High School DxD New – 09

Looking up to senpai

Gasper’s looking up to the wrong senpai

spring13-highwI want to make “It’s a Trap!” jokes, but I shouldn’t (actually, I just did, didn’t I? I see what I did there…). But we’re going to find out who that Bishop inside the sealed room is. Are they worthy of the rest of Rias’ peerage?

Meet Gasper

Cutest little fang

Gasper takes “Cute Little Fang” to “Cutest Little Fang”

Yes, we’ve already seen the new character in the ED, but Gasper’s got a bit of a twist, as Kiba seemed so glad to point out to Issei. Gasper’s a boy who likes to dress in girl’s clothes. And not just a boy, but a half-human, half-vampire demon (and at this point, skylion and BlackBriar are preparing for battle over the poor boy). On top of that, he has the ability to stop time within his view, but the problem is that he’s unable to control it. So he’s been locked away since his power was considered more than Rias could handle. But because of the growing strength of the rest of her group, and her (and Issei’s) good showings in both the Raizer Phenex rating game and the standoff with Kokabiel, Sirzechs thinks that Rias probably has the chops to handle him now.

Training Gasper

He needs some training to be effective

And it’s interesting that two losses are considered cause for being higher strength. But really, Rias’ group shouldn’t have been anywhere close in either fight. The rating game was a last ditch effort to break her engagement to Raizer, and with Kokabiel they were just trying to stall him and keep him from destroying the town before Sirzechs’ main forces showed up. But by not getting stomped like they should have, it’s raised Rias’ reputation and power higher.

Xenovia chasing Gasper Koneko chasing Gasper

Xenovia and Koneko having a little too much fun

The other person that almost everyone meets is Azazel, who pops out of the woods when they’re trying to ‘train’ Gasper (well, more like Xenovia and Koneko bullying him). But Azazel is obviously not interested in fighting (and again, Azazel could mop the floor with them even in a 7v1 fight). And it’s actually good he comes by, because his hobby of research into Sacred Gear is what they all need to learn more about their powers. He immediately tells Saji some new abilities he has (extracting the power of others), and gives them some suggestions about how to deal with Gasper.

Issei Finally Gets a Kouhai

Azazel crashes the party

Azazel is quite the party crasher

Issei does resolve to help Gasper, partly because he finally has a junior he can take care of, but mostly because he wants to try to help Rias. And of course he still has his dreams. So with some talking with Gasper, Issei calms the blond bishou.. er never mind… the boy down and becomes his friend. In fact, Gasper is amazed that Issei can hold such power, and be so vulgar and straightforward at the same time (aren’t we all?). He’s also glad when Issei not only says he envies Gasper’s power, but provides specific Issei-ish examples of how he would do it (you know, look up all the girls’ skirts, fondle Rias and Akeno, normal things you’d do if you could stop time).


“Fire BAD!!!!”

But Gasper’s not quite done, cause he still is too scared of the outside and other people. But Asia comes up with a solution (which gives Koneko a chance to harass Gasper with garlic again) by getting a paper bag to put over his head. And having that barrier to keep with him calms Gasper down enough to interact with people (and at least he doesn’t take the opportunity to tell terrible jokes).  He does get a little bit zombie-ish, tho.

Miko Akeno

There’s always room for Miko Akeno

And now that they’ve got Gasper taken care of for the moment, there’s another errand for Issei. Something that becomes clear through this part of the storyline is just how much notoriety Issei has as the sekiryutei (as opposed to Vali, the hakuryuukou), although it’ll still take Issei a while to realize it (it’ll take him even longer to realize he’s Rias’ favorite, not as a pet, but as a boy, even though we already know it). But this errand should be a wake up call, in more ways than one. I like how the show keeps up with the continuity, making Issei afraid of the shrine that he is visiting, and where he meets Akeno, but the assurances that it’s safe for demons run right into the news that it’s actually Akeno’s shrine (no wonder she hasn’t moved in with Issei, if she’s got her own shrine). But Akeno’s not the person they’ve come to see, it’s someone much shinier: Michael, leader of the Angels.


Maxi could take lessons on “Shining!”


I’ve finally gotten ahead of the anime story in LN 4, and am really looking forward to the next episode. This episode was ok, probably my least favorite of the season, so far, because it didn’t really do a lot, and mostly featured Gasper screaming. It did move the story along, and got a lot of interaction between all the members of the Occult Research Club, Saji, and even Azazel. But things should definitely start to pick up a bit next episode, and with 3 left in the series, they’re probably going to have to move pretty fast, although the story is right about at 50% through LN4. I think they’ve done really well pacing everything so far, so I expect that to continue. But like I said, looking forward to next episode, because it’s Akeno at home!


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19 Responses to “High School DxD New – 09”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Cute new loli with cute fangs… Cannot resist…

    An island paradise in a sea of oppai… Trapping all the unsuspecting visitors.

  2. skylion says:

    Fighting over what now?

    • BlackBriar says:

      That’s what I’d like to know. I see no female vampires here!

      • Highway says:

        We joke about it being a trap, but apart from his look, there’s nothing behavioral about Gasper that’s trying to be a girl. He’s apparently just a cross-dressing cis boy who finds the girl’s uniform more comforting for his anxieties. And I think it’s interesting that they don’t really make a joke out of it, unlike Hastur in Nyarlko-san. The joke’s more about Issei’s reaction.

  3. KLACMAN says:

    now there trap vampire to see oh well now getting into something with few some eps to go wait & s2 dub on it.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I wonder who’d play Gasper for the english dub. Funimation is known for pulling out of the box surprises.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Gasper! I was already spoiled on this character a while back but whatevers its cool not like hes a major player in the DxD universe, but dat power of his sure will come in handy ;D

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, from what I can tell, Gasper is pretty much a minor character who factors into this current story. He never reaches the level of any of Rias’ other pieces, being even less important than Kiba and Koneko throughout. Thankfully he doesn’t turn into the clingy younger brother.

  5. HannoX says:

    I didn’t care for Gasper through most of this episode because his screaming quickly got on my nerves and I don’t care for super shy characters (shy character okay, but not taken to an extreme). However, before the end they toned down his character much to my relief. And his adoption by Issei as his kouhai will give Issei a chance to grow as a person and character. So besides the fact that Gasper’s power should prove very useful, his addition to the team should be a plus. I just hope he’s not given to more screaming fits and is less shy.

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, the screaming gets old quick (the book translations are even worse Show ▼


      With his safety mask, now, he should be a lot better.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    and at this point, skylion and BlackBriar are preparing for battle over the poor boy

    Oh, that’s low, Highway, really low. I had a feeling Gasper might have been a boy but waited out to see the developments. Something felt off about the character. However, him turning out to be a Dhampir (half human/vampire hybrid) before his conversion was the real shock. Vampires popping up all over. 2013 is being good to me.

    And you’re purely mistaken on that silent statement. Given that he is a shota, there’s no reason for a battle. Just hand him over to Karakuri, Kyokai and Overcooled, seeing as I remember they were practically drooling over the shota Jonah from Jormungand. Feel free to tell them I said that! 😀

    Is what they’ve been doing even considered as training? More like torture and taunting. Like Issei said, it looked like Xenovia was hunting the poor kid. And not only is Issei being targeted by Azazel, he’s now a potential blood bank to stabilize Gasper’s power. It’s as though if he has any good luck on his side, his bad luck gets an equal amount. Gasper doesn’t understand the privilege he has. If taken seriously, anybody can find a use for the power he’s got and I can agree with Issei’s views without a problem.

  7. belatkuro says:

    Where’s my skylion vs BlackBriar? You promised, Highway!

    Ehem that aside, Gasper. *insert Admiral Ackbar catchphrase here*
    Mostly about him in the episode but it was still good. A bit too girlish with the voice but still fits. Azazel and Michael made the episode better. And Issei’s imaginations are still as wild and ridiculous as ever. I still salute the guy.

    Been waiting for the next episode. More Akeno is always good. And the conference will surely shake things up a lot. I would suggest that the developments there be treated a separate thing from the real religion/mythology references. Makes things a lot easier to accept for later. Even the author said to take the DxD mythology as a new and separate thing, what with dragons and all that.

    • Highway says:

      Yeah, I have very little problem with accepting that this ficton is slightly different to very different from our own. I mean, we’re talking about the inscrutable anyway, so who knows if it’s real or not. I do think it’s very well done in how it’s woven together, especially with a 3+ way struggle for supremacy. I always enjoy stories that are inclusive of other mythos.

      Yeah, something that will become clearer is that this was the Gasper *episode* not the start of the Gasper *arc*. He’s a factor as we move forward, but he’s not even a MacGuffin.

      I have the same admiration for Issei that Gasper does: He can be so positive and straightforward at the same time he is vulgar and perverted. He’s got his goals, and he should be proud of them, because they’re at least as good as most people’s goals.

      • HannoX says:

        Issei’s not ashamed to admit what his goals are and he does his best to attain them. Got to admire him for that.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Where’s my skylion vs BlackBriar? You promised, Highway!

      Highway shouldn’t make promises he can’t keep. Especially when the “contenders” aren’t even aware of what’s going on. I’d say, go and get a refund!! 😉

      • skylion says:

        Fighting for what now?

        I did briefly consider egging BB on a bit, just for fun. But we both have to save our respective strengths for the main battles.

  8. AllenAndArth says:

    a trap…so mean TwT

    • BlackBriar says:

      I know, right? Now we’ve been thrown into despair.

      • AllenAndArth says:

        indeed…naw, i’ll survive..or maybe not, considering the final of Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~
        i felt so sad for Tomoyo…What in the world does Maeda Jun has against poor Tomoyo, He Turned Tomoya in an amnesiac, to the point where he loses all of his memories after the middle school, made Tomoyo suffer with it for 3 years and killed Tomoya right after the surgery to regain his memories, that also wasn’t succesful…On the “Good Ending”, that’s just cruel! where in the world is the wonderful part of the story!

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