Love Lab – 09

Sayo quits

Is this the end for Sayo?

spring13-highwTaihen, taihen! The evidence is against her, and Sayo is planning to take the fall for everyone else, much like Riko did before. Can the rest of the Student Council come up with any way to get out of this mess?

Operation Save Sayo


Nana and Suzu can’t stand the idea of Sayo quitting

Nearly the whole episode this time was given over to the crisis faced by the Student Council of Sayo being forced to resign to protect the others, due to Nana’s photograph of Sayo and her erstwhile boyfriend. But while Sayo is ready to take the fall, the rest aren’t going to give up so easily. But Maki, Riko, Suzu, and Eno don’t just go it alone, they encounter Momo and Nana and draft them into the plan. Because while Nana has had some grudge against Sayo, she didn’t want her photograph to actually hurt Sayo to that extent. And she definitely doesn’t like her biggest fan, Suzu, being mad at her over it.

Not a good wig

Maki and her bald wig try to come up with a plan

I thought the plan would be to drag in Sayo’s boyfriend and have him explain how pathetic their relationship had been, what with her trying to avoid him for 6 months and him having to resort to stalking her to actually spend any time with her. But that would have still been contact with a boy late at night, and Sakagami-sensei would probably have had a big problem even with that. But they even come up with a better plan than that.

Makio Evolved!

Makio's return

Makio returns!

I think Makio this way is better than the other way, but of course, Maki had more reason to not be stupid with it this time. But they also needed more help, and that’s where Momo comes in. She gets the camera with the picture on it to analyze from Kuroko… I mean Sugihara-sensei, and from there they get the details right to transform Makio.

On trial

Sugihara-sensei isn’t very interested

But it still required a bit of a performance to convince the teachers including playing on everyone’s reputations: Maki as a perfectionist and never wanting to disappoint anyone, Suzu as someone who doesn’t lie, Sayo as someone who wouldn’t have a boyfriend but could take the fall for everyone. And they actually pull it off. Everyone has to write a letter of apology, but no resignations.

Point and laugh Eno and Sayo

Even exasperated, Eno likes to see something rare

The only other thing of note was how the friendship between Sayo and Eno started, back in grade school. And that seems to be a pretty typical two girls become friends type of story, but it does make Eno a little nostalgic, especially after she gets to see Sayo laughing at them all, like she did years ago.


A good conclusion to the storyline, and didn’t require anything particularly far fetched (except how did Maki fit all her hair under that wig?). I was kind of surprised we didn’t even get so much as a tease about what the next storyline will be, since they usually throw that in at the end, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference. I know that I’ll be watching.


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4 Responses to “Love Lab – 09”

  1. CarVac says:

    I got spoiled by the preview at the end of last episode, so I knew what was coming.

    But not how it would come.

    This show has really excellent execution.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Obviously Sayo wasn’t going to get hung out to dry but what wasn’t obvious was how outrageous the operation to save her was. Having her quit the Student Council is a definite “No”. Her unique, treacherous personality makes her irreplaceable among the girls.

    Maki can really put her ditziness aside when it comes to protecting her friends. You can tell she was putting everything into it and that what makes her likable. Though her ditziness can resurface at the most inopportune moment. That bald cap was ridiculous so I don’t blame Riko for smacking her. One thing I have to know: Where do they store these slapsticks until the moment they’re ready to pull them out? One second, there’s nothing and the next, it’s there as if it came out of thin air.

    Ah, and here I thought the previous Makio form was extravagant. So much brightness and sparkles that I dare say I almost went blind.

    • Highway says:

      Either Suzu makes them on the fly, or she’s made so many that there’s always one at hand under the couch or the table or the chair.

      I thought it was good that this plan was mostly Maki’s, and didn’t put Riko out on a limb like last time. It shows an evening in their friendship.

  3. Liza says:

    As someone who wears wigs, it is entirely possible to fit all of Maki’s hair under the wig. XD

    I really loved it that all the girls came together to help Sayo. It shows how much they had grown together and how they really are friends now.

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