Servant x Service – 10

Hasebe gets attacked

“Hasebe, you so lazy, how can you be crazy?!?!”

spring13-highwIs it possible for Tohko to feature significantly in a Servant x Service episode and have it not be annoying? Well, we find out this week, as we get an awful lot of Tohko, with her both on screen and off.

Megumi’s Gonna Get It Out in the Open

Tohko falls asleep

Well, she was, until Tohko fell asleep

That’s right, she’s gonna tell Tohko once and for all that she and Taishi are dating. Yet, when push comes to shove she can’t actually get the news out before Tohko falls asleep. Another chance passed by. But Miyoshi (the real main character this episode) turns out to be more insightful about Tohko, pointing out that perhaps Tohko’s studying for college entrance exams in secret because she doesn’t want to bother Taishi about thinking about the costs for college.

Miyoshi to the heart

Miyoshi’s insights are deadly

And where Miyoshi is more insightful is that she’s the only one who recognized that Megumi and Taishi are going out (besides Kanon). Or maybe it’s just that she’s not in denial of reality like Lucy, who Miyoshi perfectly describes as an “intelligent idiot.” And Miyoshi thinks that Megumi shouldn’t cause regrets by not doing what she wants.


Can't get away

Now she regrets not getting away from Jyouji faster

Regrets are the big theme this episode, from Megumi to Miyoshi to even Tohko. Miyoshi gets so tangled up in a web of regrets about regrets that she even agrees to go out to dinner with Jyouji, which I’m sure she’s regretting even before it happens. Jyouji, for his part, is so focused on regrets that he tries to preemptively regret not regretting things. Unfortunately, Jyouji can’t manage to realize how annoying he is to Lucy and Yutaka.

Everyone's crazy

Tohko has driven everyone crazy

And Yamagami agrees that Megumi should live more without regrets, so she’s going to be more forward with telling Tohko about dating her brother. But that means she need to get a chance to talk to Tohko, who’s too busy haranguing Miyoshi for even Kanon to interrupt. But as I mentioned, even Tohko gets into the regrets as she sees Miyoshi and everyone else talking to the section manager, and starts believing that she’s driven them all to psychological issues with her criticisms. But of course, noone wants to admit to Tohko that the stuffed bunny is the section manager, and when she does eventually find out, she flies off the handle as predicted… although maybe not so much. Is Tohko becoming a little more understanding?

Don't help out or anything, Kanon

Don’t help out or anything, Kanon

Regret hangover

Regret Hangover? Yeah, I’ve been there, too, Miyoshi.


Not much movement in any relationships this week, but I think Tohko is getting better as a character. She doesn’t ruin episodes anymore, and she has become a lot more sympathetic at times, given her struggles for her future, and the fact that she and Taishi live without any other support. And it’s interesting to me that she seems to want Taishi to get a girlfriend, yet is clearly a brocon. And I think if she finds out it’s Megumi, she’d be… well, not happy, but at least not awful about it.

And who else besides me is hoping that we get to see the full Magical Flowers cosplay troupe before the end of the series? With Kanon filling in the final spot of Lupine Purple, Megumi’s got them all planned out in her head, and we’ve actually seen that she has Gerbera Pink and Mimosa Yellow costumes for herself and Tohko. I still don’t see how Lucy fits into a Rose Black outfit, tho.


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3 Responses to “Servant x Service – 10”

  1. sadakups says:

    Three words: REGRET DRINKING GAME – a shot for every instance of the word “regret” in a dialogue. See if you regret doing said drinking game.

    Anyway, I’ve expressed my hate for Touko over and over, and despite this episode, I still don’t like her. Yeah, I see her motivation for being good a civil service stuff, and that she cares for her brother, but who the hell gave her the right to be high and mighty over actual civil servants and be disrespectful to people older than her? I mean, if she was the daughter of a high ranking official I would understand at least, but damn, she’s just the sister of an ordinary civil servant who is in FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL. She does not know her place and I’m quite surprised that every one in that office (except probably Hasebe) puts up with her shit.

    And when she said that it’s her fault that the office people are going crazy because of her? Bullshit! Bitch, the world does not revolve around you. The crazy one is definitely you.

    Rant over. Fuck Touko.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I knew though with all that resolve, Megumi wasn’t going to get through telling Tohko she’s dating her brother but for a moment thought she did before realizing she was half conscious.

    Miyoshi is becoming unintentionally deadlier at finding people’s weak spots and putting them down with words that cut like a knife. Now imagine how harsh she’d be if she started pointing out people’s flaws on purpose. She’s a self-esteem destroyer. Of all employees in the office, Miyoshi is the one before last person I expected to find out about Ichimiya and Megumi.

    • Highway says:

      Well, Megumi *did* say the words, Tohko just misunderstood her as she was falling asleep.

      It helps to remember that Miyoshi is older than most of the rest of the employees when thinking about what she picks up. And like Megumi said, with everyone else, especially Lucy, being so thick, it’s easy to forget that some people can put 2 and 2 together.

      I think it’s nice that they’ve made Miyoshi more prominent in the show, tho, since with the other two relationships, she could easily have just faded into the background, especially with her quiet personality.

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