Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S – 13

railgun SS (4)

Misaka still needs that hug…

 I have not forgotten Railgun S! I just have been busy tagging and writing first impression posts on all the new summer anime that have noticed exploding all over Metanorn, but it is time to get back more Railgun even though lately it feels like we are basically re-watching Index season one all over again especially since Touma is hanging around with Misaka and MISAKA 10031.

Accelerator loves blood and violence

railgun SS (6)

MISAKA Sister-“Damn…I messed up big time huh?”          Accelerator-“Yep…you just screwed up.”

railgun SS (5)

You can’t get a girlfriend if you keep making them explode bro.

Again for something fun watch Index episode eleven for a different view on things this week and damn Accelerator why are you causing clones to explode like that dude!? That whole scene with him toying with MISAKA 10031 was so creepy and depressing at the same time even I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I don’t remember it being as bloody. While that was going on I will admit I was cheering on Misaka who was going on a mini rampage with her power as she blew up that other lab until she had that dramatic breakdown as she saw what Accelerator did to her clone! At least Touma did not witness the horrible death of MISAKA 10031 or would it have been better if he did see it happen? I mean sure if he did see that go down I am sure Accelerator would have been defeated in a matter of minutes by Touma.

Speaking of Accelerator for a moment I thought it was kind of interesting that we saw his first fight with one of the clones even though I don’t really call that a “fight” because Accelerator just stood there acting all bored, but it did reveal that he was not originally all about killing the sisters! While that is cool and all knowing his past doesn’t really change my view on him because he still ended up killing a lot of clones anyway or does it change your view on Accelerator after knowing his past in this short flashback?

Extra fun with Railgun S

railgun SS (1)

Seriously thou these robots love to cause Misaka trouble.

railgun SS (2)

no time for jokes this week!

railgun SS (3)

I bet he throws the best parties!

railgun SS (7)

Touma-“Whoa! One at a time ladies there is plenty of me to go around.”    Misaka Clones-“…………”

End thoughts

Again this is another week of Index recap inside Railgun S which is not a bad thing but at the same time I can bet most of us watching are probably getting bored with all this sister stuff. I will admit I didn’t expect them to put us through recap mode, but thankfully we are getting really close to the big fight with Touma against Accelerator as soon as he has his surprise meeting with Kuroko and the discovery of the giant teddy bear that has the maps of labs that Misaka destroyed, info on the level six shift experiment and the Tree Diagram! I can’t wait until we get past these Index recap episodes and watch Misaka and the other girls do something fun for a change like the news of a fan service filled arc happening soon; however I just want to get to the sports arc soon…


railgun SS (8)

Kuroko is not impressed.jpeg

Touma and Kuroko hang out


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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37 Responses to “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S – 13”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Watching the first season of Index really makes this a better experience even if it means going over past stuff.

    There was a lot of emotion here. Misaka’s assault on the lab was dark and very telling of her state of mind, that she no longer cared if it meant breaking the law to end the experiment and when she saw her clone killed in front of her again, she gave up and lost the will to fight. Though she said it’s to stop the experiment, I could assume she wanted to die to end her own pain because she can’t take it anymore.

    I’m constantly being reminded why Accelerator pissed me off at the beginning. His latest kill was the most cruel and depressing yet. His fight with the other clone did make me wonder if he started to see what he was doing was wrong because he was a bit out of his usual character. The one I wanted to see torn apart was that scientist watching over them.

    Touma to the rescue. The guy took the news the Misaka clone gave him easier than I thought. I was expecting mental breakdown or him saying what they’re doing is immoral. However, he should have at least guessed a horrible sight like that would have been covered up. It’s a safe bet now that the fight between him and Accelerator is two episodes from now.

    • skylion says:

      …and how he killed, his power prevented him from getting any blood on him…something horrifying in the metaphor there.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same but at the same time I just want some new things to happen! As a blogger for this series it takes the fun away if there are no “surprises” around the corner, but its fine I just fear this will be a recap of Index for those few that decided to bail on that in favor of Railgun.

      This season so far has shown us all kinds of emotion to Miska’s character, but I want to see the happier moments! T___T

      I kind of miss seeing the super violent Accelerator! This version seems to be extremely bored with EVERYTHING.

  2. sonicsenryaku says:

    retread or not, this has been the best adaptation of any index/railgun material jc staff has ever done. The director is handling the material with a higher pedigree than the adaptations before. Even if we are watching a recap of season one, what we are being shown is a better fleshed out, paced, and darker version of what we got in Index I. I especially liked how the anime took the liberty to tweak accelerator’s first “fight” with a misaka clone. Overall, its another great ep and its going to be a while before another arc will top the way this one has been adapted. im aware that they wont get to it this season but i cant wait for the daihaiseisai arc to be animated.

    • Foshizzel says:

      JC Staff is doing a wonderful job don’t get me wrong, I just want something new and different you know? That said I do love the darker tones because it pushes Misaka to become more emotional over the whole mess with Accelerator and the clones.

      I am a bit confused as to WHY they are not going to show the sports stuff? Do we REALLY know they are not planning on using any of it or is it so close to the manga’s current arc that they can’t? I know this happens with Bleach, One Piece and Naruto which translates into filler to keep the anime from catching up with the manga.

      • sonicsenryaku says:

        I think its like you said…that arc just isnt done yet; I think JC staff wants to dedicate a third season completely on the daihaiseisai arc. I dont know how people might feel about that but to me that’s the only sensible way to go about that arc seeing that its pretty big and it is still a ways to go before it is over and so far that arc is shaping out pretty well; it’s arcs like these that just makes me prefer railgun over index. As of right now, railgun S is a go-between for index III (which is why they introduced Misaki so early)

  3. skylion says:

    JC has done great in putting that emotional layer into parts they didn’t go fully into during this stories Index-time. But….like Fosh, the story needs to move on.

    • Hiss13 says:

      Just 3 more episodes and this arc is all over. Three more episodes.

      However, let me just make a remark for Fosh-we are not getting Railgun’s Daihaseisai arc during this season. Unfortunately you are going to have to wait for Railgun’s third season for that. This season, we are getting SoL after the Sisters and then the Liberal Arts City SS.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hmm… There shouldn’t even be any talk of the Daihaseisai arc being in Railgun S. That arc was in the entire first half of Index II while while here in Railgun S with the Sisters arc is covering the behind the scenes aka Misaka’s side of Index I.

        • Hiss13 says:

          Well, the next arc after the Sisters Arc in the Railgun manga is the Daihaseisai arc. So, yeah. There was a one month time skip in the manga and all of the intermediary story arcs were written as side story novels.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Still kind of dumb imo! Does that mean after these flashback episodes the rest of Railgun S is going to be filler? I know they already have x2 or x3 episodes planned for beach stuffs >.>

          • Hiss13 says:

            Liberal Arts City SS is essentially going to be a volume long (3-5 episode length) beach episode…with a plot and a bitter-sweet ending…

            • Foshizzel says:

              ahhh gotcha! Guess I need to get cracking and read the novel huh? xD

            • BlackBriar says:

              I hope it isn’t too long. I can only handle a certain amount of beach episodes without a plot.

            • Hiss13 says:

              Let me clarify…most of that arc takes place on a beach/amusement park/island but it does have a plot (which is when Railgun first delves into the Magic Side if you discount the Shopping Mall Demonstration SS which is chronologically before the first season).

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yep three more episodes to go until the fanservice LOL

        I still don’t understand WHY thou? Are they having problems with the anime story catching up to the manga too fast? I know that is the same issues that face One Piece, Naruto and Fairy tail…maybe I need to re-read the manga and see what SoL and Liberal Arts City SS is I don’t remember those or are they from the novel?

        • Hiss13 says:

          The Liberal Arts City SS is a side story Railgun novel. It was a set of events that led to Xochitl’s infiltration into Academy City. If you haven’t read it, then there are probably some events that may confuse you from the Railgun manga. Remember that one girl who Saten had said she felt like she had met before? Liberal Arts City SS. Remember in Volume 19 where Xochitl mentions why she was sent to Academy City with a grimoire that was draining her life? Liberal Arts City SS.

          SoL…is just my abbreviation for slice of life.

      • skylion says:

        I think Railgun operates just fine on SoL, better than fine. And yeah, the Liberal Arts material will shine…

    • Foshizzel says:

      AMEN Skylion~

  4. Highway says:

    This isn’t just recap mode, this is full on retread mode. I mean, the *only* material difference between this and when this part of the story was told in Index was a whole what, 3 minutes total of Mikoto despairing at a big computer console. It was almost like “Oh wait, we gotta remind them that this isn’t Index, show Mikoto for a sec.”

    I just can’t help but think that there was a better, more original way to handle this whole thing, and one that would have been more in keeping with what the Railgun side of the franchise was, rather than, basically, regressing to “Index told from Mikoto’s point of view.”

    • Hiss13 says:

      But, the entire point of this arc is that it is the Sisters Arc from Mikoto’s point of view. It has been that way from the beginning.

      The main reason JC Staff is showing all of these scenes from Index is so that the Railgun S anime can stand on its own without any evidence of bad story-telling. Cut out all of the scenes with Touma and then Touma finding out about the Level 6 Shift will be nothing more than a deus ex machina for the Railgun-only fans.

      • Highway says:

        Yeah, that’s where I disagree with the direction. Perhaps it’s being involved in the anime community, but for me it just seems highly unlikely that someone will watch Railgun S without even knowing of the existence of Index. And without being able to find out about Index. So I think they could have glossed over a lot of what the last two episodes did, because they were barely anything from Mikoto’s point of view.

        So from that standpoint, while I can understand wanting this to be a complete stand-alone story, given that the vast majority of the people that are likely to ever see it are people who have already seen this story (and even if they haven’t, who could go back and see it in S1 Index), this has really been a waste of a lot of time for the viewers.

        Now, I’ll grant that it’s likely that a lot of that same audience doesn’t necessarily mind seeing the same story again. Or at least isn’t completely upset with it. But it would have been better still if it left that stuff in Index, found a way to indicate Touma’s involvement without nearly two whole episodes straight from Index, and moved on to later. And as you say above, we have three more episodes, pretty much exactly the same timeline that we had in Index. So as I wondered last week, are we going to have to sit through the entire fight again?

        It’s just disappointing for me.

        • Hiss13 says:

          In the end, it’s just a matter of opinion. Some people will like the recap, some will dislike it, and some will just say ‘meh’.

          For me who has seen Index and read all of the LNs, it was a nice refresher and I really enjoyed the alternate take on the arc. For others, it was a waste of time.

        • skylion says:

          Yeah, what is this thing they have about “catching up to the source material” They’ve got at least four cour more of material for Index alone. Almost twice over.

          • Foshizzel says:

            Yep the catching up to the source material is the plague of all shounen jump manga/anime! They have to have filler to keep the two apart from each other and usually it sucks >.<

          • Hiss13 says:

            I would say about 6 cour of material. Everything between the current place in Index can be covered in 2-3 cour. WWIII can be covered in 1-1.5 cour. The side stories for Index can all be covered in 1-2 cour. New Testament can be covered in 2-3 cour as well. So, yeah. I agree that JC Staff has a lot of material to work with with respect to Index while they have considerable less with Railgun.

  5. AllenAndArth says:

    this arc is boring…really please sister, disappear!get to the sports arc already!

    • Foshizzel says:

      I feel your pain trust me xD

    • BlackBriar says:

      It’s probably boring for those who’ve already read the manga. I’m still interested because I haven’t done such and don’t want to spoil the surprises. But I am concerned about what will play after Touma beats Accelerator. Hopefully it’s nothing boring.

      • Foshizzel says:

        I have read the manga but since it updates every other month I always forget what happened? I need to re-read it and the Index novel as well…afterwards I think were headed to the beach for fun in the sun!

      • AllenAndArth says:

        i don’t read it, my friends do, so i know the name of the next arc(just the name), it…just became boring the whole thing…just the 3 first(on this arc) were enough for me

    • D-LaN says:

      Even with all the additional content and new direction?

      • Highway says:

        The thing for me is that I’m not really seeing much ‘additional content’. I watched Index probably a year ago, and really these last two episodes feel to me like they have just been taken from that series wholesale, with about 5 minutes of Mikoto spliced in where they would have had cutaways to Index before. It just doesn’t really feel ‘new’ or fresh at all.

        Now, maybe I’m just being a downer because I have a low opinion of Index overall (but that is mostly because of Index herself and what happens later in the series, this arc was fine for me originally). I just think that so many times in animes, we’re directed to other places to fill in gaps (read the LN, read the manga, watch this other series), that this time they’re doing the opposite, and it kind of shows why all those other times they don’t do this.

  6. Gecko says:

    Ah, poor Misaka. But I have to say, the emotions that got layered in are interesting.

    Accelerator is just as bad as he was before the scene of the first fight to me. It was interesting to see him realize that he had to kill, but in the end, he kept going on with the project.

    I’m waiting for the other girls to show up again. While I enjoy the level of plot, Railgun is one of the few shows I liked even when the plot was really not there. The girls are a lot of fun to watch, and the first two seasons really made me want to live in Academy City with them. Hopefully it will come back soon enough, we need some more urban legends and skirt flipping!

    • Foshizzel says:

      I do enjoy these emotional Misaka themed episodes because I don’t recall her crying much in season one of Railgun? It does give her VA a chance to act a bit more <3

      It was nice to see his first "fight" against a Misaka clone and it did show us that he wasn't a killer but that was the past of course xD

      I miss Saten, Kuroko and Uiharu! I guess they will have their time to shine in the beach arc? LOL

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