Magi: The Kingdom of Magic 08–09

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Aladdin has no idea how to read a map.

I know what you are thinking! Wait Fosh is reviewing Magi this week with Kara?! Yes I do enjoy Magi and I have been reading the manga so I kind of know where things are going, but I am just covering for Anaaga on these two episodes so I hope you enjoy the review.


 It’s a shame that anaaga is busy with real life (oh, I feel your pain), but it’s been a while since I’ve tagged anything with Fosh. So here we are with Magi, and I’m rather pleased with how the anime is adapting this. …Or at least, if they’ve cut anything out, I haven’t noticed.


Training time yo!

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Welcome to magic school~

Yes it is time for some epic training for Aladdin and Alibaba as they work to increase their fighting power and I think there might be least one episode dedicated to Morgiana if I remember correctly? Anyway episode eight followed Aladdin finally getting into the magic school. When that started in the manga it was so addictive because there were lots of hilarious moments like whenever Sphintus tried his best to tell Aladdin about his past? I swear I could not stop laughing and of course we have all of those training montage moments and huge info dumps on magic? Also the various combinations you can mix together to create powerful attacks which reminded me of Naruto because they also mention how some ninjas could mix different skills together. It was also great to see the progression in Aladdin’s magic power from that tiny fireball at the start to a giant pillar of fire by the end! The only thing I can say about this arc is that Aladdin will be making lots of new friends and new enemies as he discovers the truth about the Magnoshutatt and it will probably shock you.

So yeah that episode was dedicated towards the magical side of Magi episode nine was all about weapons and fighting styles with Alibaba training to become a Gladiator? I know that sounds like the typical shounen thing to include an arena/tournament arc but this episode is just showing us how serious he is about getting stronger to help his friends. Now the best parts of that episode followed Alibaba fighting an extremely tall and super strong girl named Toto voiced by Kana Asumi who provided some fanservice after losing her top during her practice fight and I completely forgot Alibaba having two different types of magic inside of him and finally it was great seeing Lady Scheherazade at the end of the episode.

The Separated Trio

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Alibaba working hard!

Magnostadt is apparently the source of a great deal of evil in this series, but let’s forget about that for now. It’s time for a training montage! One of the reasons I like this arc so much is that it explains a lot about magic, and we probably would have never found out about a lot of this stuff unless Aladdin went to school. Obviously, magic has been there from the beginning, but learning about how it actually works in this world adds depth. …Plus a lot of the characters already know about this for one reason or another. Aladdin and friends were always just a little behind in this knowledge. The training montage was great for just being a feel-good short story too. Look at how much the weakest magicians accomplished after they put in effort and never gave up. The anime put a lot more time into showing Aladdin training than I thought they would, but I guess that just makes the end result more satisfying. Sure, Aladdin could handle himself before, but he can accomplish so much more now, since he knows how to handle his powers.

As for Alibaba, his time to improve isn’t really here yet. The anime has revealed that Kassim is the reason why his Magoi is weird (I don’t remember if they’ve ever said this before or not), and Alibaba needs to figure things out or else he’ll be in a lot of trouble. I can’t really say a lot for him, because he hasn’t really done anything notable yet, but the next battle should be interesting. I guess I should note too that his swordsmanship shone through in episode 9. It was even more impressive due to the fact that this anime has really nice actions scenes this season. Yay for having a decent budget!

We haven’t really seen a lot of Mor, but her time should come up soon enough. Alibaba needs to overcome some difficulties first though. Plus I can’t remember if Aladdin stumbles upon the darker side of Magnostadt before that or not though. In any case, what happens with Mor is slightly less important than Alibaba and Aladdin’s sides of this arc.

Extra magic fun

magi (3)

Aladdin knows what he wants!

magi (1)

If Aladdin can fly why not Alibaba?

magi (5)

Toto is a fun character.

magi (7)

Or maybe she just needs a pair of glasses?



magi (6)

Alibaba vs giant monster gorilla next week!


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18 Responses to “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic 08–09”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    I know what you are thinking! Wait Fosh is reviewing Magi this week with Kara?!

    Yeah, it’s a surprise but an alright one. At least we know there are more people watching Magi.

    These were two good training episodes for two of our leads, each one running into a sexy yet harsh trainer for whatever they’re after. They get both fortune and misfortune at the same time but Aladdin has some nice motivation going for him and as usual, Alibaba gets the hardest conditions. I’m going to take a guess and say Alibaba’s second Magoi flow came from contact with the Dark Djinn equip from last season in Zagan’s dungeon.

    I can’t wait to see how our cute Fanalis, Morgiana, develops. So far, we know her people are all but gone since there is one watching over Scheherazade thanks to the color of his hair.

    Sphintus looks a lot like one of Sinbad’s generals, the one who deals in swordplay. I’m pretty sure they’re from the same country. He acts all high and mighty at the beginning of his appearance but it’s basically a guarantee he’ll be good friends will Aladdin.

    • belatkuro says:

      I’m going to take a guess and say Alibaba’s second Magoi flow came from contact with the Dark Djinn equip from last season in Zagan’s dungeon.

      Nope. The episode already gave a big hint when Ramal was discussing about it. There was a big purple silhouette of whoever gave him that second magoi at around 21:17. Guess who that was. Kara even spoiledmentioned it above you know.

      • Karakuri says:

        …It wasn’t a spoiler, was it? I mean, they showed the character’s shadow/silhouette/whatever right when talking about the issue.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hmmm… True, it’s there. I must have been in a rush for whatever reason.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    I dunno how to explain this but the manga hold all the explainations you need. Wait till we get to the Captain Planet bit… By your powers combined!

  3. zztop says:

    Aladdin, the littlest pervert(`・ω・´)

    • BlackBriar says:

      That goes without saying. His nice, docile demeanor makes it that much more baffling.

      • zztop says:

        I think it’s also his age as well. No one ever suspects the little kids, after all.

        A few years older, and he’d be getting punched all the way from Magnostadt to Kou and back again!!

        • BlackBriar says:

          In our day and age, he’d be a registered offender in no time.

        • Miss Madness says:

          I don’t know. He’s already figuring out how to use his looks and words, he’ll take after Sinbad in the ladies department at this rate.

          • BlackBriar says:

            Sinbad already praised him after seeing how he was with Dunya before she died.

    • Kyokai says:

      It’s funny how he’s one of the few characters that you can’t hate even after his pervertness. Such a little knut! xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        Aladdin is practically getting away with murder… so to speak. 😉

    • skylion says:

      I was shipping Aladdin and Shintus….just for fun.

  4. Mexu2d says:

    I love Magi, hilarious. Alibaba-kun facing giant monster, ‘that thing ain’t a human.’ XD

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