Golden Time – 09

Has the storm finally arrived?

spring13-highwHope everyone (in the US) had a good Thanksgiving, and hope that everyone else is having a good end of November / start of December. I’ve been using the time off work to get all these posts out!


spring13-sumairiiHappy Thanksgiving indeed! Golden Time really ups the ante this week, especially in those last 30 seconds or so. Looks like we’re in for even more delicious drama.


Kouko’s Worries


Highway \\ So did Kouko overhear Banri and Linda out on the balcony? I don’t know if it really matters. It’s possible that she did, but it’s also possible that she didn’t and is still worried about their relationship. I found Kouko’s worries about her relationship with Banri to be very authentic, both in reasoning and effect. I’m very familiar with the phenomenon of being worried with no reason, of being almost debilitated from that worry. And it’s something that’s difficult for someone else to deal with, especially because it’s not necessarily rational. And many times, the person doing the worrying realizes that it’s not rational, just like Kouko does. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a real feeling. I do hope for Kouko’s sake that she can get on top of that, and it would be good for Banri to help. And he does do what he can at least at the beginning here, comforting Kouko when she finally lays open her heart to him.

Banri placates Kouko.

Sumairii \\ Personally I am of the belief that Kouko did in fact overhear Banri’s and Linda’s little chat on the balcony. Understandably, people can and will develop some paranoid concerns about the strength of their relationship with their significant other. And that would be just as interesting in its own right if it were the case here. But since we know that Golden Time is pretty heavy-handed with the drama, I’d bet the reason Kouko acts the way she does in this episode is because she overheard that evening chat. Who can blame a girl for feeling insecure when her boyfriend abruptly declares that he wants to go back to the good ‘ol days with another female friend? All of this is pretty circumstantial I know, but it feels just like the sort of thing the show would pull. Although we must still realize that in the end it doesn’t matter too much since there are bigger concerns looming over the horizon.

Not The Same

A promise he doesn’t keep.

Highway \\ But once again I’m kind of annoyed at Ghost Banri. Maybe it’s because I’m more used to Kouko’s issues, but I think he’s really reaching here to say that he comforted Linda the same way that New Banri is with Kouko. In fact, throughout the story, Banri seems less like he’s comforting Linda and more like he’s antagonizing her. And when Linda deals with her brother’s fiance in a different way than they’d planned, it takes Banri a little bit of time to get back to being supportive of Linda’s mindset. Eventually, he does say that he’ll be with her, but I don’t know if he’s really right that if he’d confessed his love for her at that time, that things would be different. I’m still not feeling any romantic love between Old Banri and Linda, at least from Linda’s direction. In fact, the more we see of their interactions, the more I feel certain that she never really felt that way for Banri, at least before his accident. This situation was one where she certainly felt very vulnerable, but even then I am seeing that she wanted reassurance from him, not necessarily anything else.

Is it Old Banri’s time to shine?

Sumairii \\ I have to agree with Highway about Old Banri. The guy has always come across as whiny and needy, especially in those now-regular flashbacks we see pretty much every week. This episode, we see more of his poor attitude and some of his unreliability we keep hearing about when he “comforted” a depressed and unsure Linda in front of the convenience store. I get that Old Banri was thinking of Linda’s own well-being when he berated her for keeping the scandal bottled up inside as a secret. But the delivery of it certainly wasn’t comforting in any way. In fact, he just made poor Linda even more distressed about her decision. Remind me again what part of this is similar to how New Banri gently and considerately treated Kouko under the overpass? In any case, I see this week’s flashback as more evidence that Linda had feelings for Banri. It might have just been in the spur of the moment, but the way she reached for his hand after he talked big about always being there for her suggests to me that she interpreted his words as more than a platonic offer of a shoulder to lean on.


You knew this was going to go one way or the other, either Ghost Banri would just fade away, or Banri would get his old memories back. We’ll have to see whether this means that New Banri has been shoved aside into New Ghost Banri. Or if it’s now Merged Banri, what feelings will he still have for Kouko? This is a worrying time for me as far as Kouko goes, because Ghost Banri has been entirely focused on Linda, and I don’t know if he’s ever even acknowledged Kouko. She really stands to be hurt here, especially given her recent worries about Banri falling out of love with her. This could really be devestating.


When you think about it, the flashback in this episode especially stings since Old Banri specifically delivered the lines “I’ll always be with you” and “I’ll never forget”. Assuming Linda remembers the events of that day, and I’m certain she does, that makes New Banri’s existence even more of a kick to the face. I also find it interesting that she reached for Banri’s bag to vent into after he told her he’d always be with her. But that’s enough of the past. With the inevitable Old Banri taking control of the body flag being triggered, we’re no doubt in for a very rough ride. Or more appropriately, Kouko and Linda are.


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9 Responses to “Golden Time – 09”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    Yup. I’m dreading what Old Banri is gonna do, because I think he is selfish and immature. I think he will cause suffering for multiple people. Not cool, Banri. Not cool.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I’m wary of the old Banri as well. I just know he’s going to cause some form of misunderstanding.

  2. skylion says:

    As it stands, the only ship I can feel good about is with Slow Down, lads and lasses for Banri, Linda, and Kouko.

    I’ve enjoyed how subtle the shift is with Ghost or Old Banri to New. I always felt it was a visual device for how his old memories are still there, he is still there, but locked behind the trauma that caused the amnesia in the first place. I wonder what Old Banri will start to say in the Merging? Or what they both say…and now I’m giving him Identity Disassociation.

    • Highway says:

      I think identity dissociation is probably the way to think about it until proven otherwise. Will he remember how he acted with Kouko? Will he still have feelings for Kouko? Or is this a reset to where he was a year ago?

      • skylion says:

        I feel Ghost Banri has been an unbiased observer. It’s clear where his feelings lie. It’s unclear where even present Banri’s feelings like. Lopsided.

        Which is why I would ship Chill Out. But then, that means No Drama.

        • Highway says:

          However, the show has managed to maneuver itself into a position where even ‘going slow’ means that there is someone who will get hurt. If Banri puts relationships on hold while he gets more of a handle on where he is, then Kouko will get hurt as her fears come true. Whether that’s the best thing or not, it’s something that will have a bad effect on her.

          • skylion says:

            …could she see “going slow” as supporting Banri? And could that make her really appreciate how much she layed it on thick with…whatshisface? (yeah, bad anime fan)

            Maybe even giving him more insight into her? These sorts of 180’s do happen.

            • Highway says:

              I think that’s asking a little much of Kouko. Sure, she ‘could’ back off, and support Reconstituted Banri, but if she’s already worried about the relationship, it’s a lot more likely she’s going to not take the idea of “I’m back to the way I was before” when he even told her earlier that he didn’t want to go back that way if it meant losing New Banri.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    The old Banri is annoying so it’s off putting he’s in physical form again. I’d prefer if he was stamped out completely. It’s easy for him to be self righteous about what Linda should do concerning her brother’s well being because he’s not the one who actually has to put up with the ordeal.

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