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Next episode. The next episode I’ll definitely show the picture of non-buff Sakura for those of you who haven’t seen it already. As for this episode, there’s more mystery, but I really miss the character development that this show had before. You’d think that with less than half of the characters remaining, they could do that.


I’m not sure how much I should talk about this because I’m afraid I’m going to give something away, but the mystery of the school gets more and more… mysterious. First there was the room’s files disappearing, and now there’s another picture with Maizono, Celes and Yamada all hanging out together. It’s a shame that they didn’t find it before Celes and Yamada died, since it would have been interesting to hear what they would have said and Alter Ego probably could have shown everyone the picture with them around if Celes had held off on her murder plans for (maybe) a day or so. And now there’s also the fact that this students in lockdown thing has been in plan for a long time despite Naegi and Kirigiri never hearing about it. Though maybe that was a given seeing how well effectively the students have been locked in there. Things like that don’t happen overnight. It’s also suspicious that they never heard of The World’s Most Despair-Inducing Event (or whatever title you want to call it). You’d think that they would have heard about something that big.

Well, everyone else seems to be kind of shafted, but at least we’re getting a better look at Kirigiri’s character now. Obviously she’s pretty abnormal (even among these students) since she said straight out this episode that she’s seen a lot of corpses. She also has trust issues, though her issues with Naegi withholding information here didn’t seem as bad as they were in the game. That was probably a time constraint more than anything though. Anyways, Naegi probably should have told someone about Sakura regardless, since that might have saved Sakura’s life. …Or at least made people a bit less suspicious. Er, Togami and Fukawa were probably a lost cause, but Haragakure might have listened. Just wait until the trial reveals everything. How Sakura spent her last moments is pretty heartbreaking.


…Well, that was kind of anti climactic. Yes, Sakura was the mole. However, she was still a victim here since like Naegi overheard, Monokuma was holding hostages against her. They’ll probably go into that the next episode. Other than that reason, Sakura would have never agreed with Monokuma, since she was the stereotypical honourable marital artist-type. Kind of like how she got angry over Fukawa attacking Asahina instead of her directly, Sakura hated underhanded tactics. Er, maybe that’s not the best example, but Sakura was a straightforward and honest person. I don’t know how well the anime portrayed that to people who haven’t played the games, and I really wish they had given her more lines or something (though maybe that would have seemed forced, since Sakura wasn’t really the talkative type in the first place). She also had the most adorable friendship ever with Asahina that the anime seems to have shafted (though it did show them hanging out together as far back as Maizono’s attempted murder). At least Togami is acting like the asshat I remember him being in the games. So, who killed Sakura?


Hmm, this seemed kind of slow compared to the last couple “in-between” episodes, but seeing how much they uncovered for the overall plot, maybe this is just me. Plus after all of the confusion that happened with the moving bodies from the last murder, of course this felt slow. In any case, it’s sad seeing Sakura go. I was always fond of her character (though not as much as Fukawa and Mastermind-san of course) since she looked the most threatening, but was the least likely to actually murder anyone (if not for the mole thing). Plus the image gap between her appearance and name was just brilliant. Monokuma did well in picking her of all people to be a potential killer though. If she was serious about it, she could have taken out any of the characters there by her muscles alone. Obviously if she was just killing to get the murders started, there would be no need for subtlety (plus I don’t think Sakura would have killed to win). So the next mystery to solve is a closed room murder… which I guess is just as exciting as a double murder in a way. I remember this trial being a bit different from the others for multiple reasons. …Though really, all of the trials from Celes-onward are a bit different than the first ones were.


This is just getting depressing.


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7 Responses to “Danganronpa – 08”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    This is out of the way but I’m getting used to listening to the OP. Maybe I should download it when it gets released.

    Well, everything is certainly going straight to hell for the survivors. Monokuma blowing Sakura’s cover as the mole may have been more beneficial to his plan than he expected. He got them all riled up. Now there’s more distrust and despair than there was before. However, he’s giving his intentions away. Making a rule that forbids breaking into the principal’s office ultimately means there’s something worth hiding in there.

    I’m glad Asahina got some courage and slapped Togami. That douche had it coming but a simple slap isn’t enough for me for his condescending attitude throughout the show. Kirigiri warned him about the consequences but it’s apparent he won’t listen until it’s too late to change anything.

    Obligatory ranting on Genocider. How is this crazy chick still alive? I’d be scared being near that ticking time bomb. Anyway, go Miyuki Sawashiro!!

    Sakura’s death was weird. Not only was the locked from the inside, there doesn’t seem to be another room connected and her body was placed way too nicely. Not to mention the smile on her face. I have nothing to back this up but I’d say it was a suicide for who knows what reason. Asahina most likely isn’t going to listen to reason because she’s dead set on revenge but I feel sorry for Hagakure. He hasn’t done anything yet but he’s being blamed for murder again. The guy just can’t catch a break.

    So far with these murders, I’m surprised no one has tried to take Naegi or Kirigiri out. After the recent Classroom Trials, you’d think someone would be wise enough to see they’re a huge obstacle in their path if they ever hope to win this survival game. The culprits got executed because these two always managed to fit the pieces together.

    • Karakuri says:

      I liked the original without the lyrics better, but I like the OP music in general.

      Ahaha well, seeing how suspect #1 looks like the principal himself, of course there would be something of worth there.

      Asahina slapping Togami was great.

      If you’re wondering about Kirigiri and Naegi, just wait. There’s something interesting in store for the two characters soon enough. …Or in Naegi’s case, his character is so bland, I doubt any of the other characters even think about him half the time. Or maybe that’s just his super luck in play.

  2. AllenAndArth says:

    somehow…this episode made me feel really uncomfortable…
    i’m still depressed about glasses…he was the best

  3. elior1 says:

    @blackbariar look at what i was write at genei kaeru episode 8 and comment what you think about it

    • BlackBriar says:

      It’s a plausible theory but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s actually the case.

  4. Namika says:

    A closed room, eh. Made me remember Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Those kind of cases are usually the most interesting ones to solve, in my opinion.

    Sakura’s death was pretty predictable. But the first thing I thought was that Asahina killed her. For Byakuya or Genocider, it wouldn’t be wise to kill Sakura.

    • Karakuri says:

      I need to get around to playing Umineko some day. Somehow, I doubt the anime did the games justice.

      Anyways, yeah. Once Sakura was revealed to be the mole, it was pretty obvious that she would be taken out next.

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