. I’m glad the anime really toned down the scenes, because it was much worse in the manga.. It was depressing.


Besides of the scenes that are pretty graphic for once-so-innocent Magi, the reason why I didn’t like this part is how it gives me so much emotional conflict. Of course, what I don’t like from this is what makes this part shines the most. There are so many ideas and beliefs conflicting in here, clashing with each other like angry soldiers. The audience, as the third-party, sees the flaws of these ideas and the blindness of the idealists, those who believe in those ideas without ay consideration of its flaw. This is what happened to Moghamet. He was broken because he didn’t anticipate the flaws of his beliefs, and these flaws broke him when they were exposed to him in the cruelest ways. The same goes for the Goi who only drank and do nothing in the underground city. Yes, they spent their days in pure “bliss,” but obviously they should’ve known that there will be risk for such lives, and in their case, their lives and magoi. Annddd the goi were kind of mean to the magicians before too (it was kind of dumb to be mean to magicians, but I guess it’s human nature to fear something beyond their capability). So yeah, their scenarios might seem tragic, but they had it coming.


But… I’d be lying if I didn’t feel bad for these characters. They have their own circumstances; their situations are not as ideal and simple as they seem. There’s more to them than just blindly believing what they believe in. This is where I feel conflicted. I know what these characters are lacking, but I understand how these characters are feeling. I know why these people are acting like this. Besides, isn’t it a fact that everybody have their own truths? What these characters do might look wrong to us, but for them, they’re right. There’s no absolute right or wrong here. Just… People blindly doing what they believe in.


While Moghamet and the Goi doing their things, it seems that Titus is starting to waver whatever mission he’s supposed to do. Not exactly wavered, just extremely distracted with some of the most normal things in life. Which brings this question: who or what is Titus? It seems that he’s related to the Lehm magi, but she didn’t get married or anything. And she’s a magi. The normal things we take for granted becomes something extraordinary for him, and this means that he’s someone who was not raised like a normal child. Was he confined or something? He seems to sympathize with Nina who haven’t seen the outside world. In fact, he sympathizes too much to the point where he’s planning to visit her again when he has the chance to. Just… Who is Titus?

Ugh, that was painful to watch. For my heart, of course. I wanted to slap these characters to bring some sense to them, but I can’t help but sympathizing all of them. Oh, the pain of being a third-party.

As it can be seen, I was very emotional when I watched these two episodes. But I bet I’m not the only one because that was just ugh. What I do like from these episodes is how the mangaka did a brilliant job at providing the perspectives of the characters in the story. We get to see Goi’s side, and we get to see the magicians’ side. It brings balance, since this means that the audience can decide which side they want to take after seeing all the parties involved. Of course, these kind of things would lead to heated debates, but that’s where the mangaka succeeded. She was able to put the stories together in such a way to the point where the audience stars to care for the characters, making them feel closer to the characters. And of course, getting more attached to the characters means getting more attached to the series itself. So smart of Shinobu Ohtaka.

Another thing I like is how the audience can see so many things packed in one perfectly like this. The budding friendship between the three and the humorous conversation among them, the internal conflict felt by Titus and Aladdin, the mystery vibe given by Magnostadt, the disturbing brainwash system disguised as education in the academy, the pitiful state of both Goi and magicians, and so on. I just love how everything is mashed together without making the story looks awkward. Episode 14 & 15 are painful, but they’re definitely great, even better than the previous episodes. At least, for me. What do you think?

Preview: Seems like Aladdin is getting some new “lesson” from the blond magician


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8 Responses to “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 14 – 15”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Kekekeke… All according to keikaku… (T/L note: Keikaku means plan)

    • BlackBriar says:

      It’s all part of the plan.

    • anaaga says:

      It’s a smart brainwashing, I’d say. But I guess education do brainwash people in a way, eh?

      That’s actually an interesting topic. Does education brainwash the students?

  2. BlackBriar says:

    The two episodes provoked a lot of emotions, especially ep 15. The world of Magi is really grey with the views of its characters. Neither side is completely in the wrong or right which makes it hard to place any blame.

    Personally, I’m more sympathetic towards Moghamet because his story was really stomach turning seeing him and those similar being used and cast aside like objects when their role is done. When I’m watching animes with moral dilemmas like this, I’m mostly inclined to support the non-human side because they look like the more oppressed side and that I know too well what the humans are capable of if given too much freedom. They go wild and ignore the moral ramifications of their actions.

    • anaaga says:

      Your answer somewhat piqued my interest. Why would you pick the non-human instead of human, aside from sympathy? Is it because you’re a human yourself, so you would know how a human would react?
      What about the humans like Sinbad? And other humans who were oppressed by magicians (such as the second gen. goi)? Seeing from humans’ side, they also struggled.

      If you were Aladdin, which side will you pick?

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, the aspect of human nature is a troublesome thing to think about: Knowing what you’re already capable of if given too much freedom and being afraid of what else might surface when put under pressure. It’s why sometimes people feel disgusted with themselves.

        I’m sympathetic with the non-human species because they’re born with extra traits that makes them targets for isolation and discrimination. Most of them turn out to be kindhearted and if they do turn bad, it’s out of profound suffering for being treated like a monster. They didn’t ask to have them so it’s not their fault. Like the Shiki killing for survival since it’s a natural obligation. And because of that, the humans are always ready to use and/or wipe them out completely without giving a chance on the fear of being outnumbered.

        I’m alright with humans like Sinbad and his generals because they know there are different species but still show acceptance and don’t try to impose dominance. And I would show sympathy to oppressed humans who’ve never tried to shun others because they’re not the same species or are of different social stature. Those like Marga, Morgiana or Dunya before she fell into despair and got twisted by Al Tharmen.

  3. Miss Madness says:

    I had been waiting for you to get to this part of the arc. Because you are right it hurts, so much. It’s even sadder how the issues there end up being solved.

    I remember when I got to this part in the manga I thought about Harry Potter. I was thinking at the time, the conflict between the two sides weren’t very balance there was clearly a side to root for. HERE THOUGH it’s hard to picking a side since both sides have done terrible things to the other.

    • BlackBriar says:

      It’s hard to watch because what they do is obscene yet you can’t fully put the blame on them.

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