Kuroko no Basuke – 38


Even character description doesn’t know what Kuroko’s position is in the game

This was supposed to be done hours ago, but then I ate some sushi then read yaoi… Hey, Kyo gave me the yaoi title, so don’t blame me. It was so good. And it’s not that bad right, reading yaoi before writing about yaoi sport?

Akashi is Here and We All Shout in Joy


It’s A.KA.SHIIIIIIIIIIII ASDFGHJKL. All Kuroko fans were dying to see him, and HERE HE IS AND I’M STILL EXCITED OVER HIM /cough/ Ehm, after all the waiting, the Captain of Teiko’s golden years is finally here. His physical appearance seems decent with his fit body, red hair, dichromatic eyes, and a smile that will always make everybody freeze in their spot while having mental breakdown. Pretty normal, yes? Definitely “normal.”

Both the anime and manga emphasize on Akashi’s position above others because of his greatness. Heck, even the other characters know it without having being told. This can be seen when the GoM obeys Akashi’s summoning without questioning it and not complaining straight to Akashi’s face despite of his being late. One of the Rakuzan members also mentioned that Akashi is so great that even winning becomes a part of his body function, just like how breathing is to other people. Basically, breathing equals winning for Akashi. That’s just how monstrous his power is. Not that the person doesn’t realize it, since he’s using his power to position himself above others. This cocky attitude of his can be seen by him calling the GoM by their first names and how he shooed Furi without any compassion whatsoever. His scissor play with Kagami also shows his merciless personality, not giving any second thought to crush those who disobey him no matter who they are. But we can say nothing about it because he earned that respect, admiration, and fear. I am sure that being the captain in Teiko has a lot of burden, and Akashi carried it by himself. Who knows, Akashi probably ends up like this because of his being captain in Teiko? There is also that hidden power of his that’s not revealed yet, and for him to earn the title of captain, his power must be fearsome (it’s awesome, actually). Though Akashi has only made his appearance, he definitely left a mark in the audience’s mind. Let’s see how he actually is as the story progresses.


A captain walks alone… Because he’s too awesome to walk with his slaves

Winter Cup is Starting!


Nothing much can be said about Winter Cup because it just started, but it seems that both teams are giving it their all even though the game just started. It’s nice seeing Seirin being calm despite of facing Touo, the one who defeated Seirin, as their first rival. That’s so much pressure already, not to mention how the audience were literally discouraging Seirin (those audience are horrible people). But Seirin is still going strong. Though the first point was taken by Touou with that alley-oop Aomine slapped on Kagami’s face, it seems that Seirin still has some tricks with Kuroko’s… Ignite Pass Kai? I was wondering why he had to pick Ignite Pass out of all things, but since it’s upgraded, I guess it will have some surprise that can counterattack Touou. I mean, look at the amount of wind that gathered around Kuroko, it’s like Kamehameha. Let’s just pray that Ignite Pass Kai can turn the table into Seirin’s favor.


Now with more wind

Extra Akashi Balls:

Show ▼

My inner fangirl loves the first half of this episode. This is because of Akashi, of course. After such a long time, he finally appeared, and he lived up to my expectation as an insane character. That introduction was just fabulous. That red hair, that dichromatic eyes, that proud commanding tone of his, that scissor scene, Akashi is just great. Though his jutsu is not shown yet, it seems that it has something to do with speed and accuracy seeing how impressed he was with Kagami avoiding his scissor play. Too bad we won’t get to see it soon.

Anyhow, though the Winter Cup started already, the hype… Is just not there. Not that I find anything wrong, of course. The anime has been faithful to the manga, and I see the characters moving more than usual in this episode. But they hype is still not there. Why? Because of the goddamn background music. God, the BGM for the second season is just terrible. Please, stop reusing the opening and ending songs every time Seirin is about to enter the court, it’s not going to make the audience excited or anything. Also, that BGM during the game, god it was just terrible. It wasn’t able to make me excited at all. I mean, there is no way a BGM that doesn’t match the atmosphere of the game will make me excited. This is pretty disappointing, remembering how great the BGMs were in the first season. And yet, we’re presented with this kind of BGM now. I have nothing against Yoshihiro Ike, but really, he needs to work harder for the BGM of this season.

Preview: Seems that Ignite Pass Kai is all for naught



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7 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke – 38”

  1. JPNIgor says:

    Anyone else noticed that his physical appearance ISN’T normal?!

    He’s just that much more excessively shorter than the others. I’m guessing he’s shorter than Kuroko.

    • anaaga says:

      I was wondering the same thing too. I just realized how small he is from the back. And he still plays basketball!

      But since it’s Akashi, it’s ok.

  2. zztop says:

    So when does secret member Kurokono Tasuke make his debut?

    • anaaga says:

      Kurokono Tatsuke will never make his debut because he is the shadow of Shiroyasha and other Joui warrior. Except when he wants to make a reunion party,

  3. belatkuro says:

    Eh, I kinda prefer Akashi with his bangs. He shouldn’t have cut his hair. Shame. Though wasn’t his other eye suppose to be yellow-ish or something? Or is this another mishap/misinformation on my end?

    And even now, his ability/skill/magic power still baffles me to no end. It’s just plain ridiculous, even more than Midorima who’s already ridiculous. But that’s another story because spoilers.

    Finally the Touou (re)match. Been waiting for this one ever since that part in the OP with Aomine and Kagami facing off(with them lightning eyes). This is gonna be good, I hope. Is it next week already?

    • anaaga says:

      Yeah, it’s supposed to be more yellow, but I guess the staf decided to tone it down. Maybe they think the yellow will look odd with the red. But I just realized that his hair is pink in the anime instead of red, so…

      Pfttt yes, Akashi’s ability is weird, but the pressure when he was the captain was just too heavy for him, so I kind of let that silly ability slide. Poor Akashi

  4. Ahrmed Mandarin says:

    Well, the eye is probably not completely yellow since he is not activating it. It’s pretty obvious if you read the manga.

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