Kuroko no Basuke – 29 – 31


Basketball life is hard

Beuh, sorry for the late post. Been busy with club stuff and all that. I didn’t even get to watch anime. The only anime I watched are… Kuroko and Yamato 2199. Tsk.

HazamaHanamiya  the Bad Boy


Before the game started, we wre briefly introduced with the man called HazamaHanamiya, one of the Uncrowned Kings. Though it was just a flash, it’s obvious what kind of man (and his team) is. First, he’s downright selfish. This can be seen when the senpai completely leaves the kouhai to play by themselves just to watch Seirin play against Seijou. Dude, that’s just mean right there. To make it even worse, they’re doing it just to play against Seirin/Shuutoku in the next game, then climb back again to the top. The audience can see how sly HazamaHanayama is just for this plan of his. Last but not the least, HazamaHanamiya is Teppei’s nemesis. At least, that’s what I deducted from the conversation between the two and their contradicting titles, “Iron Heart” and “Bad Boy.” My hunch also tells me that HazamaHanamiya has a past with Teppei, probably one of the reasons why Teppei disappeared at the later half of last year’s Winter Cup. Whatever HazamaHanamiya is, I think he’s bad news for Seirin. Now the question is whether Seirin’s new team will be able to defend itself from HazamaHanamiya’s “bad” attitude.

They’re Back!


Seirin is back and we all can see it. There are so many glorious moments that happened during the match against Seijou, but there were even more shown during the game against Shuutoku. Each player developed in their own ways. The most obvious is Kagami who was able to jump so high beyond everybody’s expectation. He’s slowly turning into a “basketball monster,” but thankfully, Kuroko always keeps in track of him. Kuroko’s character is also growing, but it’s growing in a whole new meaning. With his Vanishing Drive, Kuroko now has no need to hide from others. Before, he can only misdirect balls and keeps running so that he won’t be marked by other players. Now, he can face the other players face-to-face without having to hide or running away. Kuroko is more than just a hidden weapon now. He’s officially a weapon that can be exposed without fear of being caught. This is an irony because Akashi of GoM intended to have him as a secret hidden weapon, and yet he’s not hidden at all now in Seirin. What’s funny, his tricks and abilities are better now that he is exposed. If only Akashi exposed him, just like what Seirin did… Or did Akashi do that on purpose? Anyhow, enough about Akashi since there are other untouched Seirin players. Though Teppei, Hyuga, and the Eagle Eyes (can’t remember his name) are minor characters, the audience can see their significant roles in the game. Teppei the “Iron Heart” is the player who is able to control the flow of the players’ emotion. At least, Seirin’s players, mainly Kagami. Without him, I bet Kagami would be fuming nonstop during the match against Seijou. And damn, that hand of his is definitely useful, though I’m not so sure about the legs. Hyuga and Eagle Eyes are not on the spotlight, but it can be seen that Hyuga does more three-pointer than before, and Eagle Eyes’ field of vision is widened. People are right about Seirin. Seirin’s final form is finally completed, and they are ready to take the court.


Seirin still needs to be cautious though, since Shuutoku is also growing in their own ways. Midorima has changed greatly from how he was in the previous season. Before, he was a talented basketball player without any passion whatsoever, and he didn’t care much about teamwork. A typical Generation of Miracles. Now, Midorima is a player who thirst for victory with a better endurance and teamwork. That really matters because now he has no fatal weakness whatsoever. Since this is Midorima’s team, of course Midorima is the center of the spotlight. However, that doesn’t mean that the other players are not affected. They are also strong, but they are stronger now. This is caused because of Midorima opening himself to the other players, and that rekindled the fire within the players. Midorima was an ex-Generation of Miracles for them, but now he’s an ex-GoM that is also a Shuutoku player. Midorima finally embraces Shuutoku, and the others accepted him wholeheartedly. Shuutoku is finally completed, and they are at their strongest moments now. Oh, the power of passion of friendship.


Such manly game

Heart thumping. Sore throat because of screaming. Eyes bulging with excitement. There are other things (such as refusing to take morning shower just to watch the episode), but those three are the three main things that happened to me while I was watching the game between Seirin and Shuutoku. That Neko dude that is always benched during games was right. The others were right. The game was exciting and fun. I didn’t want the game to stop at all (even though it stops eventually). This is probably what is called as watching basketball because of the players, if there is such statement. What made the game fun is not only because of the scores and tricks, but it’s mainly because of the players. The players worked really hard for their own teams, and that’s what glued me to the screen. It’s nice seeing people actually working hard while having fun together for the sake of each other and the team. Heck, it’s fun seeing the amount of effort the players put at getting the ball. I can’t decide which team I like more because both Seirin and Shuutoku actually did their best, and both of them were amazing in their own ways.If only I can watch real life basketball like this…

Anyhow, the only problem I had with the game was the animation. I expected the animation to be super smooth and swift just like the opening, but I guess that’s too much for the budget, eh? What killed me the most is Kuroko’s scenes. I don’t know if I was being picky or not, but I swear to god, Kuroko had this super awkward movements and positions in episode 31. Even hiw slow-motion moments look awkward. Now this sucks because it killed all the excitement for his Vanishing Drive. Thee good thing is, the game with Shuutoku had better animation than the game with Seijou (or whatever its name is). The players actually moved in half of the game, and there were less still images. They even took their time at animation some of Kuroko’s Vanishing Drive just to show that Kuroko literally vanishes. That’s better than nothing. Besides, the background music also helped at building the tension and the excitement, and there is less talking in the game than last season. I am still not impressed with the animation, but at least there are other things that made up for the animation. At least, for me. I hope others think the same way… Do you?

Preview: I guess the megane gives away the yankee’s identity. Boo.


I’m so glad some Seirin senpai changed their hairstyles


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8 Responses to “Kuroko no Basuke – 29 – 31”

  1. belatkuro says:

    It’s Hanamiya, not Hazama. And Eagle Eyes is Izuki.

  2. Namika says:

    This game was so cool! And the animation has improved quite a bit. Not as amazing as I would want it to be, but there were definitely less still images than before. I didn’t find scenes with Kuroko awkward either.
    But what seems weird to me, is the BGM. It’s not bad, but now that I’m already used to electronic rock-ish type of music, it’s kinda weird to see the matched accompanied by strong violins and more orchestral music. It’s nice, but changing the style of music so drastically was not a good idea, because now the difference between the first season and second season it a little too drastic. Plus, improved animation. Maybe I’m just being picky, but…

    I feel so nostalgic now! Can’t believe KnB is actually coming out, I missed those exciting matches so much ;_; Can’t wait to see Kaijou play again! I wonder, does Kise-kun have something up his sleeve, too?

    • anaaga says:

      The awkward scenes are at the end o episode 31, where he was passing and getting the ball. Mot of them are in slow motion when Kuroko’s position are still stiff, thus making it awkward. There is also a glitch where the ball was right up Kuroko’s face, but at the next scene it was above Kuroko’s head.

      Lol yeah, those orchestra music was not a good choice. I prefer the rock music since it pumps the adrenaline more.
      And yes! Kisei will have something new! And so does Midorima in the next match 😀

  3. Kyokai says:


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