Kyoukai no Kanata – 05

Reading is Fun

Reading is Fun!


Oh hello there! Yes, this week it’s my week for Kyokai no Kanata, after the able analysis of Miyu, Kyo, and hoshi! So after the big battle last week, what did we get this week?

Life as a Spirit Warrior


Don’t judge her, a girl’s gotta eat…

To be sure, I’m glad I had this week’s episode, rather than last week’s episode. I enjoyed the aftermath of the battle, and the character development that went along with it, a lot more than the fight itself. Seeing Mirai actually trying to be someone who isn’t all alone was a nice change, and I also thought it was pretty nice that Akihito took a back seat to the rest of the characters this episode.

Megane Appreciation Society

Are they changing into the Megane-bu? (I think we all hope not)

So Mirai is joining the Literary club on the strength of there being a gardening book on the shelves? Seems like an odd reason, but I’d imagine that we’ll find out more what the reason behind her interest in that particular book is. And for once, Hiromi is actually in the club room, to be taken by Mirai’s appearance with glasses. Personally, I’ve always thought that Mirai’s glasses are the wrong choice for her – too big, too red, and if they match any part of her personality (besides disheveledness) it’s something we really haven’t seen. Kind of funny that they described her nose as “begging for glasses” when hers always seem to be trying to escape.

Mirai is forward

Don’t judge her, a girl’s.. oh wait, this was a youmu exorcism

A New Pair

Called on the carpet

Called on the carpet

It’s somewhat unexpected for me that Mitsuki and Mirai would start to become friends. They’re obvious rivals for whatever affections Akihito has, although it’s pretty evident that Mitsuki has already lost that ‘contest’. Mitsuki is also just a generally prickly person, it seems, so for her to reach out to Mirai, even in the limited way that she is, is rather surprising. Something that occurs to me is that perhaps it’s to do with Mirai’s run-in with Izumi that gets her a little bit of sympathy from Mitsuki. That and being hard up for money, after her Spirit Warrior License is suspended for a month.

Mitsuki smiles

And it’s almost as if Mitsuki isn’t sure about it either, feeling ‘alone’ and reminding Mirai of that when Mirai admits that she’s been feeling more included. This is something that Mitsuki’s had drilled into her head for years, primarily by Izumi: A Spirit Warrior will always be alone. And the separation between ‘alone’ and ‘together’ is something highlighted in this episode, with the summer light festival coming up. It’s always been something that Mitsuki has avoided, and Nino even says that it feels like it’s really for couples (so she’s happy when she gets a last minute date to go, and crushed when she gets stood up). But both Mirai and Mitsuki are fighting that ‘alone’ feeling, and end up going to the festival, while getting Hiroomi to drag Akihito there, against his protestations, because Mirai has learned that if you’re going to be alone, it’s better to be alone together.

Being alone together

Being alone together

Bonus Nude Shots!

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I really liked this more ‘life’ based episode, and actually really appreciated the focus on Mirai and Mitsuki, rather than Akihito. The message of loneliness is something that has been passed around, and while it’s too much to really hope that Mirai is going to be the catalyst that changes all of that, it certainly seemed to provoke a bit of a divide in the Nase family. The epilogue scene from this week in particular seemed to be full of menace from Izumi to Mirai, and combines with the one last week, where Izumi made off with the shard from the Hollow Shadow in secret to really set up some possible ulterior motives on her part.

I’d been having some reservations about this show, because it seemed like it wasn’t really coming together. Thematically, I didn’t really get anything out of the first four episodes, beside “Akihito likes Mirai” and “Mirai is a weirdo”. And there was so much being set up for the battle with the Hollow Shadow that they didn’t really do anything with the characters, which is what *I* think is KyoAni’s strong point. To me, the action works best as dessert, a little something extra to make the series sweeter. And this episode seemed to finally realize that, with much more focus on the characters and where they are and where they’re going. So yeah, I’m definitely glad I was reviewing this one, not last one.


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26 Responses to “Kyoukai no Kanata – 05”

  1. belatkuro says:

    A cat is fine too.

  2. skylion says:

    Yes, KyoAni is right in their wheelhouse. As you say, HWY, the best episode to date; it brings all the studio can deliver, from a brief, yet tense combat, more moe that most fans can handle, and that quality of blooming relationships.

    As far as “the nose that just begs, “place glasses here”, I have to agree with Akihito. I just have to, have to, have to. And with all his other assessments as well. Mirai is Goddess Tier Moe.

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit that hyper action and fighting just doesn’t do it all that much for me. I actually think that Chuu2Koi was the perfect blend of show for KyoAni. And with Free! (“Sure, you can make cute girls, but how about some manservice?”) and now Kyoukai no Kanata (“Sure, you can make a comedy romance, but why not something more serious and actiony?”), it feels like they’ve solely been trying to make responses to criticisms from other shows, while maybe losing a little bit of what made those other shows so great.

      So when they get back to balancing stuff out better, more of the whole package comes through.

  3. skylion says:

    Spammy Tamer, a fresh quest awaits!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Excluding the connections to the Spirit Hunter Association, this was very slice of life-ish which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m glad to see Mirai is doing what she can to get out of her self isolation. She was suffocating herself.

    Regardless of her reasons, Mirai reaped what she sowed deliberately confronting the Hollow Shadow but it raises the question as to why Akihito didn’t defend himself by saying it was to protect her.

    Personally, I’ve always thought that Mirai’s glasses are the wrong choice for her – too big, too red, and if they match any part of her personality (besides disheveledness) it’s something we really haven’t seen.

    I think they suit her well. The showing of a person who’s socially inept and down on her luck yet slowly but surely coming out of her shell. And like those two megane maniacs mentioned, they make her look cute. Any other pair just wouldn’t do.

    • skylion says:

      …I have to break down and get reading glasses. And I went from these darn cheap dollar store owl frames, to a 20 dollar pair that actually looks pretty good on me. And damn, I am moe in them…..

      • Highway says:

        I may eventually need reading glasses, but my vision is still excellent for now (I’m one of 3 people out of 60+ in my office who don’t have glasses). I do always wear sunglasses, but they’re always the 10 dollar knock-offs from a cart in the mall.

        • skylion says:

          My night job is pretty much glaring at a computer screen for nearly 6 hours. My day job…the eye strain shows in odd places. I’m in the food service industry, and I can’t read the expo tickets…but that’s because no on can fix the damn printer tape. It’s fine on the kitchen side, but that does me no good on waiter side where the type is so faint, I have to read it two inches from my face….

          And then there is the touch screen order stations. Hellz Bellz. Why did I forget my glasses this week.

    • Highway says:

      I guess this is another ‘to each their own’. I’ve never understood her glasses selection. I guess if they were going for the “she has to join the Literary Club because she’s a moe, disheveled, super-hot-when-you-clean-her-up librarian in training” then they’ve got it, but the half moon red frames falling off that are just too big doesn’t really do it for me. It shows she’s inept at picking glasses, that’s for sure. 🙂

  5. Kyokai says:

    I liked this SoL episode and I was almost waiting for it because it has become a branded thing for KyoAni. A job well done on bringing all the characters closer and a bit more real than just flitting figures on the screen.

    • Joojoobees says:

      The way it drove towards a simple explanation – we’re all getting together so we don’t have to all be alone separately was pretty brilliant.

  6. Liza says:

    This episode was really cute. I loved seeing Mirai going through everyday life. Plus it’s nice to see her making friends. ^_^

    And I guess the Literary Club is going to renamed the Glasses/Little Sisters club.

    • Highway says:

      I think it’s kind of weird that Mitsuki is indulging Hiroomi as much as she is, but maybe she is trying to consider him a friend.

  7. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Zzzzz. Please wake me up when people start dropping like flies. I still see that this is K-On with pointier objects. There is even an azunyan in the screenshot.

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