Kuroko no Basuke – 40


Anime 101: Anime characters losing their eyes is a bad sign

If only this episode isn’t so awesome, I would’ve not written anything this week because the stress is killing me. Why can’t real life be as simple as magical basketball?

Kagami & Kuroko


Welp, turned out that Kuroko’s tears becomes Kagami’s flip. His play changed drastically when he sees Kuroko. He becomes more serious to the point where he can keep up with Aomine’s strength, stamina, and unpredictable play. Hell, he was even able to copy some of Aomine’s move. If only the ball didn’t touch Aomine’s fingertip, I bet the ball would’ve scored. IF ONLYYYY /bang fist on desk/ Anyway, Riko’s father mentioned that his dependency on Kuroko hinders Kagami’s talent, and I guess he has a point. Kagami relied on Kuroko so much he didn’t unleash everything of his.

But imagine if Kuroko didn’t approach Kagami. Will he be in control like how he is now? What if he turned out to be another Aomine if Kuroko didn’t touch Kagami’s hearttalent? Besides, it was Kuroko who triggered Kagami to use his whole energy and power! Not only that, but Kuroko also pushed Kagami to the max, giving him encouragement whenever he hits the wall and staying by Kagami’s side when the blood rushes to his head. So Kuroko might have hindered Kagami’s talent, but Kuroko should be credited for pushing Kagami to the way he is now.


Besides, Kagami’s not the only one that’s improving. Though Kuroko’s Ignite Pass Kai got slapped like that by Aomine, Kuroko was able to recover (though he went through shock for a while). I think that’s amazing of him, being able to recover from such attack from Aomine, mentally and physically. He did work hard for his pass, after all. Again, Kagami should be credited for helping Kuroko to recover in such amount of time. So maybe their dependency hinders each other’s progress, but that is also the reason why both of them are stronger now.

Serious Aomine


Aomine’s full power is not shown yet, but I have a feeling that it’s building up in this episode. With Kagami, his movement becomes more swift, and his speed increases rapidly. But it’s not enough. Kagami’s catching up to him. And what can he do except unleashing his full power? Besides, that’s what the megane dude said also. And it can be seen from Aomine already. That evil grin, that unfocused eyes… Aomine is building up for his moment, and all of us are deinitely waiting for it.


Show ▼

ASDFGHJKL ZXCVBNM< WERTYUIOP. What can I say except that? It was an episode with not much plot development since we’re still in the third quarter (and it was just Seirin and Touou keep attacking each other), but IT WAS SO AMAZING. ALL THAT HYPE. ALL THAT MOVEMENTS. ALL THAT KAGAMI AND AOMINE. Seriously, it was just so AMAZING, and I can’t wait for next week’s episode. Especially Aomine NNGGHH It’s gona be so goooooddddd.

Preview: Something amazing is so going to happen, or else Akashi won’t have this expression.


Ugly Akashi looks handsome because he’s Akashi


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26 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke – 40”

  1. Namika says:

    Amazing, as always :3 UUUUUU I wonder, what is there about Imayoshi? I feel like he’s gonna shine in the next episode. Either way it’s obvious that, excuse me, shit will get real.
    Kagami actually surprised me. So something that was preventimg him from reaching Aomine’s level was his mental state. Good. And who the hell did he go to see in America? I want that backstory.
    HHHNNNNNGGGGG~ I loved this episode <3 the guys are so freaking cool, starting with Kagami himself.
    Can't wait 'till next week~ <3 <3

    • Japaninspired says:

      Dont worry. “That someone” will come. And if you actually re-watch the episode where little Kagami playes basketball, you can see “that someone” standing on the side 😉
      She is actually quite an unusual character. And, I guess you can say, that Riko will be very “surprised” to see her.

      • Namika says:

        Aaaaaaah, how stupid of me ^^
        another female character, finally 😀 there’s too much testosterone in this anime 😀

  2. Namika says:

    Funny thing – why didn’t anyone thing about screening Kuroko before? Right now it feels like such a natural solution. Yes, he’s Kuroko, but it’s not like he’s legitimately invisible, so why didn’t anyone thing about it before??? o-o Props to Momoi

    • Namika says:

      Typos. My worst enemy ==”

    • Japaninspired says:

      I dont really understand that too.
      But I never liked Momoi, and at this moment I got to hate her even more. Such a slutty character. And also a trator.

      • Namika says:

        Well…. she really is kinda hypocritical. But not that much, really. Imagine, what would you do in her place. Wouldn’t the choice be difficult but obvious at the same time? Aomine is her friend, and she’s the manager of his team. Of course she must help them win o-o

        • AllenAndArth says:

          job and feelings are two different things…she can like kuroko and still be a good manager helping her team win, even if her team is playing against kuroko.
          seems perfectly understandable to me

          • Japaninspired says:

            Feelings and job? Well, what about Akashi? They are on different teams, but they still have the agreement of not Show ▼

            • anaaga says:

              Wait wait wait, when did they make this agreement? I don’t remember reading it.

            • Namika says:

              UUUUUUUUuuuuuu spoiler tags >_< *RESIST*

            • AllenAndArth says:

              that’s because Akashi is a scary fellow…
              they fear him uncounsciously
              Show ▼

        • Japaninspired says:

          I already answered on this in the reply to AllenAndArth-san, so you can read it there 🙂

    • anaaga says:

      My guess is that Kuroko keeps disappearing, moving from one place to another. It’s not like anybody can exactly pin-point his exact location in the field since he’s kinda invisible and all that, and only some can actually notice it. In this case, Imayoshi

  3. Japaninspired says:

    “Ugly Akashi looks handsome because he’s Akashi” xDD nooo, Akashi is handsamu~ not ugly, lol.
    Even thought he’s a bit crazy. And he like to “play” with scissors.

    Idk. I think this episode was one of the best out there. So much action and such great animation.

    Oh, and btw, I love the new OP and ED. And I really like how they did the moment Seirin players pass the ball to each other in the ED.

    Cant wait for the next episode. things will get so interesting.

    • Namika says:

      Naaaah, the previous ones were million times better =3=
      Though Ono Kensho’s voice does sound pleasant <3 I didn't even know until Kyokai-san said that it was him. I was too busy criticizing the new op/ed combo 😀 😀 😀

      • Japaninspired says:

        The previous ones? Which ones did you like the most?

        Really? I thought you can easily hear that it’s Kuroko’s voice. He has a certain something that you hear anywhere.
        Right at the beginning of the song you can hear it really clearly 🙂

        • Namika says:

          First opening of the 2nd season was the best in my opinion.

          Yeah, you really can. But I totally didn’t notice the song and starting going on about how boring this ending was 😀 yeah, I just loved last op/eds so much that I went into rage mode 😀

          • Japaninspired says:

            I like all of them, but my favorite one is the ED “Catal Rhythm” by OLDCODEX.

            Rage mode? xD why? Noo, it’s quite good. It’s just a bit softer. But I guess, it’s because Kuroko’s character songs are “soft”. I mean, they’re not so harsh…or, how do you say it…

            • Namika says:

              Yeah, I know what u mean by soft. His voice is so smooth and calming <3
              Ahh, yes that ending. It's so fancervice and I love it. I think, I would also call it my favorite of the bunch

    • anaaga says:

      I’m slowly appreciating the OP/ED now. Though I still don’t like the OP. I’m liking the ED better now

      • Namika says:

        Both songs are nice, I’ll admit that. But the end result was too slow/boring/weak. After ‘The other self’ this was rather dull

  4. Kyokai says:

    One of the best episodes and damn I got so hype that I went and spoiled myself by reading the manga. Oh I can’t wait for this match’s progress!!!

  5. NoSicko says:

    Great post, anaaga!!!

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