Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 13


Every female teacher should be like this

 From Kou to Dark Continent, we’re finally back in Magnostadt to see how Aladdin is doing (and to get back to the plot). I really hope they quicken the pace or else the last battle will be screwed again.

Titus & Reim


Meet Titus, the most annoying student in the academy who happened to be the smartest also. At least, he starts off as an annoying character, but thankfully, he’ll get better later on. Anyway, back to his annoying character. It seems that he’s from a noble family, and his attitude really did show that part of him. Though he acts like an ass (at first) to Aladdin, I actually do like how he actually has a reason for being an ass. I know there are some anime characters who happened to be asses because they’re literally shallow, but Titus is being a jerk for a reason. He’s smart at combining magic. Not even real humans me can combine things like that. With that brain of his (plus his lineage), it’s no wonder that Titus is such a proud character. And we all know how proud characters behave.


When I saw the conversation he had with Scheherazade though, I’m starting to wonder about his annoying character (at least, when I read it in the manga). Was his proud attitude just an act? He does have this special mission from Scheherazade, which is the reason why he is in Magnostadt. Maybe that attitude of his is necessary to do his investigation. Maybe it’s something high-class, and that high class attitude is a part of his mission in Magnostadt. Besides, what in the world is Scheherazade planning? My guess is that she’s trying to find out about the illegal magic tools or whatever those are. I think there was some mention about Magnostadt stacking up Magoi? If that’s what Scheherazade is trying to find out, it makes sense for her to have a spy in Magnostadt. Suddenly I’m worried about Titus.

True Face of Magnostadt


It is more like the true face of the academy, but since Magnostadt is all about magic, so I guess the academy is Magnostadt. So far we’ve seen the good side of the academy, but now it’s time to see how bad Magnostadt is. Though the evil part of Magnostadt is not shown yet, it can already be seen from the commentary of the teacher about “batlling Aladdin and Titus to death” for the number one rank in the academy. I happen to be majoring in Education, and trust me, that is not how a teacher should be. So yeah, the teachers are evil. Now if normal teachers are like that, imagine how the headmaster is. He looks like a nice old man, but I bet there’s more to him than that. Gosh, just what in the world is Magnostadt and what are they planning?

Extra Magic:

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That was a pretty good episode. It’s nice seeing Aladdin again all grown up after such a long absence. He’s no longer my cute shota *sob* Ehm, he’s not a shota anymore, but he’s still the same old kawaii Aladdin. There was a time skip, but Aladdin’s development can be seen from his fighting style during the battle (something about combining magic with martial arts). It’s kawaii how Aladdin hasn’t forgotten the others despite o the amount of time he has spent in Magnostadt. Speaking of the same ol’ Aladdin, it seems that he’s slowly recovering his memory from the other world. It seems that the other world was destroyed because of a huge war between magicians and humans? Maybe that’s what Magnostadt’s plan is? What do you think?

Preview: the gate of truth. Prepare to be in RAGE MODE



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5 Responses to “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – 13”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    A very good episode. The second season sure has been more promising than the first (Actually, the first half of the first season was quite a bore). Aladdin has come a long way and he’s become more self sufficient though he still retains his perversion. Not that he could be blamed for it this time because Titus does look girlish.

    For a high born talented magician, Titus didn’t annoy me as much as I thought he would. His ego’s clearly there but it hardly pisses me off. Attitudes like his comes with the territory of being exceptional. He and Aladdin are more or less on equal grounds even if they don’t use the same techniques. You can say one makes up for what the other lacks. And they’re both Magis. This is getting more interesting as the story goes along.

    • anaaga says:

      Awww, why was season one boring? I think they did a good job at introducing the characters in the first half of the series.

      Titus will play a big role for this arc, so I’m sure you’ll like his development.

      inb4 Titus x Aladdin doujinshi!

  2. zztop says:

    The littlest pervert strikes again! but no squishy rewards, sorry ┐(´-`)┌

    • anaaga says:

      Well, sometimes Aladdin need to accept his reward no matter what it is… Which happened to be Titus right now! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Titus is more than meets the eye!

    He is really (drumroll)
    Show ▼

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